Saturday, March 28, 2009

学警狙击 Emergency Unit (E.U) Summary

Episodes: 30
Major Cast:
Ron Ng-Ah Man
Sammul Chan-Pak Kiew
Michael Miu- Sai Hao
Elanne Kong- Yao Yao
Kathy Chow-Sum Jie
Michael Tse- Siu Tong/ Laughin

This is a continuation of the series of the Academy, on the first beat.

Pak Kiew is a righteous and follow the rules cop, who stays in the same house as his buddy, Lap Man/ Ah Man. Ah Man, however, is the opposite, untidy, very rash. His aim is to bring down the drug ring, and vows to find out where the drug factory is. However, because he does things rashly, he always gets into trouble and always get reproof.

After ten years in prison in Taiwan , Kong Sai Hao meets up with his friend Yik Tin. Yik Tin is the one who frame him, and had caused him to be in jail for the last 10 years. He plans to take revenge on Yik Tin. Yik Tin, indebted to Sai Hao, invites him to stay with him and his wife, Sum Jie. Sai Hao in the meantime, hope to find his daughter, Yau Yau, whom he hasn't seen all this time. Yik Tin also gives Sai Hao a position in the triad, much to Yik Tin's right hand man, Laughin disgust. Laughin is sure that Sai Hao is definitely out to take over the triad.
Sai Hao plays two side at first, uses Yik Tin, and Ah Man to take revenge. And, because of cooperating with Sai Hao and Ah Man gets fired, and then becomes an undercover police in Sai-Hao's gang. But, things are rough for Ah Man in the gang, and out of the gang, as he has to turn his back against his buddy. At the same time, Ah Man also has met Yao Yao a blog writer, and a vcd peddler, who is also Sai Hao's daughter.

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