Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Star's Lover ending..

Star's Lover is actually quite a simple story, it's whether a star, celebrity can ever date a commoner. What i appreciate about it is that it is quite realistic in portraying what will happen if this situation ever arises...the public scrutiny into one's life is scary, and an over controlling manager is even scarier. I wonder whether Choi Ji Woo was inspired by her character Lee Mari to be honest with her relationship as she reveal that she was dating someone after this drama ended. hmm..

Anyway, Star's Lover ended at episode 19 intensely. With Ma Ri and Chul Soo together again, and evidence against him presented to him, President Seo goes beserk. He blames the downfall of Ma Ri on Chul Soo, and claims whatever he did (including threatening Ma Ri's first love) is all for Ma Ri's goo. He tries to attack Chul Soo, but Ma Ri protects him. Then, he's escorted out of the building, not before he announces that this isnt the end for him. (goodness, he just wants more screen time!! :0)

Ma Ri is in shock, Chul Soo comforts her and says he'll always be with her.
Elsewhere, Jang Soo (Ma Ri's former assistant turned actor) finds out thatYae Rin(President seo's sister) and President Seo are quitting. Jang Soo is upset because he won't get to see Yae Rin anymore.

Ma Ri tells Woo Jin that she won't seek compensation from President Seo. And Woo Jin thinks about how they met and how he liked her because she's so strong now.

That night, Eun Yong (Chul Soo's ex) tells Chul Soo she actually has decided to give up on him, but that her heart is still aching. Chul Soo thanks her for protecting and helping him all the way.

Jang Soo has a scene with Ma Ri, it's a kissing scene. He's very nervous, and even more so when the director says that the scene is now changed from kiss on forehead to lips. So, when they act together, Jang Soo faints! And then, sheepishly ask to act again.

Ma Ri tells Chul Soo that she wants to go to America to act in a few movies. So, she asked if Chul Soo wants to get married. (she mentioned it earlier, and he said he never thought about it, and he has to think about it) She'll be there for a year. But, Chul Soo says the discussion was over, and that he'll think about it. Later Ma Ri brings it out to the family, and Chul Soo gets angry. They part unhappily, because Ma Ri is upset that Chul Soo doesn't want to get married. She's prepared to give up the movie but Chul Soo tells Ma Ri to do it. They decide to give some time to each other to think about it. Ma Ri avoids Chul Soo for a while before he decides.

At the same time, Jang Soo goes to tell President Seo that he likes Yae Rin. Then, he confesses his love in front of everybody, and asks Yae Rin to marry him

Chul Soo meets up with Eun Yong in the coffee shop accidentally. Chul Soo asks if he gave her a hard time before. And Eun Yong says yes, because Chul Soo didn't believe in her, and that he thought that she would hurt him. Eun Yong also says that maybe that's why Ma Ri is also having a hard time. When parting ways, Eun Yong says that she will find someone less tiring, and that Chul Soo should call Lee Ma Ri. Eun Yong then meets someone on the way that she knows, (Lee Dong Gun makes an appearance)

Chul Soo realizes that Ma Ri is the one, and runs to hug her. He then tells her that they'll go together to US. He can't bear to be without her. Then, they go to all the childhood places that Ma Ri can remember-the school, and the orphanage.

At the orphanage, they go to the grave of the caretaker. And Ma Ri says that she really likes Chul Soo, and Chul Soo says that they will live life together happily. Later, Chul Soo is given all of Mari's mother letters. He reads it.

President Seo walks into the restaurant, and sees Ma Ri, and walks out again. Ma Ri goes after him, and asks him if he's alright. He replies he has a small business and warns her that if they meet face to face it may not be nice. But, in the end, he takes off his scarf and puts it around her.

At Chul Soo's place, everybody gathers and have food and are really happy. While Chul Soo is upstairs, his mother pops in. He calls his mother, something he has never done before, and thanks her for taking care of Yuri. And they both have tears in their eyes.

Chul Soo gives a necklace to Ma Ri, and tells her there is one more thing he has to tell her. He hands her a letter which is from her mother. And she reads it in disbelief. Chul Soo says that he made a promise to her grandmother, and he wants to marry Ma Ri. Ma Ri answers yes. Then, the letter contents are revealed, Ma Ri's name is Young Hee (that's the childhood friend that Chul Soo had when he was young.They were playmates.)

Next, we see Chul Soo and Ma Ri hand in hand at the airport, leaving the country .

5 years later, we see Chul Soo and Ma Ri having food together at the table. He hands her some food, and she refuses. But, he does it again, and then they smile. Next, a little girl's voice "O-ma"

They sit by the lakeside watching their little girl play. And flashbacks about how they met..
Then, they ask each other what they are reading. He reads his latest book, and she reads the script. He says that her script is just ok, it's not that interesting, characters are not properly developed. He asks her not to do the movie. But, she says it's because it has kiss scenes in it.
They then see a grandfather and grandmother sitting together. And turn to each other and say "I love you". Then, together they walked off happily with their child..


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