Friday, July 17, 2009

HKdrama- ID Ching Ying/ The Threshold of a Persona Ending

The Last Episode started off with the discovery of a cd in the bushes. But, before that, just a little summary before I write about the last episode.

We have seen so far that Ah Kit and his wife are back together, after his wife decided to give the marriage another chance. On Kei is crushed that she and Ah Kit will have no future.

Meanwhile Pak Yu is blackmailed by former gangster head (Sok Fu Dong) with a cd containing video footage that shows Pak Yu accepting a bribe (setup). In order to pay the bribe, he accepts help from his good friend Ah Lun. Ah Lun goes around borrowing money, and in the end gets money from the loan shark.

 When the exchange happens, Sok Fu Dong is unhappy with the sum. Ah Lun gets into a fight with Sok Fu Dong, and Pak Yu kills Sok Fu Dong, and causes Ah Lun to be unconscious. (he ends up in coma) So happen Ah Kit's brother, Ah Wing finds the car and discovers the scene, but Pak Yu has already left. He makes up a story to cover his tracks.

Ok, now the last episode, Ah Wing suspects that Pak Yu is looking for some kind of evidence and tells Ah Kit and On Kei. Then, Ah Wing discovers a cd hidden among the bushes at the scene of the crime. Pak Yu, who is at the scene of crime, wants to get the evidence off Ah Wing, but Ah Wing keeps it, to officially register the evidence. Sensing that Pak Yu is going to destroy it, he sees Ah Mun (Ah Kit's wife) under the pretense of telling her something, and passes the cd to her. Later on, while Ah Wing and Pak Yu are in the car, Ah Wing tells that he has lost the cd. Pak Yu guessing what happened, pulls the brake, causing an accident, and incapaciting Ah Wing. He runs off to Ah Mun's place. Ah Mun meanwhile, watched the cd, and realises that it's important evidence. Ah Kit gets a phone call from his injured brother, and runs to Ah Mun's place.
At that moment, Pak Yu has chased Ah Mun to the highest level of the building. Then, he realises that Ah Mun has seen the cd.
Ah Kit arrives at Ah Mun's apartment, just at the moment when Ah Mun falls from above. She dies immediately, and Ah Kit is shocked and cries out.

At the hospital, Ah Kit and Ah Wing both shouts at Pak Yu, and hits him, accusing him of killing Ah Mun. Pak Yu leaves and tells the department head at the police station that Ah Kit and Ah Wing are distraught. And then, he comes up with another story and excuse to cover his tracks. He then breaks the cd, and finally feels relieved that he's safe.

In the ID Department, Mak Sir is accused of accepting a bribe from gangster head, Wu Sum. Wu Sum used Mak Kai Ming (Mak Sir's son) by employing him, and paying him large sums of money. Then, he said that this is to bribe Mak Sir. Mak Sir gets suspended. Kai Ming tries to settle it, but fails to. He runs away, but Mak Sir finds him and gets him to surrender. Kai Ming learns his lesson, and agrees to go to jail.

Wu Sum hears of Ah Mun's death, and sobs inconsolably for her (he really loves her from the beginning). Next, we see Pak Yu in his car, stopping at the trafic light. Suddenly a mannequin falls down and hits his car, and Wu Sum drives by and tells him that he will kill him.

Ah Wing discovers his gun has gone missing, and he and On Kei look for Ah Kit. They find him in a back alley near the police station, full of rage and on the way to kill Pak Yu. On Kei pleads with him to think about how Ah Mun and his kid will feel. And he finally realises that he has to use other ways to get Pak Yu.

A joint operation is called by Pak Yu's department and Ah Kit department to catch Wu Sum. Pak Yu is in charge, and when they see fake passports exchanging hands, Pak Yu still doesn't want to begin operation. He is insistent that he wants to see Wu Sum appear first. Suddenly Wu Sum appears, and operations start, with both sides exchanging fire.
When Wu Sum sees that he's cornered, he gets to Ah Kit's vehicle, points the gun at him, and drives off. Pak Yu angered that Wu Sum is gone, chases Ah Kit and Wu Sum. He knocks the car, and wants to force it into the corner. Finally he causes Ah Kit's vehicle to crash into a warehouse.
Ah Kit is unconscious from the crash, but Wu Sum struggles away. Pak Yu goes after him, shouting and threatening to kill him.

Wu Sum pounces on Pak Yu, and wants to have revenge on him. They beat up each other, but Pak Yu finds a gun and points it at Wu Sum. As he's about to kill Wu Sum, Ah Kit appears and points a gun at Pak Yu. Wu Sum tells Ah Kit to take revenge for Ah Mun, and Pak Yu tells him not to trust Wu Sum.

In the end, Ah Kit pulls the gun off Pak Yu, and points it at both of them. The police arrives and arrests Wu Sum. Ah Kit gets a phone call that Ah Lun has awoke, and rushes off. Pak Yu overhears the coversation, and rushes off to the hospital. Finding Ah Lun's meaningful gaze on him, he rushes off to the hospital rooftop. Ah Kit chases him there, and tells him to give up. Pak Yu realising that he lost everything, wants to shoot Ah Kit. Ah Kit tells him there's no way out now, and Pak Yu decides to kill himself, but Ah Kit intervenes and Pak Yu is arrested by the police.

The last scene:
Ah Kit is at Ah Mun's grave, and tells her the latest happening. He also tells her that there maybe a future with On Kei. On Kei arrives too.
At a BBQ party, Shun Fung and Ah Yan are a couple now. Shun Fung's mother is really happy, and Shun Fung sister happy about it too.
Mak Sir and wife gets a phone call from son in jail, who says that he'll be out earlier, because of good conduct.
Ah Kit arrives with On Kei happily and Ah Lun is there to welcome them...

My thoughts:
Ok, this is not one of the good police/ suspense stories from HK. It's predictable and sometimes certain things doesn't match. Why is it that Wu Sum is easily caught? He's after all a gangster boss! Why is it that Ah Mun has to wait till the second last episode to get back to her family, and then gets kill off at the end anyway....
Anyway, not very good series one please..


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