Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Karl ! Oh Soo Jung Ending

Before the last episode, we saw that Karl/ Man Soo in US. He went to US after Soo Jung said that she couldn't forgive him for the lie and trap he set for her before. Because of that, Man Soo was heartbroken, and stayed in US for a year. He's not doing well as he lost most of the tournaments, and lost his sponsors. Now, he's doesn't even have enough to support himself. However, his friend, Daniel informs him that there may be a job for him in korea. Reluctant to go, Man Soo declines. His friend then tells him that Soo Jung is using his phone that he lost at the airport before leaving Korea.

Man Soo, in a desperate financial situation, agrees to go back to korea. He meets Soo Jung coincidently in the lift, and is speechless. Soo Jung is upset and tells Man Soo that he is in such a pitiful state. After they separate, Soo Jung cries in front of Woo Tak (the ex-con artist turned rich executive).

After a year, Soo Jung is still struggling in selling her designs. But, Dae Soon (a.k.a evil girl) is now a high position jewelry expert in the home shopping network. She looks down at Soo Jung, when Soo Jung attempts to sell her stuff on the network.

Meanwhile, Woo Tak has turned a new leaf, in a honest attempt to win Soo Jung, but realises that she only likes Man Soo.

Later, when Soo Jung's mother (dementia) runs away to Man Soo old place, remembering that he was a familiar face, Soo Jung finds out that Man Soo was about to propose to her a year ago, and Man Soo finds out that Soo Jung wanted to stop him from leaving a year ago too.

At that Man Soo proposes to Soo Jung again, he wants to stop missing chances. But Soo Jung lays down a rule: he has to win first place at the next championship. Soo Jung says she wants a better man, so he has to prove it to her. Man Soo promises he will, and if he can't win, he'll leave forever and will not appear again.

Dae Soon sabotages Soo Jung's sale at the the home shopping network. Soo Jung makes a huge loss because of this and reports it to the president, Daniel. However, she makes a shocking discovery. The person who bought over the jewelry store that Soo Jung works at is Man Soo!!

Soo Jung is upset that for the whole year she has been using Man Soo's money, while saying that she will not forgive him. But, Man Soo says that he's the one who willingly devoted his life to her. And that he trusts her with the shop, and will win the next tournament.

Man Soo exercises and trains hard night and day. Woo Tak informs Man Soo that Dae Soon is very cunning, and tells him to be careful. At that moment, Dae Soon meets Soo Jung. She tells her that she'll take all the jewelry that Soo Jung has in exchange that Soo Jung quits the jewelry shop. Soo Jung tells Dae Soon to forget it, and do not separate them. Dae Soon scolds Soo Jung, and Man Soo overhears the conversation. Man Soo confronts Dae Soon, and tells her to stop it.

Young Ae, Soo Jung's good friend (formerly rich wife turned divorced) works under Soo Jung. When her ex-husband proposes again, she turns it down, citing reason that she doesn't want to be verbally abuse again. In fact she likes Man Soo's manager.

Woo Tak goes in disguise to the home shopping network, and checks the designs of Dae Soon. He takes it back and he and Woo Tak discover that Dae Soon has been copying Soo Jung's designs and selling it to the network herself. Fortunately, Soo Jung has registered all the designs.

When confronted, Dae Soon replies that she will fight to the end.

The next day, Soo Jung goes to the network, and finds out that Dae Soon has quit. She follows her home, and shows kindness to her, though Dae Soon is mad with her. She's sorry that it may be partly her fault.

Woo Tak confesses his feelings to Soo Jung. But, he knows that Soo Jung wants to be with Man Soo. So, he thanks her for being a friend, and will stop their friendship.

Man Soo competes in the tournament. His strongest opponent, Andrew has the biggest advantage and Man Soo does well, but not good enough. At the press conference, Man Soo says he's disappointed. Soo Jung appears and proposes to Man Soo! Man Soo accepts and hugs her! The press has a field day!!

On the wedding day, Man Soo asks to close the door after the ceremony starts (Soo Jung has runaway twice). And they exchange rings. Man Soo's manager and Young Ae ends up together.

Back home, Soo Jung reprimands him for only getting 27th place. But, they smile at each other, and walk off happily. They tell each other to love each other forever, and have a happy ending..

My thoughts: It's definitely a happy ending!! I really appreciate that it's very realistic, he didn't win the tournament, he couldn't have do that in just one day. And i like that she made the move first, as she was always the receiving end in the whole series.

My only complaint was that it was predictable by the middle of the series, and that Man Soo really didn't have any goals in life but to marry Soo Jung. I guess some call it romantic, but i think it's a little too naive..

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