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HK drama : Emergency Unit (EU) Ending

(for easy reference )
Ron Ng-Ah Man
Sammul Chan-Pak Kiew
Michael Miu- Sai Hao
Elanne Kong- Yao Yao
Kathy Chow-Sum Jie
Michael Tse- Siu Tong/ Laughin

Just before we get on to the last episode, a brief review of all the happenings.

The very interesting character, and right hand man of the triad leader, Laughin, died because he was shot by Pak Kew, and later sacrificed himself to pave the way for Ah Man to continue his work.(wow what a shocker!!) . It was revealed he was an undercover agent for the police very gradually, and confirmed just before he was killed. And Sum Jie went missing after she was supposedly about to get married to Sai Hao. Ah Man’s cover as an undercover agent was blown when he rescued his police colleague in front of Sai Hao. Because of that, he had to prove it to Sai Hao that he was indeed a gangster, and not a police anymore by action. Pak Kiew receives a message from Ah Man, ’Drug factory is at Oi Sum (Sum Jie’s restaurant), I’ll lead Sai Hao there, can you come?”

Pak Kiew starts to gather some of his colleagues to do a stake out of the restaurant. He uses his superior’s reputation, Hu Sir to get his way. After Sai Hao, Ah Man, and the other right hand man, gets into the factory, they barge in, but finds out that the place is empty. Pak Kew is angry and accuses that Ah Man is a liar, and Sai Hao says proudly that Ah Man is already one of his guys. Just at that moment, Hu Sir (the head of the department) comes in and defends his team, and threatens Sai Hao that the jail has space for him.

Back at the police station, Hu Sir is very angry at Pak Kew. He tells Pak Kew that he has violated police procedures, and will face disciplinary action . Pak Kew explains that there was not enough time, and knowing that Hu Sir will not approve, he took things into his own hands. Hu Sir said that he shouldn’t have trusted his buddy.

Meanwhile, Sai Hao feels that Ah Man is really on his side. Even his other sidekick, remarks that although the police planted a undercover in the gang, but actually they have given a policeman to thema as a gift. Ah Man remarks that he feels happy that not only has he help the gang, but also paid back revenge on his buddy. They then decide to use the restaurant as a front for the drug factory again, according to Ah Man’s suggestion.

Ying Oi (Sum Jie’s mother) visits Yao Yao, and asks her to ask her father where Sum Jie is at the moment. But, Sai Hao appears, and Ying Oi kneels down in front of him, pleading him to tell her where her daughter is so that she can bury her. Yao Yao is disgusted at the way her father treats Ying Oi, and asks him to tell where Sum Jie’s body is. Yao Yao then says that her father deserves to be in prison, and that she will visit him, to see him suffer. Yao Yao is in pain, and says that her father has even killed Sum Jie, and that she can’t pretend not to see her father’s bad acts.

Ah Man then suggest that Yao Yao take over the Sum Jie’s restaurant. And she agrees.
Ah Man tells Sai Hao that Yao Yao is the front person of the drug factory. Sai Hao is a little hesitant (he used his daughter unknowing to carry drugs before and regretted it)
In the end, he tells Ah Man that they should go ahead with it, as he had been too soft hearted before.

Yao Yao gets angry at her father again, accusing her father as a killer.

Pak Kew visit a colleague (Ah Chiew) who was shot by the gang. He meets Hu Sir, who tells him that they couldn’t find this colleague’s phone. Pak Kew finds it strange, as Ah Chiew sent a message to tell him where he was and asked to be rescued.
At that moment, he receives a message from Ah Chiew “ meet at old place”

Ah Man goes to the drug factory, and hands over the latest drugs, he’s searched and hands over his phone (normal procedure). The drugs has some problem, so they inform Sai Hao. He arrives and tries to save the batch of drugs. Suddenly they hear sound outside!!

Sai Hao calls Yao Yao’s phone, and it rings outside the door. Sai Hao then starts to suspect that Yao Yao wants to trap him and put him in jail. He then asks the 3 guys with them, to knock down the back door. But it’s stuck. So, Sai Hao then points the gun at the three guys, but the three guys reason with him that they are also stuck in the room with him, so they wouldn’t be the ones who’s reported to the police. (Flashback: Earlier, Ah Man seals the back door, meets Pak Kew and tells him that he’s the one who shot Ah Chiew. He had no choice, as Sai Hao wanted to kill Ah Chiew. So, Ah Man took over, and shot him but not fatally. Then, he used Ah Chiew’s phone to message Pak Kew. He then tricked Pak Kew because he had to convince Sai Hao that he’s on his side. But, this time, Ah Man has arranged to trap Sai Hao in the back of the factory. He will use Yao Yao, and arranged for her to come at a certain time. He then asks Pak Kew to notify the police and take action. )

While Sai Hao men try to break down the back door, the police arrives. Pak Kew escorts Yao Yao out of the place and gets her to go back home. But, Yao Yao suspects that they are going to arrest her father. As the police breaks in, Sai Hao flees with Ah Man, while his other righthand men distracts the police.

Outside, Sai Hao realizes that Ah Man is the undercover, and hits him, and shoots him to kill him. Ah Man gets shot and is about to be shot fatally when Pak Kew arrives. Sai Hao shoots once, and runs off. He sees his daughter, who asks him to flee with her in a taxi, but he cant believe that his daughter will save him. He runs away and gets knocked down by a car.
Ah Man tells Sai Hao at their former training school that he will not be a police anymore. He doesn’t deserve to be one, because he doesn’t follow superior’s orders, does thing haphazardly. Pak Kew tells Ah Man that the police chief still believes in him. Ah Man then tells Pak Kew that the best thing is that he has found a good buddy. Pak Kew tries to persuade Ah Man again.

Yao Yao goes to see her father in jail, and asks him if he has regretted any action. He says no, except that he didn’t trust his daughter. Yao Yao says that her father has done much wrong, and she wants him to repay by living his life properly. And she will wait for him to come out of jail, because she’s still his daughter.

At the funeral parlour, Yao Yao, Ying Oi, Pak Kew and wife pay their respects to Sum Jie, as Sai Hao has confessed he killed her. Yao Yao then says that she’s going to travel around the world, and update her blog as she goes, to forget all the unhappy events”

Ah Man walks to a tree where Yao Yao and him had memories together. He finds a note from Yao Yao. Yao Yao says:

“ I know you’ll find this note. Sorry for not seeing you again, and not letting you find me. This is where our story begins, and where it’ll end. I never took offense that our relationship was filled with lies. We began when I pretended to be a travel blog princess, and you pretended you were not the lucky prince ( the one who encouraged her on her blog) . Then, we pretended to be lovers, and ended up really dating. I pretended not to know that you were an undercover agent, and you pretended that you didn’t use me. But, you have helped me have a good relationship with my dad, and become a writer. I believe that your love for me, was real, because a person who believes in love is the happiest. In our relationship, there were too many things that happened, we cannot be together anymore. But, I’ll cherished the times we had together, and will wish you from afar, that you are happy”

Ah Man walks away, and the tree has these words written on it.
“ You are the love of my life, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, I’ll wait for you, till you forgive me”

EU unit has Ah Chiew as head of a team, and Pak Kew’s wife also becomes a head of a team.
As Pak Kew goes out on a assignment with his team, Ah Man arrives and asks why they didn’t wait for him. He then reports and goes out with them as a team.


* Some say that the ending had a less than 20 sec of Laughin putting on an police uniform, saying "Laughin sir. " That's all. Didn't imply if he was alive or not. And i think it was put there on short notice. Didn't see that portion in the version that i saw.

*On what happened to Sum JIe, earlier episode shows that she was killed by Sai Hao. He thought she was an undercover agent, but in the end finds out that she was always on his side.

Rating: hmm…Undecided, too many people died.

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