Thursday, March 8, 2012

TWdrama- Corner With Love 轉角*遇到愛 Jie Jiao Yu Dao Ai) Synopsis


Show Luo- Qin Lang
Barbie Hsu-Yu Xin Lei
Chen Zhi Kai -Yin Shang Dong
Lu Jia Xin - Cai Xiao Yang
Dean Fujioka-An Teng Feng

(partially from wikipedia)

Xin Lei (Barbie Hsu) is an intelligent, confident and beautiful girl who has never known a day of hardship. Her father is a wealthy business tycoon in Shanghai and she is engaged to Yin Shang Dong (Chen Zhi Kai) who in her eyes is also perfect in every way. She lives a life of fairytale as everyone dote and treat her like a princess. Until one day, she meets Qin Lang (Show Luo), when her car and his bicycle crash into each other by accident at a corner. Qin Lang is a frustrated artist whose father abandoned him and his mother to pursue his passion for painting. He went to Shanghai with the hopes of pursuing his dream of becoming an artist but was cheated out of his money, passport and plane ticket. In order to earn enough money to go home to Taiwan he works as a cook, making oyster omelette, a skill passed down by his grandmother.

Xin Lei and Qin Lang meet again when she goes to a restaurant that specialises in Taiwanese food, that Qin Lang happens to works at. She wanted to learn how to make oyster omelette in order to impress her fiancé's parents with her cooking skills. He is initially reluctant to teach her as he is annoyed by her princess complex but at the same time, he is drawn to her. After much bickering and mis-understanding they become friends.

Then, Xin Lei's parents' company goes bankrupt and they go into hiding to escape their debtors. They misguidedly thought that Shang Dong would take care of her, hence only left her a plane ticket and a key to their house in Taiwan. Unfortunately, Shan Dong breaks off their engagement, at the insistence of his parents, and becomes engaged to another girl whose family can help them financially. Meanwhile Xin Lei is left to rely on her best friend Xi Xian and Qin Lang, who found himself wanting to protect her and does everything in his power to cheer her up. However at the bidding of his grandmother, he had to leave Xin Lei to return to Taiwan, thinking that they would never meet again. Then, after seeing Xin Lei at his engagement party, Shan Dong is unable to go thru with it. So his parents asked her to break away and leave Shanghai. Whereupon she goes to Taiwan to stay in the house her parents left her.

Coincidentally, it turns out that the house that was left to Xin Lei by her parents is Qin Lang's house. Xin Lei tried to drive Qin Lang's family out of the house which infuriated his grandmother and wanted Xin Lei out of the house since she can show no proof of ownership of the house. Knowing that Xin Lei has nowhere else to go, Qin Lang lied to his grandmother saying that Xin Lei is his girlfriend who is now penniless and homeless and plead to let her stay. The grandmother reluctantly lets her stay under the condition that she has to help with the household chores and she has to find a job and pay her rent for staying in the house.

Xin Lei gets her first job as air stewardess but loses it very quickly, Qin Lang’s grandmother gets angry at her, so orders her to find a job within one month, or move out of the house.
Meanwhile, Xiao Yang, who has been in love with Qin Lang since they were young, is jealous of Qin Lang’s affection of Xin Lei. Thinking that if Xin Lei gets a job and enough money, she will move out of the house, Xiao Yang uses her connection to get her a job at the hotel her family owns. At the same time, she instructs her staff to make sure Xin Lei gets a hard time.

As Xin Lei and Qin Lang gets closer, Xin Lei’s exfiance, Shang Dong comes back from her. He explains his situation which is a difficult one, between her and his family, but wants to get her back. At the same time, Xiao Yang gets more jealous and plots to get Xin Lei to leave. Misunderstandings happen, and Qin Lang gets mad at Xin Lei. 

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