Friday, June 5, 2009

Jdrama- Detective Galileo/Tantei Galileo Cases

This drama is really case-to-case based, so the ending is based on the case in the final episode.
Here's a short guide to the cases in the drama:
Episode 1- A group of youngsters who disturbs the neighbourhood daily at night gets a shock when 1 of their members' head bursts into flames and dies. This strange phenomeneon has never happened before. Utsumi bursts into Yukawa's lab to get him to solve the case. (this is really brillant, especially in the end in determining whether the offender is really guilty)

Episode 2 -A boy who has high fever sees a red car which supports a suspected criminal alibi. The problem is the boy claims that his soul flew into the sky and saw the red car which is by the riverside far away from his apartment. Yukawa doesn't believe in this nonsense, and goes out to prove that there's no such thing, with a fish tank!! Meanhwhile, Utsumi discovers that Yukawa excels in squash and looks good while doing that!

Episode 3- Yukawa's student asks Yukawa's help in solving the disappearance of his brother in law. Yukawa instead refers it to Utsumi. Utsumi talks to the agitated wife, Yayoi, and finds out that her husband went missing after he did his routine visits to the retirement village and to a certain old woman's house. She has also did her own investigation, and finds that the people living in the house now acts suspiciously, and exits the house at certain times in the night.

Episode 4- A girl gets killed in the pool. Police suspects that she died from heart attack. Yukawa suspects that it's homicide, but doesn't understand how it could happen. Meanwhile Utsumi meets a young ultrasonic expert, Tagami, who seems to be polite and very talented, and who happens to be Yukawa's student before. He gives her a free stay coupon at a hotel, and meets her there. But, Yukawa wants to stop it. Why?

Episode 5- A young girl sees her dad in the shed, and then also sees a ball of flame fly in the room. What's that all about? Her dad is then found dead in the hotel, and a person reports that he saw a ball of flame.

Episode 6-Utsumi's childhood friend, Sakaki, is accused of stalking a girl called Remi. And he claims that he has loved her even before Remi was born. He has also seen her before when he was young. He also received a message to meet Remi, but got caught by Remi's mother who wants him arrested as a stalker. And to top it all, Remi has never ever seen him before!!

Episode 7- A newlywed man, receives a call from his mistress and sees that she commits suicide in another room across his apartment. His friend, sees the situation and runs across to prevent it. But, the woman died when the police arrived. The weird thing is that this newlywed man, claims to have premonition, as he saw the whole scene a week before it happened. But, he didnt recognize the person at that time.

Episode 8- A woman at a cooking school was stabbed more than 100 times, and the last person seen leaving the school, fell to his death after leaping out of the window. The huge mystery that surrounds this case is that the victim's sister saw her sister at the time that the police found her dead. How is that possible? Utsumi finds out that Yukawa cooks very well in this episode.

Episode 9, 10-Fujikawa, was shot from behind and died thereafter. Later, his mother discovers that there is a silver aluminium mask that resembles her dead son, even the mask has the gun shot wounds. Yukawa recreates the mask using scientific methods. At the same time, Yukawa finds out that Fujikawa and other similar victim belongs to a company formed by his senior, Kijima. Yukawa doesn't want to divulge a secret.

In the end, Yukawa suspects Kijima, and Kijima challenges him by strapping Utsumi to a bomb that will set off a nuclear weapon that will kill half of japan.

my thoughts: Some of the episodes were very clever, but some were quite scary to watch at night!! The best was the first and the case of the newlywed man, the latter being a bit predictable, but yet brillant in the things they used. Wow!! I just realised that it's a 2007 series, and that there is a SP out early last year. It's set about 3 years before all this cases happened. There is only one small complain, and that though there were a few rare moments that you could see Yukawa and Utsumi relating to each other, there's ZERO romance in this series. But, then again, i guess i should just watch a k-drama if i want more interaction between the main characters.

R: Neither Happy nor sad...

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