Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kdrama-Star's lover, Celebrity sweetheart Summary

Choi Ji Woo- Lee Ma Ri
Yoo Ji Tae-Kim Chul Soo
Lee Ki Woo-Jung Woo Jin
Philip Choi- Kang Woo Jin
Cha Ye Ryun- Choi Eun Young

Lee Ma Ri is a famous actress. Manager Seo, her manager is a scheming man who wants Ma Ri to get more popular. So, he asks a literature graduate, Kim Chul Soo to become a ghostwriter for Ma Ri. Kim Chul Soo and Lee Ma Ri meet in Japan while Chul Soo was researching for the book. The book becomes a hit, but Chul Soo feels like he has deceived people. At the same time, Chul Soo and Ma Ri develop feelings for each other. However, there are others who want to be part of Ma Ri's life. One is a a famous photographer, Kang Woo Jin, Lee Ma Ri's first love. Another is a executive in a media company(Lee Ki Woo).

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