Friday, March 13, 2009

Hk-drama The Greatness of a Hero ENDING

It was quite entertaining, but by the 2nd last episode, there were so many people who were sacrificed.. It was heartbreaking.... So far Minister Mo's wife died, Song Ting Yuk and mother was killed, and at the end of the 2nd last episode, Minister Dik's wife was also beheaded...looks like we are heading for a boo hoo hoo ending.

Now, in a nutshell, minister Mo (the bad guy) tricked his son into getting rid of a incriminating letter written by his wife. After he burnt the letter, he killed his wife, and wanted to kill his son too. But he got away. Song Ting Yuk was stabbed, and his mother was also killed. Minister Dik's family was put into jail for betraying the country (Minister Mo's plan complete with false evidence). But, Minister Dik and son went into hiding. So, Minister Mo tries to force him out by beheading Chou Yuet, Minister Dik's wife. Minister Mo threatens to kill the rest of the family, while Minister Dik and son anguishes over how to take revenge.

Empress feels sad that Minister Dik's wife was beheaded. Yuen Yi says that Minister Dik family is a wicked family. But, the empress clears out a misunderstanding that Yuen Yi has against minister Dik's family. Yuen Yi realizes that Minister Mo has led to believe that Minister Dik is wicked and her family, and also learns that Minister Mo's wife had a incriminating letter against her husband. But, after Yin Tuck (Minister Mo's son) took the letter and let his father burnt it, Minister Mo's wife passed away, and Yin Tuck went missing. So, Yuen Yi suspects something amiss. Later, in front of the empress, Yuen Yi requests that the rest of Minister Dik's family be released. And questions Minister Mo why Minister Dik's family has immunity from the last emperor, but was still not forgiven. Minister Mo said that the Empress gave him full power to settle this case. In the end, the Empress pardons Minister Dik's family.

Later, Minister Mo is furious to learn that they lost track of Minister Mo's family after they were released from prison. He knows this was yuen yi's doing and thus is even more angry.

Qing Yun questions Yuen Yi's motive in helping them. Yuen Yi confesses that she was led by minister Mo to believe that Minister Dik was her enemy, but now she is willing to help them clear the family name. Minister Dik reunites with his family with help, and swears that he'll revenge his wife.

Yuen Yi asks Empress to give a chance to Minister Dik family to explain whether they have betrayed the family. At the court, minister Dik, his daughter and son appears in front of Empress. Minister Mo accuses Minister Dik, but Minister Dik says that he is innocent. Minister Mo also accuses Minister Dik of alliance with the gangsters, and also other enemy neighbours. Minister Dik reliterates that the traitor is not him, but Minister Mo. He presents evidence that the killer of Song Ting Yuk and his family, and that the killer is related to Minister Mo.
In addition, he presents a coffin. It's an empty coffin, but underneath it, Yin Tuck emerges.
Yin Tuck testifies that his father killed his mother, that his father sent people to kill him, so he went into hiding. But, Minister Dik found him, and sees that he is about to run away, and asks him if his conscience allows him to let his father continue his evil deeds.
So, Yin Tuck appears in court to testify against his father, but his father denies it. Yin Tuck then hands over his mother's letter which he hid, (the one he handed earlier to his father was fake).
With this evidence, the empress dismisses Minister Mo. And in the end, the empress gives poisoned wine to Minister Mo, who drinks it. His son, Yin Tuck feels terrible that his father has to die, so, he too drinks it and both of them dies.

The ending is that Minister Dik gets appointed as prime minister (i think?) and he continues serving faithfully for his country.

Rating: S

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