Thursday, February 9, 2012

TWDRAMA: In Time With You 我可能不會愛你 / Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni Ending

I really look forward to the ending as You Qing and Da Ren relationship is going through change painfully slow, and we need a happy ending!!

So far…
You Qing finds out from Maggie that Da Ren loves her, but is torn by her feelings for Li Wei. Da Ren has transferred to Singapore as he can’t bear to see You Qing and Li Wei together, realising that he can’t put a lid on his feelings.

You Qing agrees to marry Li Wei because Li Wei has shown that he really loves You Qing, but starts to prepare a rushed wedding as per Li Wei’s grandmother request. Throughout the wedding preparation, she argues with Li Wei on their apartment size, her dress etc. She wants it simple, but Li Wei wants it as grand as possible, and the best for her. You Qing gives in but as they are near to the wedding date, gets upset and even more disillusioned that marriage life may not be as blissful as she imagine. You Qing is also upset because she doesn’t know how to tell Da Ren about her upcoming marriage, so she hastily asks Da Ren to inform him.

Meanwhile, Da Ren also finds out why You Qing doesn’t inform him personally about her wedding. She knows!! His heart breaks as he finds out too that You Qing has been leaving messages on his Taiwanese phone number (he’s in Singapore) expressing her thoughts just like before, when they had their heart to heart talk. He decides to fly back to Taiwan, and even it breaks him apart, he has to give his blessings, as he’s still her best friend. Da Ren doesn’t find You Qing at home, pens her message. He tells her that he’s returning to Singapore, and that’s he’s sorry he can’t attend her wedding. He just wants to know he has lost, but it’s worth it. All he wanted to do was to hug her and comfort her when she was down, and that he doesn’t want to be a friend, can he love her instead?

You Qing at the same time is having her pre marriage party with her schoolmates. She gets a shock when she finds out that Da Ren has always loved her since high school days and even composed a song for her. She listens to the song and cries when she hears him sing that though he’s secretly in love with her, he has to pretend not to love her.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

TWDRAMA: In Time With You 我可能不會愛你 / Wo Ke Neng Bu Hui Ai Ni Summary

Episodes: 13

Ariel Lin as Cheng You Qing 程又青
Bo-Lin Chen as Li Da Ren 李大仁
Jassie Chen as Maggie
Sunny Wang as Ding Li Wei 丁立威
Lin Mei Xiu as Cheng's mother
Luo Bei An as Cheng's father

The drama starts with Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) having a nightmare of time chasing after her. At her work as a manager at the shoe department at a departmental store, she realises that she has turned 30 years old. She receives an email from her best friend, Li Da Ren (Bolin Chen) who congratulates her and also sends an email of “50 signs of Premature Aging” and she becomes fuming mad with him.

You Qing and Da Ren were classmates since high school, where You Qing always gets elected as class monitor and Da Ren as assistant monitor because there’s a majority of 16 girls as opposed to 15 boys in the class. Because of this inequality, there is a rift between the sexes. You Qing although tough talking and stubborn, has always been a champion of justice in her school days. She even spoke out and complained to the headmaster when she found out that one of the male teachers was sexually harassing students. But, the headmaster sides with the male teacher, and she gets threatened that if she pursues the matter, she will fail her grades. Da Ren overhears, and trails her back home. As she nears her door, he tells her it’s ok even if they get transferred. And that she’s right in what she did. She looks suspiciously at him, but then he asks her not to misunderstand him coz’ “ it’s impossible to love you”

Fast forward to the future, Da Ren is now a superior of all the counter staff at the airport. He is patient with his colleagues and the customers, with the right balance of justice as he disallows customers who violate rules and regulations. Therefore, he’s well liked by everyone.

Da Ren waits patiently for a late You Qing (who went to helped a pregnant friend) for dinner with take away food. While they eat, they squabble and ends up with You Qing irrirated when Da Ren says that she’s imperfect. She asks him then, which part of her is imperfect, which drives Da Ren to frustration. Anyway, they end up with a bet. Da Ren tells her that whoever gets married before 35 wins 20,000, which gets You Qing excited. She raises the bet to 100,000.