Thursday, March 5, 2009

TWdrama love or bread ENDING

My point of view... I really like Joe and Ariel in ISWAK, and i thought that this would be fun to watch. However, i got a bit tired of Joe's character always bullying Shan Mei....and as for the ending...we'll just jump straight into it, and you can judge for yourself.

Well it ended in ep 11 that Fa Lan Ke decides to pay for Shan Mei's mother's operation. And he tells Shan Mei that he'll disappear forever. He also gives his friend, Ah Xing a sum of money, and then Ah Xing suddenly sees loan sharks taking Fa Lan Ke away. He runs to Shan Mei and tells her. Meanwhile, the loan sharks threaten Fa Lan Ke, and is about to hit him, when Shan Mei rushes in. so, the loan sharks tie both Fa Lan Ke and Shan Mei together.

They confide in each other and Fa Lan Ke tells Shan Mei that he really wants to help her. Meanwhile Ling Long (Shan Mei's best friend) and Ah Xing are trying to find a way to help the troubled two. And Ah Xing tells Ling Long he doesn't have money, because she already used up all his credit cards. (he wanted to make her happy, as he has a crush on her)

Meanwhile, Fa Lan Ke and shan Mei muses about food....(what???)

Anyway, Ling long decides to get En Hao (the rich guy) and Ah Xing gets the grandpa in earlier episodes (who likes Shan Mei as she resembles his deceased wife) to help.

Fa Lan Ke then demands they let Shan Mei go free, and the gangsters decide to injure Fa Lan Ke. At that moment, grandpa arrives (he is also a rich man), settles everything, and then asks Fa Lan Ke to repay him by taking care of Shan Mei. And then, Fa Lan Ke is about to tell Shan Mei his feelings, when En Hao and Ling Long arrives. So, Fa Lan Ke goes away. He goes back home,
but he receives a phone call, and rushes to see his grandma. His grandma continues to scold him coz' she thinks that he's a lazy boy that steals, but then, Shan Mei appears.

Shan Mei and grandma get along very well.. But when asked about Shan Mei and Fa Lan Ke's relationship they said just friends. Grandma really loves fa Lan Ke, and when she says goodbye to the two when they leave, Fa Lan Ke hugs grandma.

At the bus station, Shan Mei and Fa Lan Ke says goodbye. Fa Lan Ke decides to give up on Shan Mei because En Hao says that he'll take care of her. And they walk opposite direction.

Meanwhile, the 2 friends of theirs, Ling Long and Ah Xing become lovers... (even Shan Mei's little bro finds it a little cheesy) .

After going separate ways, and Fa Lan Ke is nowhere to be seen, Shan Mei meets the coffee shop boss. (Fa Lan Ke's crush). Shan Mei later walks in the night market (Fa Lan Ke asks her to go with him when they were tied up by the goons) alone thinking about their time together....

Now, we see Fa Lan Ke has actually gone and found a decent job, working as a construction worker. It's hard work, but he's determine to do something this time. He goes back to the house that he and Shan Mei lived in, and reminices about the past...

6months later, wedding bell rings. Shan Mei is in a beautiful wedding dress and thinks about her situation, that she may bring happiness to everyone. Then, a flashback to her conversation with Fa Lan Ke's crush. She finds out that both of them are just good friends, and that Fa Lan Ke likes Shan Mei only. Then, back to the wedding, Ling Long congratulates her. And remarks that she's so fortunate to have En Hao (yes, EN HAO!! ) who will make her family financially secure.

Shan Mei and father walks toward En Hao during the wedding. and when they almost reach the front, her father turns to her and say: " How much will you sacrifice for your family? The only way we can repay you is to let you find your happiness." Shan Mei then looks at her father, and then En Hao, who smiles (huh??!!). Then, Shan Mei runs off from the wedding, and everybody smiles at her... (WHAT??!!)

Shan Mei runs and meets Fa Lan Ke at the old house...and both of them shouts out each other's name in sequence. 'Do-Re-Mi 'cai jin lai'

The End

Rating:B(I wish i could give a x100, but will stick to B)


  1. it really was a strange ending.
    but what really bothered me: how come they didn't share even one kiss in the whole show? it's not like they weren't used to ... the only kiss scene existed just in shan meis imagination.
    i really loved the show in the begnning, but the ending was just weird.

  2. Yeah, the whole series seemed's a pity though that it ended that way...