Friday, May 25, 2012

TWdrama- Zhong Wu Yan 鍾無艷 Ending

Last episode:

We've seen so far how Da Wei's mother has taken over the company, forced Qi Xuan out on the streets after Xi Xuan's father passed away. Qi Xuan just wants to concentrate on earning money his own way, but Wu Yan, Da Wei and Howard convinces him to do something more to take back his company. So, Qi Xuan decides to develop a unique perfume scent that his deceased mother developed.

Before, Qi Xuan gave up on Wu Yan because he has lost everything, and was angry at Wu Yan for not telling him about his father's sickly condition.
But, he realises that he needs help from Wu Yan, and accepts it. He's reluctant to accept Howard's help as he knows that Howard loves Wu Yan and is doing for her benefit, but later Howard makes it hard for him to reject it. He also gets help from Wu Yan's family, who contributes to the capital to start off the business by himself.
When his perfume scent succeeds, he decides to propose to Wu Yan, which she accepts.

Friday, May 11, 2012

TWdrama- Zhong Wu Yan 鍾無艷 Synopsis

Cheryl Yang as Zhong Wu Yan
Ming Dao as Qi Xuan
Chris Wu as Howard
Wang Si Ping as Xia Ying Chun

Episodes: 19

Zhong Wu Yan is a fearless, righteous girl who lives in a countryside area called Shan Shui Xiang.  She's almost good in anything, but has something that makes her insecure and makes her feel like an outcast: her bright red birthmark on the far corner of her face. Due to an earlier encounter with Qi Xuan, she has a long time crush on him.

Qi Xuan, is a playboy who comes from a wealthy background. His father owns a big cosmetic company. His good friend, Da Wei and his mother works for the company too. Father is disappointed with Qi Xuan, as he's lazy and seems like he's incapable of anything. But, he still announces to the Board that he wants Qi Xuan to become a director.  At the same time, Da Wei's mother is plotting to take over the company.

Wu Yan finds out that Qi Xuan isn't the person she imagined him to be. Rather he's arrogant and completely mannerless, and keeps calling her ugly. She decides to teach him a lesson, and makes him accountable for his action. Wu Yan is also attracted to a model, Ying Chun. Ying Chun has a past as a plump ugly looking girl. But, because of Wu Yan's one time kindness to her, she went for plastic surgery and now is a successful beautiful model. Wu Yan starts dating Ying Chun, not knowing her past.