Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kdrama-Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung synopsis

Episodes: 16

Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo / KarlUhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung
Kang Sung Jin as Jung Woo TakPark Da An as Yook Dae Soon

Oh Soo Jung is a well known for beauty and has many suitors. Go Man Soo is a plump (extremely) boy but good natured and wholly devoted to Soo Jung. He does everything, even throws away his dignity, washes the toilet in the girl dorm, disguise as a girl to take Soo Jungs place in class while Soo Jung goes on a date. Soo Jung irritated that Man Soo follows her everywhere, promises him that she will marry him if he passes the law school exam. Man Soo did it, but on the day before the wedding, Man Soo finds out he fails the last part before he becomes a lawyer (never happened in history before.) Soo Jung dumps him at the altar, and follows one of her suitor to US. Before leaving, she calls Man Soo to say goodbye, and when Man Soo threatens to die, she tells him to do just that.

With that Man Soo, vows to take revenge. He goes off to US and becomes a world known golf player, called Karl. After seven years, he returns to plot revenge on Oh Soo Jung. When Oh Soo Jung finds out that Man Soo is now worth millions, she goes after him. Man Soo doubts her sincerity, and gets a con artist, Woo Tak to act as a millionaire after Soo Jung, while he claims that he gambles all his money. Much to his despair, Soo Jung goes after Woo Tak, and Man Soo is determine to bring her down. He gets Woo Tak to woo Soo Jung, and if he succeeds in winning her sincerity, and dumps her at the altar, he'll give a fortune to him...

Meanwhile, Dae Soon, a demure girl and who works for Soo Jung falls for Man Soo. Man Soo also likes her personality as she's very polite and kind, the opposite of Soo Jung. Although he still has feelings for Soo Jung, he realises that Soo Jung is still going after Woo Tak's fortune. Dae Soon, outwardly demure, schemes to get Man Soo. And Soo Jung seeing that Dae Soon and Soo Jung are getting closer, feels uneasy. Will she give up her 'fortune' or go back to Man Soo? Will Man Soo carry out his revenge plan to the end, and ruin Soo Jung?

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