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Kdrama : Boys Before Flowers/ Kgotboda Namja Ending

Wow..this series has really come to an end. I think I have never seen such a huge following for any other dramas in these few years. But, it does benefit from the past versions, as they had already establish a huge fan base.

The last 2 episodes of this version however, was really jam packed with storylines. So far, it has been revealed that Jun Pyo's mother has had her invalid husband (bedridden, unconscious) hidden even from her children, thus rendering her a wicked mother. Ji Hoo also confessed his love to Jan Di, and even giving her the heirloom, a ring. Jan Di however, rejected him, stating that she still loves Jun Pyo. And then, Jun Pyo saves Ji Hoo from a speeding car (a lunatic plotting revenge against Shinhwa group, who mistook Ji Hoo as the heir). At the hospital, where Jun Pyo receovers, but has selective amnesia, and can't remember Jan Di. Meanwhile, Jun Pyo befriends another patient, Jang Yu Mi, and mistakes her for the girl he has forgotten.

We have also a bit of Ga Eul-Yi Jung story, whereby Yi Jung wanted to tell her something, but she goes ahead saying that she understands his feelings, and will not look for him anymore.

Ok, here is the ending, the last episode,

It starts off with Jan Di delivering a lunch box to Goo Jun Pyo while he is sleeping. She stares at him and then says " Goo Jun Pyo will remember Jan Di" as if saying a spell. After she leaves, Yu Mi comes in to see Jun Pyo. When she opens the lunch box, Jun Pyo tries the egg roll, and asks if she was the one who prepared it. She mumbles a yes, and say that she will make it again. Then, Jun Pyo concludes that she's the one that he has forgotten, the very important person.

At the restaurant, Yi Jung and Woo Bin delivers the news that Jun Pyo is discharged. Jan Di rushes off to see Jun Pyo. And Woo Bin leaves. But, Yi Jung stays back, saying that he has something to say to Ga Eul.

Yi Jung and Ga Eul talks in front of a furnace. Yi Jung says that he will start with the bad news first, as usual. He's going to leave the country, to sweden, for 4-5 years. Ga Eul replies that he will come back as an amazing potter, so it's good news. But, what's the good news then? Yi Jung says that when he returns, the first person he will look for is Ga Eul, that is if she hasn't found her soulmate yet. He looks a bit embarassed, but Ga Eul is smiling.

Jan Di bursts into Jun Pyo room, but catches sight of Jun Puo and Yu Mi. Jun Pyo remarks that Ji Hoo isn't here, and does Ji Hoo know that she's visiting. Jan Di gets angry, but Yu Mi invites her to have tea with them. When Jan Di sees them showing affection to each other, she gets angry and leaves. This time Jun Pyo asks her not to come back. Yu Mi then follows Jan Di out, and advises not to come back for the time being, and she'll help Jun Pyo remember Jan Di. Jan Di then overhears Jun Pyo asking Yu Mi to make the lunch box again.

She meets Ji Hoo on the way out of the house, but he doesn't want her to give up. So, he drags her to see Jun Pyo again, but they see Yu Mi leaning on Jun Pyo asleep.
Jan Di leaves the room, and when Ji Hoo catches up with her, Jan Di says that it's all over. Ji Hoo comforts her, and hugs her.

Yu Mi brings an exact copy of the lunch box, but after one taste, Jun Pyo says that this isn't the taste that he remembers. Yu Mi says she'll make it again. Jun Pyo then remarks that the girl (Jan Di ) bothers him, when she gave him a look, he feels uneasy. Yu Mi is upset and complaints that all Jun Pyo friends reject her, but she stays on for Jun Pyo sake, and cries. Jun Pyo feels bad.

Next, F3 meets Jan Di and shows an invitation of Jun Pyo and Yu Mi to a poolside party.
All of them are there at the party. Yu Mi then reports to Jan Di that Jun Pyo doesn't remember her and that she's sorry to her, as she has fallen in love with Jun Pyo, and he feels the same way. Yu Mi also says that she and him has an important announcement to make.

Yu Mi announces with Jun Pyo by her side, that both of them will study abroad the next month. F3 walks away, Ji Hoo takes Jan Di away, and leaves her by the poolside to get her a drink.
Jun Pyo walks by, and Jan Di asks if he remembers the necklace he gave her. No, he says. Jan Di asks him, if he can swim. Jun Pyo replies, no, he's terrified of the water. Jan Di then informs him, that he learnt how to swim because of his girlfriend, and continue describing him.
Then, she walks backwards, and falls backward into the water. She sinks, and stays under the water, while everyone runs towards Jun Pyo. Ji Hoo stops everyone from taking action and waits for Jun Pyo as he starts having flashbacks.
"Jan Di" he shouts, and jumps into the water to save her. She still doesn't gain consciousness and he gives her mouth to mouth. She opens her eyes, and asks if he remembers.
JP: " I'll kill you, if you scare me again" and later hugs her while Jan Di smiles.
Ji Hoo looks on blankly, and Yu MI leaves.

One night, Jun Pyo asks her to come out, and they talk about her going to medical school. Then, Jun Pyo tells her something, but Jan Di can't hear it because a motorbike passes by.

At the high school graduation, F3 waits for Jan Di. She arrives later and F3 request to dance with her. After that, f3 wonder where Jun Pyo is. Jan Di remembers that Jun Pyo said something before, and she guess that he'll be at Namsan Tower (just like their first date). She runs over there, and Jun Pyo remarks that she's late again.

He claps. and the tower lights up, and the whole area has a spectacular light display. Next, he drags her to the coffee machine, and buys her coffee (exactly like the first date) He then informs her that he has booked the whole place, and wants to show her the words he crave in one of the carriages. 'First Night together- Jun Pyo loves Jan Di' and says that she can't get married now. She only can get married to him.

Jun Pyo then asks Jan Di to marry him, because he has to go to America. He wants to try his hardest and save the company his way. He'll be there for 4 years.
JP: Come with me.
JD: I can't. I want to try my hardest to do what i want and acheive my hopes here.
So, go and come back. If you come back after 4 years and still are a cool guy, I'll think
about it again.

Jun Pyo accepts it, and says that if he loses her, he'll regret it. The carriage starts to move, and they kiss.

4 years later, Jun Pyo gets interviewed on tv, as he has been featured in 3 international magazines as a successful director. His Dad and Mum watches him in front of the TV, and his mother has a smile of approval. After a question on his personal life, he agrees that there's someone special in his life. His Sister watches him on tv too, from the managing director's seat (her mum's seat)

(I love this part)
Yi Jung emerges from the airport, and goes straight to a kids centre. He looks in and sees Ga Eul is surrounded by little kids, and she happily teaching kids to shape clay. He smiles at her, and says"you'll still using too much strength"
Kid 1: who are you? Are you our teacher's boyfriend?
Kid 2: Uncle, did you come from overseas?
YJ: Oh, how did you know?
Kid 2: From Sweden?
My teacher says that her boyfriends is in sweden.
GE: Oh, you can't tell him... and she smiles embarassingly and Yi Jung gives her a meaningful look.

Jan Di and Ji Hoo volunteers at a makeshift hospital. And later she talks to Ji Hoo. She says that Ji Hoo is already in the graduating class, and that she has tried 3 times, but still hasn't pass. Ji Hoo says that he can redo it. But, Jan Di replies that the reason he studied to be a doctor to take over grandpa's clinic. Ji Hoo remarks that that's not the only reason.

Later, a helicopter flies by, and Jun Pyo's voice is heard asking Jan Di to go to the beachside.
Jun Pyo tells Jan Di that he misses her and he's back to take care of her. Jan Di laughs and say that she promised to reconsider years ago, and not for him to take care of her.
Jun Pyo then kneels down, and shows her the rings, and asks Jan Di to marry him.
"I object to that" F3 appears and announces that.
F3 walks toward Jun Pyo and Jan Di, and all of them stand in a line, staring out at the sea, smiling.

R: Happy Ending

A little of what i think: Although I enjoy this drama a lot, I think they dragged the triangle love a bit too long. i was surprised i rooted for Ji Hoo and Jandi in this version, as opposed to Jun Pyo- Jan Di in other versions. I think it's because though I know that Jun Pyo really did like Jan Di from his heart, I didn't see that he supported her through bad times. Ji Hoo was always there.. and though he's quite cold at times (to other people), but he would always back Jan Di up. AND, Jan Di seems to understand him too.
The best part of this whole series is definitely Yi Jung and Ga Eul, they have both grown a lot in characters and i just like how they ended with both of them giving each other a chance.

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