Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kdrama-Gourmet- Sik Gaek 식객 Ending

My take on gourmet:

Very entertaining drama. I never knew that there were so many different types of fermented bean paste and how it was made, till i saw this drama!! :0) The characters were very likeable. Kim Rae Won did very well here, but i think Kwon Oh Joong, who plays the brother carried the role very well. I saw the making of Gourmet and saw that Kwon Oh Joong didn;t have any skills in cooking, but he looked very professional in the show. Kim Rae Won smiles a lot in the drama!!

Ok, on with the ending:
The ending that we are concerned about is whether Unm Ahm Jung falls into Matsumoto's (their opponent's) hand, and whether Sung Chan goes back to work, and also if he ends up with Jin Soo. So, i'll just concentrate on that the rest of the details, you'll have to watch the video.

Episode 24 starts off with the continuation of the battle between 2 teams, Sung Chan's team against Matsumoto's team. Sung Chan felt hopeless against his competitor but suddenly somebody emerges. Bong Joo arrives and Sung Chan's is just relieved. The competition goes on, but even Bong Joo says :" There's no weakness in Matsumoto's team" After tallying 3 rounds of score, the result was (i say this very plainly, you have to watch to feel the suspense), A TIE at 89 points!! The head judge decides to let the the ambassadors and spouses to judge. And the final result is Uhm Ahm Jung wins by a slight 0.2 margin. At that, everybody from Uhm Ahm Jung celebrates and Sung Chan points to Jin Soo, and Jin Soo responses with flying kisses.

Next, we see Jin Soo putting up makeup and taking out dishes from the microwave She remarks that its quite embarassing to give heated up frozen food as dinner to the best chef in the world. And ding dong, Sung Chan arrives. They have a cute conversation about marrying each other, which ends up Jin soo getting a little disappointed. Very cute, have to see it.

Bong Joo and Sung Chan goes to their late father's grave. Bong Joo by that time has decided to leave korea to pursue his dreams, and mentions that. And Sung Chan says that Uhm Ahm Jung is saved and he will bring the daughter in law the next time. (Jin Soo of course)

at the airport, Bong Joo tells Joo Hee sorry for hurting her, and if there is no one by her side, to reconsider him after he's back. Joo Hee says that she will wait for him.

Sung Chan later decides that he will leave Uhm Ahm Jung too. He wants to learn more about cooking and especially from unknown experts out there. (Warning: 5 mins to ending)

Sung Chan drives over to Jin Soo's place. Jin Soo's really happy and excited to see him. They will be going to look for some ingredients. But, because Jin Soo is hungry, they stop at shack like restaurant. An old man serves them an out of the world dish, and Sung Chan is determined to find out the taste.. He sneaks into the kitchen, and gets chased out by the old man. But, Sung Chan tries again, this time around the dustbin. So, the old man brings out a dog, and upon seeing Sung Chan holding on to a bottle (of the secret recipe i guess) he flings it into the air. And the curtains closed with the scene of Sung Chan leaping in the air to catch the bottle.

Rating: I guess G, since Sung Chan and Jin Soo ended up together, Uhm Ahm Jung is saved. I only wished that there was more focus on Sung Chan and Jin Soo.

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