Friday, April 10, 2009

Kdrama- Hello Miss Ending

For simplicity sake, and less typing, here are the short forms:

DG-Dong Gyu
SH-Soo Ha
HAD-Hwa Ahn Dang

Ok, starting from the last episode:

Grandpa discovers that the 2 were together in the house all alone( he was drunk, and she brought him back) , and threatens to tell the elders . He also wants to embarrass the elders, to exact revenge. But, DG says that they are getting married. SH is surprised, but agrees. However, grandpa says that he has a condition and he’ll approve the marriage. He tells SH to give up HAD.

SH is troubled and grandpa ridicules that she can’t married someone inferior to her. DG asks grandpa to stop and takes SH out of the room.

In the car, SH is worried that the clan elders will be mad, and drive her out. SH says she’ll make her way back to HAD, and then she realises that there is a way to get grandpa to approve. She goes to the factory and teaches DG the secret of making mandu the HAD way. Up to now, DG and factory cant find a way to make the exact mandu that his grandfather wants. SH finds the problem was with the dumpling skin.

DG is pleased that they have found the problem. SH says tto DG that she has thought about the situation before, if she would give up HAD for the man she loves. DG however says that she musn’t have to give it up, he’ll not want SH to be in a difficult position. And asks her to trust him.
DG goes to grandpa with the mandu, Grandpa is shock that this time they succeeded, but he still insists that SJ still abides by his wishes. DG promises grandpa that he’ll do anything, but asks grandpa not to take away HAD. Grandpa says it’s for DG good, as he needs someone to be a stable inner support at home, rather than make him run back and forth. DG tells grandpa to give the company to Chan min. Grandpa is furious that he gives up the company for a woman, and then says that it’s impossible for them to get married. DG decides to leave home, and goes to HAD to look for SH. DG tells SH that the mandus made grandpa very happy, but didn’t tell her that grandpa hasn’t consented.

DG and SH informs SH family members that they want to get married. Hal Mae opposes and asks if DG grandpa approves? DG says of course, and Hal Mae walks off in a huff.

SH is very happy that grandpa approves, and asks DG how he gain approval. DG makes up a story. And they promise each other to get married. SH asks DG to talk to the elders. But, DG said that he’ll stay around for a few days, then visit SH’s father and grandpa.

DG helps around the house, working hard, and the household members start to accept him as part of the family. But, DG sighs…not knowing what to do.

Hwa Ran receives flowers, and a little boy brings a parcel for her. “ Loving you, just as you are, every minute” She opens a box, of donuts that reminds her of her childhood. She once offered donuts to a little boy (Jun Yeong). She’s moved to tears.

Hwa Ran drinks while remembering that Jun Yeong once told her that he likes and thinks of the little girl at HAD. She calls him up, and angrily tells him that she stop using her old name, kkot bun, and that kkhot bun doesn’t exists anymore. But, Jun Yeong doesn’t give up.

SH receives a phone call from Chan Min. Chan Min tells her that he thought about her. As she’s about to tell him something, he tells her first that although he already proposed to her, that he still likes his old girlfriend. And then he hangs up. He mutters “goodbye”

Grandpa/ President starts to miss DG, and wonders why he doesn’t call back. DG’s sister wants to drag DG back to Seoul. On the way, she sees DG and SH together, and she’s very happy that they are enjoying themselves. She calls SJ to meet her alone.

DG’s sister tells SH that they look happy and when they get married, to contact her and that grandpa will one day understand. SH is really mad and confronts DG about deceiving her. She tells him that grandpa still opposes, and asks him to go back and get approval before he comes back. He objects, saying that it may take 1-2 years, or longer. SH doesn’t want them to have a bad start, she would rather give up HAD. DG firmly says no, as she has always protected it. SH feels that although she gives up HAD, doesn’t mean that she gives up her family. HAD is a precious place to her, but she wants to live happily with ther person she loves. “go and don’t come back till you get grandpa’s permission” SH says and leave.

Hal Mae hears the whole account and is quite furious that President makes things hard. She also hears SH crying in the middle of the night. Hal Mae leaves for Seoul and goes and scold the President.

Grandpa calls the clan elders all together for a meeting. DG and SH hears of it, and rushes off to the meeting too. Grandpa tells the elders that he’s here to beg for forgiveness. Everything he has done, including stealing the cow, he’s sorry. Then, SH bursts in and say “Anyway, we are still getting married”

DG: Please allow us to get married.

The rest of the elders said that they’ll never approve the marriage. Grandpa kneels down and asks for approval of their marriage. And grandpa tells the elders that he has committed the wrong, but that’s in the past, it shouldn’t affect the future.

Elder asks DG whether he understands that if he marries SH he has to be loyal to the family.

And Grandpa/President asks SH if she knows that she has to be part of their family too. All the elders approve after they say yes.

Next, groom’s party appear with cows and then approaches the bride party. They bow to each other. And the traditional marriage starts. 2 grandpas starts dancing around.

SH dressed in wedding hanbok, and asks where DG is. DG meets father in law, and promises him that he’ll take care of her. And later they do traditional rites, where the bride meets the bridegroom..

Hwa Ran calls Jun Yeong to bring her mother over to see her near HAD. When mother and daughter meets, they hug each other. Jun Yeong asks them to go for the wedding. Hwa Ran tells him that to forget everything and start all over again, and whether it would be possible. Jun Yeong agrees. And she introduces herself, as Khot Bun. And they smile at each other.

Back to the marriage, everyone claps, and the bride and groom smiles radiantly. The whole clan and guests then dances together.

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