Sunday, May 3, 2009

TWdrama-Hot Shot/Lan Qiu Huo Synopsis

Episodes: 16

Jerry Yan- Dong Fang Xiang
Show Luo- Yuan Da Ying
Zhou Cai Shi-Jie Er
Coco Jiang-Li Ying
Wu Zhun- Wu Ji Zun
George Hu-Wu Ji Wei

This tells of a country boy, Yuan Da Ying who is crazy about basketball. He's an enthusaist and watches and learn from the tv, but his grandmother, only surviving relative, bans him from playing basketball. Later, his grandma passes away and he goes to a school where the headmaster owes his grandmother a favor.

In this school, the basketball team is a no show. However, with Da Ying in the school, and Li Ying a known basketball coach/strategist (also headmaster's daughter) back, the basketball team has a chance of revival. At the same time, a legendary basketball player, Dong Fang Xiang transfer in too. Along with a few other members, they aim to make the basketball team excel. The problem is Da Ying has no skill!! And there seems to be 2 mysterious brother team, Wu Ji Zun and Wu Ji Wei who's tracking their progress especially Dong Fang Xiang,

The romance part: Yuan Da Ying falls for Zhan Jie Er, a fellow student who resembles his childhood friend. But then, Jie Er is also Dong Fang Xiang's childhood friend. So, the question is will Da Ying and Dong Fang Xiang ever be friends? And who will Jie Er be with?

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