Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They kiss again (ISWAK 2) ending

My thoughts:
Normally sequels don't do well, but this one was quite good. Of course, there were moments you go "huh?" for eg the honeymoon situation with the other couple, but it was still bearable. The scenes between both of them are even more in this sequel and fans were no doubt pleased. Other than the abnormally long PG scenes from the director, i thought they film it quite properly and it had continuity. AND i love the ending!!

On to the ending..
The Last episode started off with Xiang Qin receiving a call from Ah Jin and Christine (they are so cute together) saying that they are really happy, and married. After that, Zhi Shu says to Xiang Qin that having her is the best thing in the world.
Then, they discovered that the whole family is down with flu. Zhi Shu tells Xiang Qin to bring medical instruments for him and she appears in the nurse uniform (cute!!)
Pediatrical unit needed an extra nurse, so Xiang Qin gets sent over there with all the kids. Zhi shu appears and of course Xiang Qin is so delighted.
Later, Xiang Qin goes to see a doctor for her checkup results. The doctor informs her that her retina cells are deterioting, and there's no cure. So, the worse case scenario is that she becomes blind.

Xiang Qin waits for Zhi Shu, buts a nurse asks Zhi Shu to attend to an emergency. Just as Zhi Shu leaves, Xiang Qin faints.
Back at the house, the whole family gathers at Xiang Qin's bedside, they say it's their fault that Xiang Qin is so tired and faints coz' she had to take care of them while they were sick. However, Zhi Shu suspects that Xiang Qin is pregnant.
Xiang Qin is still very worried about her eye condition and because it's an hereditary condition, worries that her baby will be affected. But, her family celebrates and is so happy that a grandchild is on the way.
Xiang Qin feels that her sight will get worse, and disappoints Zhi Shu.

The next morning, Zhi Shu awakes to find Xiang Qin missing. He franctically looks around but still can't find her. He shows the family a note Xiang Qin left, that she can;t be a burden to him.
Zhi Shu tries to look for Xiang Qin in the hospital but the nurses said that she's not around. Then, he finds out the doctor diagnosis of Xiang QIn's eyes.

Zhi Shu tries to look for her at all the places that they use to go, but is always one step late.
Xiang Qin muses on what'll happen to the baby. After a while, she decides to look up a patient that Zhi Shu and her took care of. But, she finds out that the patient has passed away.
She continues walking and finds that she ends up in Zhi Shu's doctor's room. She sees that Zhi Shu has all the things that she has given him, things that has sentimental value in the room, and breaks down and cries. At that moment, Zhi Shu appears, and comforts her. She confides in him, and how she's afraid their children will inherit the sickness. Zhi Shu tells her that as long as the children is theirs, he'll love them, and that he'll accompany her thru hardship. He then asks her not to leave him. And they reconcile...
Xiang Qin reunites with the family, and the family is relieve, reassuring her that they will be there for her. Zhi Shu tells her before they go to bed, that he loves her very much. And that the child, however he/she might be is a continuation of their love... With that they kiss again...

This is where the original manga writer stop before Tada Kaoru passed away.
Now the last bit is really cute and sweet ...coz' it's about a video they make while on the way to the hospital to check if xiang qin is really pregnant...i won't spoil it, you'll just have to watch it.

Rating: H


  1. I love both part, though second one here is certainly better. The part with Zhi Shu & Xiang Qin having a quiet conversation while she lays in bed is so sweet. This shows a bit of their growth.

    I do too love happy endings. I have seen a few dozen tv shows where the ending is just wrong, not just sad.

    anyway, I was wondering why you are no longer continuing this blog. I just find you through another blog. still looking for a blog that talks about chinese/korean tv shows in english.

    I'll visit now and then to see if you blog again. Have a great day.

  2. Hi lissa,

    Thanks for your message, it's really encouraging!!
    Actually, i stopped coz' it really took lots of time to do the review..

    But maybe in the future i will start up again, coz' am really keen on sharing some endings of some shows that wasn't really up to par, so at least people can sort of know what to expect before they embark on a 30 episode journey.

    Anyway, thanks again, hope to see you around another time!!

  3. i want to watch ISWAK 3 but they say that 10 years before filming the iswak 3 they are 36 years old in season 3