Friday, May 15, 2009

愛就宅一起 Together/to get her Summary

Episodes: 12


Rainie Yang-Momo

Jiro Wang-Mars

George Hu-Chia Sen

Mars was once a famous singer. But, his popularity has gone downhill because of negative news, so the company has decided to send him back to college in a bid to reestablish his image. In reality though, the company has given up on him. They ask him to move out of the company rented house, and also even reassign his manager to another actor.

Mars meets Momo, a girl who's obsessed with a comic book character, called Casaba the Alien Prince. Momo is a quiet and withdrawn girl, very simple and shy, and doesn't care about Mars at all. At their first meeting in college, Momo tells Mars that although he thinks he's popular, he's actually nothing at all.

Momo's parents had both passed away so her sister Chu Chu is her only family. Chuchu is very spendrift, and decides to rent part of the house out. She secures a tenant for a year, and to her and Momo's surprise, the tenant is Mars.

Although they dislike each other at first, they start to become friends slowly. Mars starts to like Momo, but Jia Sen senses it, and gets very protective. The, Mars exgirl friend appears too. So, will Mars and Mo Mo be together? Especially since he will one day be a superstar again?

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