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TWdrama-Starlit Ending

Ok, we'll in for a heartbreaking ending, if it's to end realistically.This drama has so many ups and downs, it's a little depressing, but at the same time, it really shows how to cope with people around us with illness.. the keyword PATIENCE!!

Before, Xiao Lu has requested to see Ah Yue's home town, and also to see him reunited with his mother. So, it starts of with Ah Yue telling Shi Chuan that he's taking Xiao Lu back to Taiwan, though for her to be on a plane will be a bit challenging. Xiao Lu's father looks at the medicine, and is a bit worried for her. But, Xiao Lu reassures her father that AhYue will take care of her.

They arrive at the airport, and Rui Shan and Shi Chuan are there to welcome them. Rui Shan is a bit floored by the fact that Xiao Lu's on a wheel chair. Xiao Lu cheerfully says that she can move faster on a wheelchair.

At Ah Yue's mother's house, they greet Cheng Ma Ma, but, she gives them a cold look, and says nothing. That night, Cheng Yue and Xiao Lu look through childhood photos together. Mum comes in and sternly asks them about their sleeping arrangements. Mum also asks them not to go to the restaurant the next day. Later, she leaves a blanket for Cheng Yue on the sofa.
Xiao Lu feels that it's also not convenient for her to be at the restaurant with all the customers around, and tells Ah Yue to stay and help his mother.

Xiao Lu asks Rui Shan to go and do some sightseeing. Rui Shan is sorry for her past behavior, and Xiao Lu is willing to forgive her. Rui Shan also has finally concluded that she will be happy with Shi Chuan.

Back at the restaurant, Ah Yue cooks fried rice for Mum. Mum eat, while Ah Yue looks on. Ah Yue then confesses that his mother was right that being with Xiao Lu is hard. There were many time that he thought he couldn't take it anymore. He undersstands now why mum opposed at first. And " Back then, when i was hurt, i called to ask you to help me, because i knew mum has raised me from young, and needed much more courage than me. " Both swallow down tears.
Mum holds his hands..

Rui Shan asks Xiao Lu where she wants to go. Ah Yue and Xiao Lu goes to baseball field where he always went before as a child. Ah Yue shows his skills on the baseball court, while she looks on happily. Mum also appears to see her son playing the court, arranged by Xiao Lu and Rui Shan.
She smiles in approval.

Xiao Lu calls home to talk to dad, and tells dad that she's ok, Cheng Ma Ma is treating her well, and everybody is taking care of her very well. Dad comes to the conclusion that Cheng Ma Ma is still ignoring her, but says that silence doesn't mean angry. Mum overheard the conversation, and stares ahead.

Early in the morning, Ah Yue has already gone to the market to buy ingredients for Mum. Mum is touched. A woman employed by Rui Shan comes to help Xiao Lu, to give her a bath. But Mum declines.

Xiao Lu wants to learn how to make dumplings from Mum, and she teaches both of them. They enjoy themselves tremendously. Mum also starts to show affection to Xiao Lu, wiping off the crumbs, helping her bathe. And they bond..

Mum tells Ah Yue that Xiao Lu has always written to her, at first in Ah Yue's name. Mum says that she feels sad for Xiao Lu, but is grateful that Xiao Lu helped her understand that no matter what Ah Yue does, all she wanted was that Ah Yue is happy. She asks him to take her to Ah Yue's father grave to pay their respects. (means that she has accepted her)

Ah Yue asks Xiao Lu to marry him and continue breathing for him. She accepts, and says "for you, i will"
Ah Yue asks Xiao Lu's father for his formal permission. Father says that she may not be able to take care of him and his mother. But, Ah Yue reassures him, he'll take care of Xiao Lu. So, Father tearfully gives his blessings. And then Ah Yue shouts "We'll be happy!!"

Rui Shan picks a wedding dress, and Shi Chuan jokingly says that she has skipped a step from being a fiancee, directly to being a bride. Rui Shan replies that it's for Xiao Lu. Rui Shan says that Xiao Lu's situation doesn't allow her to prepare for her wedding, so she wants to get her a wedding dress. Everybody including Ah Yue and Xiao Lu's colleagues starts helping out too.

The wedding will be held in Shanghai, and everybody is excited. Xiao Lu's father is also very excited. So, when the couple arrives in Shanghai, they look for her father in the park, where he's taking wedding pictures. Ah Yue goes to buy a drink for Xiao Lu, and she waits for him while watching her father from a distance. Suddenly it rains very heavily, and Xiao Lu falls down when her wheel chair slips. While she's on the ground, she hears Ah Yue calling out " Xiao Lu! Xiao Lu!" He franctically looks for her.

She can't help herself, but lies on the ground. When Ah Yue finds her, he picks her up, but she's already unconscious. He shouts :" Dong Ba" (Xiao Lu's father's name) "Anyone around"

Doctor tells Dong Ba and Ah Yue that the sickness has worsen, it has spread to the lungs, her breathing has problems. Cheng Ma Ma rushes to the hospital.

By Xiao Lu's bedside, she tells all her friends all around her last messages. She tells Cheng Ma Ma: " When the time comes when i can't talk to Ah Yue, please hug him tightly for me." Rui Shan presents her the wedding dress and asks her to wear it soon.

To a crying Ah Yue: "tomorrow, I'll marry you. Tell me, what kind of wedding will it be?"
Ah Yue: " you'll wear a beautiful gown, i'll bring you lots of happiness. Your father will hand you to me, and i'll say for good or bad, whether you're healthy or sick, i'll accompany you for the rest of your life. And then, after that we'll go on our honeymoon, and look at the stars"
Xiao Lu: " When I stop breathing, remember to look up at the stars..Whenever you breathe, remember that Xiao Lu loves you so much"
Ah Yue, crys and say "I'll"

And we leave the bedside scene...It then shows a footage of a wedding where everyone is smiling happily, Ah Yue and Xiao Lu faces each other and kisses in the church. Everybody claps.

3 days later, Xiao Lu's illness worsen, and she passes away.
Cheng Ma Ma looks up into the sky..
Ah Yue goes to Shanghai to see Dad, and finish 3 months of advertising work.
He remembers Xiao Lu saying "Dont worry, just go forward"

Oh dear, tragic...sob sob

R: sad ending

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