Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jdrama-Atashinchi no Danshi Summary

Horikita Maki as Mineta Chisato

Okura Family
Kaname Jun as Okura Fuu
Okada Yoshinori as Okura Takeru
Mukai Osamu as Okura Sho
Yamamoto Yusuke as Okura Masaru
Seto Koji as Okura Satoru
Okayama Tomoki as Okura Akira
Kusakari Masao as Okura Shinzo

Chisato is a 20 year old homeless girl. She lost her mother at a young age, and has a useless father who left her a huge debt that she can't repay. Because of loan sharks that harass every single time, she disguises herself. Her friends are the community in the net cafe, or "net cafe refugees".

One day on the run from the loan sharks, she's rescued by a person name Shinzo. Later she finds out that he's a rich man who owns the toy business and wants her to repay him after he pays her debt. He has an unusual request, he wants to marry her. His reason is that he has a month to live.

She agrees reluctantly, and after a month, she thinks she has done her duty. However, Shinzo has tricked her into signing an agreement that becomes the mother of his sons. Shinzo had adopted six good-looking sons with the hope of one becoming his successor, but all of them have strange personalities

If she doesn't want to fulfill Shinzo requirement, she has to repay the debt immediately. Finding herself out of choices, she tries to help each of the sons. At the beginning, first son, Fuu is already missing from the home. Takeru is the 2nd oldest and seems to be always fighting with Sho, the third son. Masaru is a model, but has a fear of women. Satoru has secluded himself in one part of the home. Shinzo the youngest, seems to be the one who is the most aloof. All do not want to interfere with each other.

So, how will Chisato get them to work together so that she can repay her debt?

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