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Jdrama-Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ending

Ooh…it’s so close to the end. So far, we now know at St Lucia Girl’s Academy, there are 2 groups. One on Lucia’s side a.k.a wicked side, and the other is on Mei’s side. Lucia wants to be the rightful heiress of the Hongo Family, and has tried all means to get rid of Mei. We have also seen that Mei has developed feelings for her butler, and vice versa. However, Kento her childhood friend has always helped her and has also confessed his feelings. And, her grandfather has made Lucia the sucessor, and commanded Rihito to serve Lucia. They are to go overseas and leave St Lucia, which makes Lucia really happy. However, in the end, Mei musters up her courage and fights for her butler. She challenges Lucia to a duel, which she accepts. If Lucia loses, she gives up Rihito and her place as successor. If Mei loses, she gives up Rihito, and leaves the school along with the rest of the class. (Tradition is the duel will be fought by the butlers) After all agreeing to it, Rihito gets shot in the arm by Tami (One of the silly loyal ones to Lucia :0)

The day of the duel:
Everyone gathers to cheer Rihito and Mei. And they wonder why Mei forgave Tami..
In Mei’s room, Mei is very worried about Rihito’s injury. But, Rihito smiles on. Mei hugs him and asks him to promise something.
At the duel, Shinobu (Lucia’s butler) attacks Rihito, and capitalises on his injury. Shinobu looks like he’s the superior of both. As Rihito gets more injured by the minute, Lucia asks Mei to admit defeat, if not Rihito will die in the end. But, Mei says that Rihito will not lose and that both of them had made promises to each other.

Mei: Promise me that you will stay with me forever.
Rihito: Please believe in me, if you do so, I’ll live up to your trust.

Lucia says that it doesn’t matter how much she believe in him, it’ll not work. Mei replies that if Lucia doesn’t believe in her own butler, she’ll hurt him. And Mei will not do the same, she’ll not lose. Mei declares that she’ll not give up Rihito, but Lucia orders Shinobu to win and make Rihito hers at all costs. At that, she pushes Mei to the floor, and takes out a knife to kill Mei.

As Kento rushes down to save Mei, blood drips on the floor. Shinobu has slashed Rihito on his back, and Rihito has his sword pointed at Lucia. He then pleads Lucia not to hurt Mei, as she’s the most important person. Lucia slumps down in disappointment. Mei tells Rihito to win the match. Rihito smiles and is determined to win the match. He fiercely fight Shinobu, and wins the match. Lucia then declares she loses.

Mei cries in relief, and hugs Rihito while everybody including Kento looks on. Meanwhile, Lucia and Shinobu disappears. When they find Lucia again, Lucia is on the verge of killing herself. And Shinobu intends to follow her too because he has affection for her. He’s devastated that she however has feelings for Rihito only.

Mei rushes in and stops Lucia from killing herself. Lucia says that no one needs her, but Mei hugs her and say that she’s thankful that Lucia has always carried the burden in the Hongo family, while she lived a carefree life before. Mei pleads Lucia to continue living, and be happy.

Mei becomes the successor, but hears that Kento is going to study abroad to gain a butler qualification. She marches in on the preparation of Kento’s farewell party by the whole class, and scolds Kento for not telling her that he’s going away. And he answers back on why he has to tell her? Rihito looks on. Mei declares angrily that he can go wherever he wants and storms off.

Back in her room, she reads the script for the inauguration ceremony, all are lies about her past, on how accomplished she is. And then Rihito asks if Mei will go for the farewell party, she asks him to go by himself. Before Rihito leaves, he remarks that Kento must have thought deeply before he made the decision.

At the farewell party, everybody enjoys themselves, when Kento looks around, Mei is not in sight. Mei is in her room ,talking to herself. “I should have gone for the party”
Meanwhile, Rihito looks for Kento, and they have a chat outside. Rihito says that it’s unbelievable that Kento is going abroad to study as he never wanted to do so before.
Kento explains that after he has seen the other butlers, he wants to do it. Rihito tells him that he has talent (he has??) and that he has saved them both. Kento feels that Rihito has got all the publicity, but Rihito says that he envies Kento as Mei has shown a different side to him. She can express herself freely and Mei feels that Kento is special. Kento then announces that he hasn’t given up on Mei, and just that he need to surpass him, and change Mei’s mind. Rihito also says that he doesn’t want to lose to Kento.

At the inauguration party, the committee from Hongo family gives Mei pressure to represent them well. (at this time, Kento leaves for the airport) Mei is feeling the pressure, and at the same time, is having a bad mood. Rihito tells mei that he’s the butler and can do anything she wants him too…

The inauguration party starts, Mei gives her speech in the school hall where it’s held. She starts off by reading the script, but then, closes the script book. She tells the crowd about her real past, and what she had been through in St Lucia, and how she has gain friends from the experience. She then concludes that being ordinary is not bad.. Suddenly, she says: “sorry” and backs off. All the Hongo bodyguards chases her, while all her classmates and butlers help them ward them off. Mei and Rihito runs out hand in hand, takes the helicopter to the airport.

Kento is about to board the plane, when he hears Mei calling. Mei and Rihito runs to him. Mei then says that she’s here to send him off, and that he has always help her all the way. She’s sorry that she didn’t attend the farewell party. Mei then wants to give a proper answer to Kento about whether she will accept him. Kento walks up to her, and gives her a tap on her forehead. He tells her to wait till he comes back, and he’ll express his feelings again. Although his feelings will never change, but her feelings may change. As Kento is about to leave, Rihito wishes him all the best.
Kento walks off with a smile.

(As credits roll)
Mei gives an update on everyone to Kento in a letter in her room. Rihito interupts her to correct her spelling, but Mei tells Rihito not to read her letter. Rihito then says that he’s curious on what she wrote to Kento. He tells Mei that if Mei were to look at another person, he would be upset, so, do not do that. He then lightly kiss Mei on her lips, but tells her that it’s a secret, as butlers and their ladies are not allowed to fall in love. Mei nods in amazement.
Suddenly, the whole class bursts in on them, and finding them acting strangely, they conclude something must be going on. So, they surround Mei and asks all sorts of questions, while Rihito looks on smiling.

My thoughts:
When I first started off watching this series, I was a little put off that it had quite an unusual setting. But it just grew on me, and I really like it in the end. It has a simple story line, but very entertaining to see whether Mei could accept this extraordinary situation, or go back to her own life. And to see if Rihito and Mei could see that they were going past butler-lady relationship. I was also a little torn halfway whether Kento should get the girl as he’s more forthcoming with his feelings, while Rihito suppress everything. But, I am satisfied with the ending as at this moment, Mei seems to be happy with Rihito. As for the future (or a future SP) when Kento comes back, it’s fair play again!!

Ending: H

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