Saturday, April 4, 2009

Attention Please アテンションプリーズ Ending

A bit before the ending episode:

Captain Sakurada and Mikami-sang(teacher) end up together in a bowling alley. Captain Sakurada asks her to bet that if he gets strike, that she has to marry him. She agrees, but the result was all pins fell but 1.
Yoko and Shota (the engineer) tell each other that they admired each other. They were about to go for Ramen, when Yayoi (Yoko's good friend) confesses that she likes Shota. Yoko overhears it, and walks away. Although Yoko is glad that her friend has finally gain the courage to tell Shota, she realises that she also has feelings for him.

On to the last episode..

Yoko wakes up, and realises that it's the last day for the trainees . As she rushes off to school, Shota comes up to her and asks her why she didn't turn up for ramen. She mutters some excuse and says that she is in a rush. Shota offers to ride together on his bike, but she takes over the bike and rides off as Shota looks at her, puzzled.

When she arrives at the school, Yayoi greets her very loudly and enthusaistically. Yoko remarks that she's a little over the top, and the other colleagues reply that something good must have happen, probably love.

Mikami-san appears, as she's assigned as the instructor onboard.Yoko and Yayoi get cold feet. and Yoko feels that Mikami will be watching her closely on this last day. The flight attendants starts welcoming the guests onboard, but notice a weird looking man, with afro hair. He seems to be looking around all the time. Yoko feels that he's very suspicious, but Mikami tells her to act calmly. While the flight attendants serve food and drinks, the weird guy looks at different air hostess and mumbles "Miss May" "Miss April".

Yoko confronts the weird man, and realises that he is Yayoi's father in disguise. He doesn't want his daughter to know he's onboard, so Yayoi doesn't tell the rest his identity, but instead tells him to be lowkey. Later, Yayoi's father gets into an argument with another passenger, and creates a scene. Yayoi recognises him when his wig was pulled off and runs away embarassingly.

Shota gets a visitor, Tsutsumi (pilot trainee, who once was very proud) and they become good friends.

Back to the airplane, Yoko finds out that someone has fainted in the bathroom. She freezes for a while. She recovers, and gets Yayoi to make a distress call. Yoko discovers that the passenger shows no breathing and no response, and starts chest compression. The chief cabin attendant announces that they need help, but there are no doctors/nurses on board. They use the AED machine to try to revive the patient (the trainees in earlier episodes have always prepared for this emergency), but fail in the first attempt. The other passengers look on, while they try again. After attempting again, the patient recovers, and slowly revives. The passengers then claps in approval.

Back on land, all the trainees assemble at the cafeteria. Everybody is quite excited to move on to official cabin attendant status. But, Yoko is unsure if she can carry forward, as she was terrified when she had to administer first aid on the passenger. Her classmates also starts to feel unsure and terrified. Realizing she made everybody gloomy, she tries to cheer everybody up. Yayoi, however, walks out of the room.

Yoko looks for Yayoi, asks if she's alright. Yayoi replies that she got dumped by Shota. Yayoi starts crying.(flashback: Shota: I'm sorry) .After a while, Yayoi stops crying. and starts complaining about her father embarassing her.

When Yayoi reaches home, she questions her father why he went onboard. Her father says that it seems like yesterday she was still a kid. Yayoi is pleased as she senses that her father is proud of her,

All the trainees are back in the classroom, and Yoko bursts into the room, late as usual. Mikami walks in with chief Dazai with the results. Chief Dazai announces "All of you passed" And the classroom goes wild!!! Later, one by one they receive their diploma and remove their trainees badges. Each trainee thanks their teacher Mikami, and recall their lessons. Mikami sees all the badges, and feels so proud and happy.

Mikami later sees Yoko around the cabin set where they practiced. Yoko comments that if an emergency happens again, she'll be alone to handle it. Mikami tells her that she'll never be alone, as she has colleagues that will help her. Mikami also says that she actually like the proud and brazen girl before, and asks her not to forget the good qualities.

Yoko meets Shota at the basketball court, and tells him that she strives to be the world's best cabin attendant. Shota teases her. She tells him if something happens in years to come, she ask him to back her up. He nods to say yes.

At the graduation party, captain sakurada asks mikami for one more try at bowling. Mikami smiles and approves.
And suddenly all the trainees disappear. Yoko appears and announces they want to go away with a bang. She reveals a band with all the trainees in it, and they play away. Mikami shakes her head "I can't believe it". But everyone starts dancing away..

Last part: Someone with messy appearance runs past Yoko asking where the training centre is and that she's late. This reminds her of her first day as a trainee.. and in the end she says :" Gabare-yo!! "

E: Funny ending.

My thoughts: I really like this series as it gives so much insight on the aviation industry. I enjoy the cabin attendants training, and their interaction with the pilots, and the engineers. It's so cool, that when i first watch this drama, i wanted to sneak into the airport and see it for myself. Very enjoyable and it had so many funny and interesting characters to keep you entertain for all the episodes!! The only setback i thought was that Shota was quite sedate in his acting, and a little wooden..

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