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HK-drama- ID Ching Ying/ The Threshold of a Persona Synopsis

Episodes: 27 (HK)/ 30 (Overseas)

Fong Family
Lau Kong as Chung Kwok Sing
Mary Hon as Chan Mei Ping
Roger Kwok as Fong Chun Kit 方浚杰
Ben Wong as Chung Chi Wing 鍾志榮
Toby Leung as Chung Chi Yan 鍾志欣
Claire Yiu as Cheung Si Man 張思敏
Iris Wong as Chiu Lai Man 趙麗文

Yip Family
Ha Ping as Lee Siu Kuen 李少娟
Yoyo Mung as Yip On Kei 葉安琪
Natalie Tong as Yip On Yi 葉安兒
Patrick Tang as Au Shun Fung 歐順風
Raymond Cho as Cheng Pak Yu 鄭柏宇
Kenny Wong as Wu Kit Shum 胡傑琛
John Chiang as Mak Kai Ming 麥啟銘
Power Chan as Leung Chi Lun 梁智倫

This series is about the Immigration Department of Hong Kong. Fong Chun Kit (Roger Kwok) is a very dedicated immigration officer at Luo Wu (the gateway of china and hong kong) and has a good friend Chi Lun in the same department. The first episodes shows him suspecting one who seeks entry, and turns out to be illegal. And he also finds out a pregnant woman who denies that she's not, and who is desperate to gain entry to Hong Kong. His Superior is very impressed by his performance.

Ah Kit's family
Ah Kit is also very happy that his wife, Ah Man has sucessfully applied for a visa that can enable her to come to Hong Kong after a long period of time, with their son, Ah Hei.

When everything's been arranged for the Ah Kit's family to move in to their flat with Ah Kit's parents, his pregnant sister in law decides wriggle her way in to the flat too. She takes over Ah Hei's room, despite protests by her husband Chi Weng.

Ah Kit's family consists of his father and mother, his wife and son, and his stepbrother, Chi Weng and his wife. Later on, he finds out he has long lost stepsister too, Ah Yan from NZ.

Shun Fung's family + Mak Kai Ming's family
Au Shun Fung (Patrick Tang) is the leader of the Immigration Department team centered mainly offshore. He discovers illegal immigrants on ships and boats. He loves his mother very much but his mother feels that he's very naggy. Shun Fung mother was detained at Luo Wu, and when claiming his mother, he meets Ah Kit and they become friends.

Shun Fung lost his father at a young age, but a good friend of his father, Mak Kai Ming, took care of the family. Mak Sir is the head of Investigation Unit of Immigration. He leads a team to catch illegals or people with visitor passes who work in HK.
He's successful in his career, but at home, he fails as a husband and a father.

Other People:
Ah Kit has a circle of friends, very close to him. They are Pak Yu, senior inspector CID, On Kei (Pak Yu's former girlfriend), and Chi Lun (mentioned above.) They meet very often, almost every night to have porridge, where they catch up.

On Kei is very independent and strong, and has a grandmother, and a little sister, On Yee. On Yee is now a university graduate but she has a daughter born out of wedlock, Sze Sze. On Kei takes care of all of them, especially Sze Sze. She also is close to the guys and she has a love- hate relationship with Pak Yu.

Later on...
Ah Kit has family problems, finds out his wife has a past that he may not be able to accept.

Shun Fung Mother tries to match Shun Fung with Ah Yan, but he seems to have a love-hate relationship with On Yee.

On Yee and Ah Yan gets a job at Luo Wu Immigration Office.

Mak Kai Ming's family breakup.

On Kei finds out that she may still like Pak Yu, and vice versa.

Pak Yu ascends in his ranks as CID, gets very aggressive.

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