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ToGetHer/ Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi Ending

This is the GTV ending, i was quite disappointed with the CTV editing in the first few episodes, and switch to watching the GTV version. I'm happy to report that it makes more sense and has nicer moments. The GTV ending was a 2 hour one, and would be maybe 10 pages long, if i do it sentence by sentence accurately. So, will write about the important parts for the first hour, and will do a detailed one for last hour of the episode.

So far, we have seen that Mo Mo has finally accepted Mars feelings, and come to a realization that she really loves Mars. It's really sweet to see Mars treading carefully to persuade her to accept him, and also reasuuring her that her biggest fear of being alone will never reoccur anymore, that's because he will always be there. When it seems that they are finally happy together, Mars loses his mother who was in hospital, which comes as a shock to him. He disappears, and ends up with Mo Mo. He then tearfully reminices about the memories of his mother, but starts creating memories with Mo Mo instead. Their relationship gets deeper, and they appreciate each other even more. However, Mo Mo sister, divulges the secret that Mars in in her house, and therefore the press goes wild with the report. Tony gets really mad, as he insists that this will waste Mars efforts of the past year. He suggests twisting the situation with a press conference, and announcing that Mo Mo is Yi Zhi (manager) 's girlfriend. At that, Mars marches off angrily. Later, he tells Mo Mo the situation angrily, but Mo Mo asks him to understand them. Mars then tell Mo Mo not to give up whatever happens.

Jia Sen gets ready to confess to Mo Mo as its going to be Valentine's Day, and does it the night before. Mo Mo is a bit excited (in her own subdued way) because Mars has promised that this day will make her the happiest person. Mars has also asks her to meet her at Mo Tian Lun (taiwanese london eye). Mars meanwhile is also facing pressure from press and also fans on internet. He shrugs it off meanwhile and puts in all effort to buy Mo Mo a necklace "casaba star" from the comic that Mo Mo likes. Suddenly, he gets knocked down by a car.

Mo Mo sister rushes to get Mo Mo and goes straight to the hospital. The press swarm in on Mo Mo, and with her classmates leading on, all blame Mo Mo as the cause. Tony too is unhappy that Mo Mo has turned up, but Yi Zhi pleads on behalf of her. Mars is really happy to see her, and hands her the present.

Apparently the hit and run driver is a crazy fan who's angry that Mars has a new girlfriend (Mo Mo) instead of his duet partner. Tony hears that Mars has to have physiotheraphy for 6 months, and he's upset cause Mars has to withdraw from his drama and concerts. Mo Mo visits Mars, but Tony says that Mars' injury has incurred losses. He asks her to think whether they can sacrifice for their relationship. He emphasises that they are from different worlds, and that no one will give their blessing to them. It will be too difficult for them. Mo Mo thinks about this very deeply.

Mars wonders why Mo Mo doesn't visit him anymore. He finds out from Yi Zhi about Tony's warnings. He gets Yi Zhi to get Mo Mo to come to the hospital. At first, he says grumpily why she doesn't even pick up her phone. Then, he tells her they will still be happy even though all odds are against them. Tony walks in just at the moment. (Tony has perfect timing!! )

Mars then tells Tony not to cancel the concert, as it's very important to him. (4 months) Mars say that he'll finish physio and get back on his feet. Tony doesn't believe it, but Mo Mo reassures him too. Yi Zhi too cannot believe his ears as the doctor says at least 6 months is needed, but Mars smiles at Mo Mo and says :" we can do it" and Mo Mo grasps his hand.... awwww..........

Mo Mo is worried about the fans reaction to them, but Mo Mo concludes that Mars may not need her, but Zhuang Jun Nan (mars real name) needs her. Mars works hard, but is very anxious to get well. He gets frustrated after a while, but then Mo Mo appears to accompany him. She reassures him that she'll never be disappointed in him.

As days go by, Mars' condition improves. Mars is a bit worried that Mo Mo is tired and bored as she accompanies him everyday. But Mo Mo tells him that she wants to be with him.

Jia Sen mother calls to meet up with her and asks if she's going to england with Jia Sen. Mo Mo tells her no, and Jia Sen throws a tantrum. When Mo mo explains that she has to take care of a very important friend, Jia Sen throws her out of the room.

Mo Mo tries to explain to Jia Sen at school, but Jia Sen is really angry. He shouts at her and asks: "why do you like the bad guy?" "I can't like you, i hate you"

Back in his room, Jia Sen throws all his stuff on the ground angrily.
A knock on Mars room is heard. Jia Sen visits Mars. Jia Sen then asks: "do you really like Mo Mo?, you really like her right?"
Mars: "i really love her"
Jia Sen: "will you protect her?"
Mars: "yes, forever"
Jia Sen: "Good.... (walks away) I'll always hate you coz' I will always like Mo Mo"

Next morning, Jia Sen walks to school with Mo Mo, just like old times. He keeps quiet till the end, he tells Mo Mo that he'll not hate her. Mo Mo assures him that they'll always be good friends. Jia Sen asks if it's possible that they are friends if she likes Mars. But, Jia Sen says that he'll always like Mo Mo.

Yi Zhi brings Mo Mo to the seaside, and they watch Mars push away his crutches, and walks toward them. Mo Mo gasps and runs toward him to hug him.
Mars tells Tony that he'll be ready for the concert, which will be in 1 month.
Mo Mo comes in and Tony asks Yi Zhi to leave with him, and not disturb them.
Mo Mo then tells Mars that Jia Sen will always be her friend forever. Mars' face changes at frist and then he says, oh, that Jia Sen will always be his friend too!

Mars practices dance steps for his concert and Mo Mo walks in to see him. He's delighted, but is asked to concentrate :)

Mo Mo makes a special drink and takes it to Mars. But, Mars is busy practicing, and has photo shoots one after another. At the end of the day, she takes the drink back and pours it into the sink, thinking that the time to accompany Zhuang Jun Nan is over. And whether with her around, it will create more problems for Mars.

The day of the mini concert arrives. Mo Mo takes a bunch of flowers to see Mars, and wishes him all the best. She also says in a very quiet way that he looks good, and helps him to calm down by touching his face, she thinks aloud. "I really really love him, i wish that he'll never be alone, even if i can't be with him in the future" And, she kisses him.
He's surprised but even more surprised that she's crying. Mars then tells her that he'll look for her no matter where she's in the crowd.

The concert starts off with a bang, and the crowd loves it. Before he begins with the second song, he tells the crowd that there's someone who was with him while he went through hard times. He has a special song for this person, and shouts out the name. But, Mo Mo is not in her seat!!
Mars walks to a door and leads Mo Mo out, and sings to her.

In the end, when he concludes that the song is called :"Mo Mo", and the composer is him. And they hug, while everybody looks on approvingly.

(Mo Mo's thoughts)"i'm so happy, i found my prince"

Mo Mo and Mars walks into Mo Mo house hand in hand. Mars remarks that everything looks the same, even his room. At this Mo Mo reads him the house rules (very cute) including:

Prohibited to bring opposite sex into the house. (which mars says that doesn't include you, right?)
At the same time, Mo Mo's sister rushes in to announce there's a crowd outside.
They look out, and it's a crowd for Mo Mo!!

My thoughts: Wow, i thought it was boring at first but by the 2nd episode, i was hooked on it. Jiro really acted really well in this, and i don't really understand why the series didn't do well in taiwan. The script was well written, executed very well, and beautifully. The only flaw was there were a few parts that could be a bit faster, but the cute moments make it a must watch drama. Oh, and it was a perfect ENDING!!

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