Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kdrama -You Are My Destiny Ending

My thoughts:

This is such a up and down story and it has just gone for far too long. it's mainly a daughter in law story vs mother in law. The mother in law is just too much, and the main actress' character Sae Byuk is just too forgiving. I like Tae Poong, he's simple enough to understand hahaha..

Enough said, let's get to the ending..and this concentrates on Sae Byuk's story

If you have been following the story, Mi-ok, Sae Byuk's real mother tries her best to help her daughter be happy. She tries different ways, but she has leukemia. Sae's Byuk's mother in law (Min Jung) also finds out she has leukemia. (such a lot of people have leukemia in this series). Anyway, Sae Byuk decides to donate her bone marrow to her mother in law. And Mi-Ok health is deteriorating fast. But, grateful to Sae Byuk for saving her life, Min Jung goes to US and finds a relative who is a match for Mi-Ok, and takes her back to save Mi-Ok's life.

Ok, now for the last episode. Sae Byuk is called by Yong Sook (her adopted mother) to leave for the hospital because Mi-ok has been admitted. Mi-Ok tells Sae Byuk that she's sorry that she didnt make things more beautiful for her and tells her that she loves her. Mi-Ok also asks Yong Sook to take care of Sae Byuk and that she's glad Sae Byuk is with good people. In the end, Mi-Ok looks around for Min Jung, and she passes away.

A month later, Sae Byuk talks to Min Jung, who is somewhere else, grieving for Mi-Ok's death. Sae Byuk tries to convince her to come home, but fails.

Later, Mi-Ok's lawyer takes Sae Byuk to a gallery which has Mi-ok's painting. This is her inheritance. Sae Byuk decides to do something good with her inheritance. she wants to set up a foundation to help people see again.

Min Jung is actually in a temple, Sae Byuk tries to convince her to go back home. But, Min Jung refuses and ask her to go home. Min Jung's family comes up with a plan. They trick Min Jung into coming back to see Sae Byuk, as they told her Sae Byuk is ill. Min Jung explains that she can't live with the fact that MiOk died and she gets to live. Sae Byuk then tells her that Min Jung is flesh and blood now, and that she has promised Mi-ok to take care of Sae Byuk. Min Jung says that she loves Sae Byuk.

(warning: last few minutes)

Next, they have a opening ceremony for the foundation. A reporter ask if this is a publicity, but Min Jung defends her daugter in law. (Earlier she gives a ring to Sae Byuk, a heirloom she received from her mother in law when she got married). The family tells Yong Sook and Dae Jin (SB's adoptive parents) that they have a wedding ceremony for them. So, they dress in traditional clothes and renew their vows.

Last scene, they take a family picture, and Sae Byuk looks like she's going to vomit. Yep, she's pregnant. The end.

R: H (but a death in the last episode)

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