Thursday, March 5, 2009

Taiwan Drama- wo de yi wan mian bao, love or bread synopsis

Episodes: 12

Joe Cheng plays a lazy guy, Fa Lan Ke, who loves branded clothes and is always in debt. The first time he met Ariel Lin's character, Shan Mei, was when she rescued him from loan sharks. After a few misunderstandings, Fa Lan Ke sees a chance to bully Shan Mei into thinking she owes him a huge debt over a missing ring. They stay under the same roof, while Shan Mei thinks of how to pay him back. She works few jobs and tries to avoid her family as she had earlier quarrel with her family in order to go and propose to her boyfriend. But her boyfriend had fall in love with another person, so she gives up on the relationship and tries to move on. But, life gets even more bitter as she tries to pay off the debt and Fa Lan Ke continually bullies her... One of the many jobs Shan Mei works with is in a coffee shop. The coffee shop owner is later revealed as Fa Lan Ke's crush in his school days. And Shan Mei meanwhile befriends a guy who turns out to be a rich personand who really likes her. And then feelings developed between Fa Lan Ke and Shan Mei...

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