Friday, March 16, 2012

TWdrama- Corner With Love 轉角*遇到愛 Ending

Before we get to the end, Xin Lei realises that she loves Qin Lang. However, she feels obligated to marry Shang Dong when her  parents are help by Shang Dong to come out of hiding. Qin Lang meanwhile senses her obligation, and when he compares with himself with Shang Dong, he feels inferior to him. Therefore, he gives her up to Shang Dong, and helps him so that he can give happiness to Qin Lang.

The end is just at the corner…

The 2 families gets ready for Shang Dong and Xin Lei’s marriage. Shang Dong arranges for Xin Lei’s family to be able to stay at their old mansion in Shanghai. Xin Lei looks on helplessly.
Qin Lang says goodbye silently to all the memories to they had together in Shanghai. And he talks to her in his heart that he’ll think of her everyday.

Xin Lei goes to the wedding dress shop with Shang Dong and her mother to try on the wedding dress, but is seemingly unhappy.  Xin Lei’s mother approach her daughter in her wedding dress.

She asks Xin Lei if she’s sacrificing herself for them, and asks if Xin Lei wants to go back to Qin lang. But, mother sees that Xin Lei is in pain, trying to forget her past memories.  Mother tells her that Xin Lei can choose where she wants to be, and the parents can adapt to anyone situation, even to the life and house in Taiwan.  She also hands over Qin Lang’s gift to her.

Shang Dong overhears the conversation, and grimaces in pain. But, then he approaches Xin Lei and tells her to leave, as this is his way of blessing her and giving her happiness. Xin Lei runs away to look for Qin Lang.
Meanwhile , Qin Lang finally meets the man he suspects to be his father.  He questions him about his family, why he left his family, does his miss his son? Qin Lang asks him if he has ever thought about his son, his feelings. Qin Lang tells him that his also has a father who is also irresponsible, but that he has closure now on his past. This man then tells him to forget about his father, because he’s a selfish person. (This man then tells himself that he’s not qualified to be Qin Lang’s father, and says sorry)

 Qin Lang walks away and sees a corner. He starts painting on the wall. Just at the moment, Xin Lei catches sight of the painting and sees the lamp and the genie  painting and immediately knows who it is.
The last scene is that Qin Lang’s designed shoes are a sell out. And both of them are at home in Taiwan, and they are fighting cutely with each other. And Xin Lei’s voice ends the drama with saying that although the house is pretty run down, but she can’t bear to leave it. 

Rating: happy ending

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