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TWdrama-Hot Shot/ Lan Qiu Huo Ending

The Last Episode starts off with Li Ying (or called W by the other students) and Da Ying almost leaving to find the secret weapon (special butterfly technique). Dong Fang Xiang confronts him, and asks if he came back to join the team so that make them lose, and make Dong Fang Xiang give up Jie Er. Dong Fang Xiang then says that he can give Jie Er up, if that's what he wants. Da Ying is furious that he takes Jie Er for granted and hits him a few times. In the end, Dong Fang Xiang confesses that he just muttered nonsense so that Da Ying could take his anger out on him. Dong Fang Xiang knew before that Da Ying has been struggling to know that the one that caused pain to his grandmother is Dong Family, and Dong Family owes a lot to Da Ying. He wants Da Ying to let out his anger at him. But, Da Ying asks DFX to take care of Jie Er, and there's cancelling the debt.

W and Da Ying look thru all of grandmother's posessions to find clues to the special technique. Qiu Kui a.k.a Jie Er helps Pi Li Dui improve their skill, but they are have no confidence against the team (DFX's grandfather's SPECIAL TEAM, studied all the methods, and have even mastered DFX miracle shot). DFX says that the only method is to push themselves beyond limits. But there's only 1 person who can push DFX to the limits, his nce sworn enemy, Can. Can appears, and offers his service.

Can uses all the hidden dirty tricks, including injuring and hitting DFX, to make him find a way of defeating an enemy with the same tricks.

W wonders how Grandma trained Da Ying her special technique. At the same time Da Ying discovers that the Golden Ball that grandma gave to him bounces in different directions. W then realises that the technique lies in controlling the ball which randomly bounces away. She asks him to practice till he finds a way to do so.

Meanwhile, Can gives up as he can't push DFX to his limits. Can feels that DFX has to face his fears on court, he needs a bigger pressure on him. So, Qiu Kui and Can team up to fight against DFX. They used te violent street method, which inflicts more pain and makes him more injured.

DFX gets beaten up and faints while Jie Er cries watching it.

W finds a flaw in the training, in the real competition, all the balls doesn't react like the golden ball. So, what else is there to the technique. She then finds out that Da Ying has been train to dodge grandma when she chases him with the cane. (err...ok?) And if Da Ying can dribble at the same time dodge all his opponents, then, that's the method.

On the day of the match, everybody is nervous. Can appears too as part of the team, and Da Ying not knowing that Can has defected to their side, protests against him. After clarifying, Dong Grandpa comes in with his specialized trained team which includes Wu Ji Zun, Wu Ji Wei, and a few other known top players.

The match begins and Wu Ji Zun thinks it's easy to guard and beat DFX. But, DFX changes his tactic and technique, which makes it hard for him. Whereelse Wu Ji Wei completely beats Da Ying using rough methods.

The match goes on, but looks like Pi Li Dui (DFX's team) is losing strength as time passes, and the opponents seems tireless and gaining points. W still doesn't give her permission to use the secret weapon. Half time, and Pi Li Dui is shattered, while the opponents seem to be happy.

Can asks to join the team, but is rejected. DFX is dismayed that he's beaten, and the marks are really far apart. So, W gives her permission to use the secret technique.

Da Ying successfully stumps everybody with his technique, and gains points as time passes. There's no way the defence could block it. With a small margin of 4 marks..the opponents get worried.

Meanwhile, W condition worsen (she has last stage cancer), and Dong team comes out with a way to win the competition. They change the members, and manage to block Da Ying when he's in the air. Dong grandpa smiles in approval, and thinks to himself that he has the perfect team.

Pi Li Dui panics, but W uses the most basic triangle strategy. and use pure sheer will to win. This time, Can will be part of the team. The score ties up.. And the last 10 minutes, DFX limps off the court during a break. W realises it, Jie Er notices it, but DFX doesn't want to give up. At 89-86, DFX gets called out by grandpa, who wants to stop the match. He's willing to let DFX called off the game, and fulfull DFX wishes. But, DFX rejects the idea, as grandpa has always wished to create a dream team, and showcase it.

The last moment, Da Ying passes the ball to DFX and he does a long shot, which ends the game in a tie. Wu Zun then walks to face DFX and gives him a look which says:

"this is a match which will not end unless someone is sacrificed"

DFX then thinks aloud "no, i will sacrifice"

Da Ying then replies with a look but no words" both of you will live, and DFX, you're suppose to take care of Jie Er"

3 of them then jump into the air to catch the ball, and W falls to the ground while flashbacks of how the team started starts.

'everyone is a winner on the court'

And it ends when the 3 in the air touches the ball....The End..

My thoughts:

I think the ending is too symbolic to call it a good ending, it's very open. W faints in the end, but most likely it means that she has passed away, thus sacrificing herself to help the team become a powerful one. I completely am puzzled over the last part of spilling blood and you die, or you live part. But other than that, i think i quite like this series. I love that they had all sorts of teams coming out with surprises to beat Pi Li Dui, especially the twins or more effect. COOL!! And the mysterious Qiu Kui, though you could figure it out in the middle. The grandfather and his dream team plus using it to push his grandson, was a little odd, but oh well.. .SO, all in all, I would say that it gets a place in the good TWdrama category..

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