Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kdrama -You Are My Destiny Ending

My thoughts:

This is such a up and down story and it has just gone for far too long. it's mainly a daughter in law story vs mother in law. The mother in law is just too much, and the main actress' character Sae Byuk is just too forgiving. I like Tae Poong, he's simple enough to understand hahaha..

Enough said, let's get to the ending..and this concentrates on Sae Byuk's story

If you have been following the story, Mi-ok, Sae Byuk's real mother tries her best to help her daughter be happy. She tries different ways, but she has leukemia. Sae's Byuk's mother in law (Min Jung) also finds out she has leukemia. (such a lot of people have leukemia in this series). Anyway, Sae Byuk decides to donate her bone marrow to her mother in law. And Mi-Ok health is deteriorating fast. But, grateful to Sae Byuk for saving her life, Min Jung goes to US and finds a relative who is a match for Mi-Ok, and takes her back to save Mi-Ok's life.

Kdrama- You are my destiny 너는 내 운명

Episodes: 178 (taken from

Jang Sae Byuk (Im Yoon Ah) is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident. That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. Sae Byuk becomes close with the Na Young's family after finding them. The family slowly accepts her as part of the family. Kang Ho Se (Park Jae Jung) and Kim Tae Poong (Lee Ji Hoon) , Na Young's twin brother, have disliked each other since they were young kids. This is mostly Tae Poong hates Ho Se because Ho Se's family was rich and because Tae Poong's father was Ho Se's father's driver and his mother was the maid.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kdrama-Gourmet- Sik Gaek 식객 Ending

My take on gourmet:

Very entertaining drama. I never knew that there were so many different types of fermented bean paste and how it was made, till i saw this drama!! :0) The characters were very likeable. Kim Rae Won did very well here, but i think Kwon Oh Joong, who plays the brother carried the role very well. I saw the making of Gourmet and saw that Kwon Oh Joong didn;t have any skills in cooking, but he looked very professional in the show. Kim Rae Won smiles a lot in the drama!!

Ok, on with the ending:
The ending that we are concerned about is whether Unm Ahm Jung falls into Matsumoto's (their opponent's) hand, and whether Sung Chan goes back to work, and also if he ends up with Jin Soo. So, i'll just concentrate on that the rest of the details, you'll have to watch the video.

Kdrama-Gourmet- Sik Gaek 식객

Episodes: 24

Synopsis (taken from

Talented chefs Bong Joo (Kwon Oh Joong) and Sung Chan (Kim Rae Won) were raised like brothers after Sung Chan was orphaned and taken in by Bong Joo's family. Bong Joo’s family owns a famous traditional Korean restaurant and claims descent from the last royal chef of the Joseon Dynasty. Bong Joo assumes that as the eldest, he will be the one to take over his family’s restaurant and marry Joo Hee (Kim So Yeon) when his father makes a surprising announcement about a special cooking contest! Sung Chan is seen as a threat by some because of his youth, talent, creativity and non-conforming ways. Feeling sorry for him, Joo Hee tries to help him. Discovering the truth about their great-grandfather causes a crisis for Bong Joo, but he later becomes even more determined to be a success while Sung Chan decides to leave. Sung Chan becomes a food peddler, specializing in the freshest and best ingredients in traditional Korean cuisine. Will he ever become a chef again? Will they ever become united as "brothers"?
And of course the love interest in this movie is Jin Soo, played by Nam Sang Mi, whose dream is to become a food columnist.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rating System.

We're going to keep it simple. So here goes:

H-Happy ending
B-Bad ending
S-Sad ending
M-Mixed ending
O- Open ending -it can be good or bad
IDK- which also means "huh, i dont understand"
U- undecided

This is of course based on my opinion, so please don't throw eggs on me!! Just leave your comments...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Calling all happy endings lovers!!

Hi everybody!!

I love happy endings, whether it's books or movies or dramas or anything. I just love it. So, I would like to review whatever and compile a list of everything with happy endings. Hopefully, people who love happy endings can also come and leave some comments here.