Monday, March 2, 2009

Kdrama-Powerful Opponents ending

My take..

This is basically a love triangle story between Young Jin, Gwang Pil, Soo Ho.

On to the end..

I think the biggest concern is who will Young Jin end up with. At first, it felt like Gwang Pil, but throughout the series, it looked like Soo Ho. Then, we know that Gwang Pil did hug Young Jin...anyway, let's just get to the last episode.

Ok, it starts with Young Jin gets injured by the bad guy. Gwang Pil arrives and they report the incident to the superior. They try to think who the bad guy is. And after searching through files, and thinking very hard, Gwang Pil figures out that it's Nam Do Woo. Gwang Pil and Young Jin confronts Nam Do Woo, but he denies, and asks for evidence. After reporting back to their superior, the superior can't do anything since there is no evidence.

Gwang Pil during a chat later, asks if Young Jin is still his partner. And Young Jin smiles and reply in the positive. At the dance studio, members there throw him a party to cheer him on for the competition. Later, Soo Ho gives Young Jin her little notebook. and in the little note he says that he wants to be a better man, and "saranghae". Young Jin smiles after reading it.

Competiton day arrives. Nam Do Woo disguises himself and sneaks into competition area. But, he falls into the trap, and gets confronted by Young Jin and Gwang Pil. But, Young Jin gets shot by Nam Do Woo.

Son Ho finishes his performance, wile Gwang Pil chases Nam Do woo, and Young Jin is sent to the hospital. Bad Guy gets arrested in the end. And Soo Ho after hearing news of Young Jin's, rushes to the hospital. He sees Young Jin on the bed, with heartbeat sound in the background. It looks like she's dying....

(warning: nearly the end)

One year later...while Gwang Pil trains new students, he meets someone who looks and acts like Young Jin. Young Jin continues her bodyguard role, but meets someone like Gwang Pil too.

Soo Ho says to Kot Nim (little girl) that he is going to propose to someone in 3 years time.

Then, a flashback shows Young Jin, on a wheelchair, telling her father about her dream. And she says that she finally knows what happiness is as she can see her family, Gwang Pil and Soo Ho with her. THE END

Rating: Yikes...(O)

Debates have been going on on who is going to be with Young Jin, but the sad truth is that, no one ends up with her in the movie. So, it's up to everyone to write their own ending.


  1. soo he is going to wait till her term protecting his dad the president is over in 3 propose...and in her dream he is standing ahead of all her family and that seals it...

  2. Gwan-Pil and Young-Jin are the OTP, for all these reasons:

    1) Their initial rivalry and bickering, always an indicator of the eventual pairing.

    2) The Chief calls them "Gapdori and Gapsuni" (a young couple in Korean folklore who love each other but keep their love hidden) setting the tenor for the rest of the story.

    3) After Gwan-Pil saves Young-Jin's job, and she cries and he reaches out and touches her hair, she wants to know what his feelings are. If she wasn't open to him, she would have immediately rejected his advance, as she always did with Su-Ho.

    4) When Young-Jin comes to Gwan-Pil's home to comfort him, before she leaves, she cleans up his place (like she does for her family); as she goes out the camera lingers on their side-by-side pairs of shoes (the only time we see anyone's shoes like this); and both at the door and outside Young-Jin looks back. (her father said at the beginning that she never looks back; yet Gwan-Pil merits two)

    5) When Su-Ho says he likes Young-Jin, her thoughts immediately turn to Gwan-Pil. Then she tells Su-Ho she is match-making, a common polite and indrect way for a woman to decline a would-be suitor. But even after multiple rejections, he still doesn't get the hint, and chases after her to the match-making date...

    6) ... where, Young-Jin is upset when Su-Ho appears, but embarrassed when Gwan-Pil comes in. The difference is that she cares what Gwan-Pil thinks of her, because she know he cares for her.

    7) After Gwan-Pil apologizes for 'going over the line', Young-Jin admits similar feelings on her part; but notes that because of their jobs, they can't act on their feelings now. So they agree to hold back until she achieves her career goals. Later when she transfers out to another position, they confirm that promise in an indirect Gapdori/Gapsuni way. "Are we still partners? ... If you still take me as your partner."

    8) In the confrontation with Nam Do-Wu, Young-Jin demonstrated exactly what she said could happen if they developed a feelings for each other, when she protects Gwan-Pil by risking her own life, and is shot. (Its clear she is not protecting Su-Ho; he is nowhere in the vicinity) Not shown is how Do-Wu escapes the bodyguards, but in a plausible parallel to the scene at the party when Young-Jin falls, it is because Gwan-Pil forgets his duty and rushes to her aid, and allows Su-Ho/Do-Wu to escape.

    9) At the end, Young-Jin is walking in a dream-like scene (inferring she is dying on the operating table) when she seems to sense something and runs to where everyone in her life is gathered. Later she tells her father she 'heard' voices calling her back, but as there were no audible voices in the dream, they must be in her mind. The only person in the group not appearing surprised to see Young-Jin and waving at her is Gwan-Pil; when they see each other they just exchange smiles as if he had known she was coming, inferring prior telepathic communication. Telepathy also occurred when Young-Jin was shot, and her father and Su-Ho both had a moment what they sensed something had happened. But at the end, it is only Gwan-Pil and Young-Jin that share that close bond.