Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jdrama-Atashinchi no Danshi Summary

Horikita Maki as Mineta Chisato

Okura Family
Kaname Jun as Okura Fuu
Okada Yoshinori as Okura Takeru
Mukai Osamu as Okura Sho
Yamamoto Yusuke as Okura Masaru
Seto Koji as Okura Satoru
Okayama Tomoki as Okura Akira
Kusakari Masao as Okura Shinzo

Chisato is a 20 year old homeless girl. She lost her mother at a young age, and has a useless father who left her a huge debt that she can't repay. Because of loan sharks that harass every single time, she disguises herself. Her friends are the community in the net cafe, or "net cafe refugees".

One day on the run from the loan sharks, she's rescued by a person name Shinzo. Later she finds out that he's a rich man who owns the toy business and wants her to repay him after he pays her debt. He has an unusual request, he wants to marry her. His reason is that he has a month to live.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Karl ! Oh Soo Jung Ending

Before the last episode, we saw that Karl/ Man Soo in US. He went to US after Soo Jung said that she couldn't forgive him for the lie and trap he set for her before. Because of that, Man Soo was heartbroken, and stayed in US for a year. He's not doing well as he lost most of the tournaments, and lost his sponsors. Now, he's doesn't even have enough to support himself. However, his friend, Daniel informs him that there may be a job for him in korea. Reluctant to go, Man Soo declines. His friend then tells him that Soo Jung is using his phone that he lost at the airport before leaving Korea.

Man Soo, in a desperate financial situation, agrees to go back to korea. He meets Soo Jung coincidently in the lift, and is speechless. Soo Jung is upset and tells Man Soo that he is in such a pitiful state. After they separate, Soo Jung cries in front of Woo Tak (the ex-con artist turned rich executive).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kdrama-Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung synopsis

Episodes: 16

Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo / KarlUhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung
Kang Sung Jin as Jung Woo TakPark Da An as Yook Dae Soon

Oh Soo Jung is a well known for beauty and has many suitors. Go Man Soo is a plump (extremely) boy but good natured and wholly devoted to Soo Jung. He does everything, even throws away his dignity, washes the toilet in the girl dorm, disguise as a girl to take Soo Jungs place in class while Soo Jung goes on a date. Soo Jung irritated that Man Soo follows her everywhere, promises him that she will marry him if he passes the law school exam. Man Soo did it, but on the day before the wedding, Man Soo finds out he fails the last part before he becomes a lawyer (never happened in history before.) Soo Jung dumps him at the altar, and follows one of her suitor to US. Before leaving, she calls Man Soo to say goodbye, and when Man Soo threatens to die, she tells him to do just that.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jdrama- Detective Galileo/Tantei Galileo Cases

This drama is really case-to-case based, so the ending is based on the case in the final episode.
Here's a short guide to the cases in the drama:
Episode 1- A group of youngsters who disturbs the neighbourhood daily at night gets a shock when 1 of their members' head bursts into flames and dies. This strange phenomeneon has never happened before. Utsumi bursts into Yukawa's lab to get him to solve the case. (this is really brillant, especially in the end in determining whether the offender is really guilty)

Episode 2 -A boy who has high fever sees a red car which supports a suspected criminal alibi. The problem is the boy claims that his soul flew into the sky and saw the red car which is by the riverside far away from his apartment. Yukawa doesn't believe in this nonsense, and goes out to prove that there's no such thing, with a fish tank!! Meanhwhile, Utsumi discovers that Yukawa excels in squash and looks good while doing that!

Episode 3- Yukawa's student asks Yukawa's help in solving the disappearance of his brother in law. Yukawa instead refers it to Utsumi. Utsumi talks to the agitated wife, Yayoi, and finds out that her husband went missing after he did his routine visits to the retirement village and to a certain old woman's house. She has also did her own investigation, and finds that the people living in the house now acts suspiciously, and exits the house at certain times in the night.

Episode 4- A girl gets killed in the pool. Police suspects that she died from heart attack. Yukawa suspects that it's homicide, but doesn't understand how it could happen. Meanwhile Utsumi meets a young ultrasonic expert, Tagami, who seems to be polite and very talented, and who happens to be Yukawa's student before. He gives her a free stay coupon at a hotel, and meets her there. But, Yukawa wants to stop it. Why?

Episode 5- A young girl sees her dad in the shed, and then also sees a ball of flame fly in the room. What's that all about? Her dad is then found dead in the hotel, and a person reports that he saw a ball of flame.

Episode 6-Utsumi's childhood friend, Sakaki, is accused of stalking a girl called Remi. And he claims that he has loved her even before Remi was born. He has also seen her before when he was young. He also received a message to meet Remi, but got caught by Remi's mother who wants him arrested as a stalker. And to top it all, Remi has never ever seen him before!!

Episode 7- A newlywed man, receives a call from his mistress and sees that she commits suicide in another room across his apartment. His friend, sees the situation and runs across to prevent it. But, the woman died when the police arrived. The weird thing is that this newlywed man, claims to have premonition, as he saw the whole scene a week before it happened. But, he didnt recognize the person at that time.

Episode 8- A woman at a cooking school was stabbed more than 100 times, and the last person seen leaving the school, fell to his death after leaping out of the window. The huge mystery that surrounds this case is that the victim's sister saw her sister at the time that the police found her dead. How is that possible? Utsumi finds out that Yukawa cooks very well in this episode.

Episode 9, 10-Fujikawa, was shot from behind and died thereafter. Later, his mother discovers that there is a silver aluminium mask that resembles her dead son, even the mask has the gun shot wounds. Yukawa recreates the mask using scientific methods. At the same time, Yukawa finds out that Fujikawa and other similar victim belongs to a company formed by his senior, Kijima. Yukawa doesn't want to divulge a secret.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jdrama-Detective Galileo Summary


Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu
Shibasaki Kou as Utsumi Kaoru

Tantei Galileo is based on the short novel by Naoki Prize winner Higashino Keigo.

Yukawa, is a genius physicist and university associate professor, Yukawa Manabu. He's able to solve difficult mysteries using logical thinking and scientific methods. He is also an all-round sportsman, tall and handsome but eccentric. Utsumi, is replacing a very popular cop, and taking over all the new cases. She finds out from him that he has been able to solve cases because Yukawa figures all of it out. She then looks up Yukawa, and asks him to assist her in her investigations. Realising that Yukawa is eccentric, she doubts him. But, then, Yukawa seems to be able to solve the difficult cases. She also realises that Yukawa has no interest in criminals and investigation. He just has a strong desire to prove that science can explain phenomenon and strange occurences. Yukawa also finds out that Utsumi based her investigations on feelings, and her sixth sense. He finds it illogical, but slowly sees that they can work well together.