Thursday, September 15, 2011


II Jung has actually recovered from his illness, but has been pretending to be still sick to spy on his wife and manager Han. Later, he confronts both of them, and also accuses them of having a part in his mother’s death, which they denied. It ends with Manager Han pushing II Jung to the floor, and Ma Jun later confessing to his father what he saw as a child.

Yu Kyung is taking revenge to a higher level. Seeing that the family is breaking apart, she asks Ma Jun if he’s satisfied with the result, as he wanted revenge. Ma Jun cannot believe what he’s hearing. In Sook is about to fall apart, Yu Kyung openly instructs her mother in law to give up her position, and that she’s going to take over.

Ma Jun meanwhile has his issues too. He tells Manager Han, that a traitor to his father, is also a traitor to him, and he would not accept him.Ma Jun’s marriage life has been a mess to as Ma Jun since their first night of marriage life has been messing around, clubbing and not coming home, after all wasn’t it just a farce.
Takgu finds out about his little brother, drags him out of the club, teaches him a lesson in the kitchen. He tells him to grow up because he’s married. Ma Jun breaks down in tears and Tak Gu’s asks him to endure and continue living their lives.

Manager Han, seeing that he has lost everything, asks In Sook to leave with him as what he did was for Ma Jun and her. In Sook refuses and say she can’t live without her husband.

II Jung asks Manager Han to choose 2 options, 1 is an airplane ticket, or to the police.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

KDRAMA- BAKER KING KIM TAK GU : The story so far...

Leading up to the ending.....

Takgu’s childhood friend Shin Yukyeong and Takgu meets. When they are about to start on a relationship, Majun plots to destroy it. Majun unable to accept that Yukyeong ignores him, and favors Takgu instead. When Yukyeong gets arrested on being an activist, Majun uses Yukyeong’s freedom as a bait. He promises to find a way of letting her go, but in exchange he has to give up seeing her for two years. So, Takgu concentrates on being the best baker in order to fight with Majun after two years.

Later , In Sook start getting threatening letters, and starts to fear that it’s from Takgu mom. Actually, t s later revealed that Takgu’s mom is not dead and that she is looking for Takgu. Her doctor friend, the one who’s caring for her, acts as her informant when he visits In Sook house for consultation.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Also known as: Bread, Love and Dreams
Episodes: 30

Yoon Shi Yoon as Kim Tak Gu
Eugene as Shin Yoo Kyung

Goo family
Jun Kwang Ryul as Goo Il Jong
Jun In Hwa as Seo In Sook
Joo Won as Goo Ma Joon
Choi Ja Hye as Goo Ja Kyung

Yang family
Jang Hang Sun as Oh Doo Yong / Master Pal Bong
Park Sang Myun as Yang In Mok
Hwang Mi Sun as Oh Young Ja
Lee Young Ah as Yang Mi Sun

Jung Sung Mo as Han Seung Jae
Jun Mi Sun as Kim Mi Sun (Tak Goo's mother)
Park Sung Woong as Jo Jin Goo

Gu II Jong, the chairman of Geosung Foods Enterprise, is disappointed that his wife, In Sook has not bore him an heir, a son to inherit his business. She has again given birth to a female baby. She visits a fortune teller and is shocked to hear that her husband will have a son with another woman. That woman is Kim Mi Sun, a maid in the house. In Sook also bears a son, but the father is Han Seung Jae, II Jong’s manager. Manager and In Sook tries to get Mi Sun to abort her baby, but she escapes.

Kim Takgu, the eldest son of Gu Il Jong, now lives with Mi Sun in a small place with another loud speaking aunty and his son. One day, Takgu goes unknowingly to II Jong’s factory, and steals from it.