Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HK-drama Greatness of a Hero 盛世人傑



Kent Cheng - Dik Ren Jie
Bernice Liu-Dik Ching Lun
Sonija Kwok - Chou Yuet
Sunny Chan-Song Ting Yuk
Leila Tong-Yuen Yi

This is about Minister Dik who solves cases and is an important official. His family consists of his wife (sonija), grown daughter, Ching Lun (bernice), 2 sons, and Minister Dik elderly mother. Sunny Chan's character, Ting Yuk assists Minister Dik in investigation, along with Ching Lun. Ting Yuk at first like Yuen Yi, who is the Empress right hand woman. But later he and Ching Lun gets together. On the other hand, Minister Mo schemes to take over the throne, and the series tells of his attempts to frame Minister Dik.

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