Friday, March 16, 2012

TWdrama- Corner With Love 轉角*遇到愛 Ending

Before we get to the end, Xin Lei realises that she loves Qin Lang. However, she feels obligated to marry Shang Dong when her  parents are help by Shang Dong to come out of hiding. Qin Lang meanwhile senses her obligation, and when he compares with himself with Shang Dong, he feels inferior to him. Therefore, he gives her up to Shang Dong, and helps him so that he can give happiness to Qin Lang.

The end is just at the corner…

Thursday, March 8, 2012

TWdrama- Corner With Love 轉角*遇到愛 Jie Jiao Yu Dao Ai) Synopsis


Show Luo- Qin Lang
Barbie Hsu-Yu Xin Lei
Chen Zhi Kai -Yin Shang Dong
Lu Jia Xin - Cai Xiao Yang
Dean Fujioka-An Teng Feng

(partially from wikipedia)

Xin Lei (Barbie Hsu) is an intelligent, confident and beautiful girl who has never known a day of hardship. Her father is a wealthy business tycoon in Shanghai and she is engaged to Yin Shang Dong (Chen Zhi Kai) who in her eyes is also perfect in every way. She lives a life of fairytale as everyone dote and treat her like a princess. Until one day, she meets Qin Lang (Show Luo), when her car and his bicycle crash into each other by accident at a corner. Qin Lang is a frustrated artist whose father abandoned him and his mother to pursue his passion for painting. He went to Shanghai with the hopes of pursuing his dream of becoming an artist but was cheated out of his money, passport and plane ticket. In order to earn enough money to go home to Taiwan he works as a cook, making oyster omelette, a skill passed down by his grandmother.

Xin Lei and Qin Lang meet again when she goes to a restaurant that specialises in Taiwanese food, that Qin Lang happens to works at. She wanted to learn how to make oyster omelette in order to impress her fiancé's parents with her cooking skills. He is initially reluctant to teach her as he is annoyed by her princess complex but at the same time, he is drawn to her. After much bickering and mis-understanding they become friends.