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Ok, at last we get to the last 2 episodes.

Oh wow, we get a twist at the end.

Yang Yong Joon (Yang Jr) offers to tell all at the press conference, including to resign as president candidate if Jini lets his father go. Jini contemplates, and agrees to it. She brings the gold along with Ji Woo to the address of the press conference, only to be attacked viciously. Jini smiles though as her bag supposedly filled with gold, turned out to be filled with clothes! And the ‘righteous’ Yang Jr announces at the press conference that he’s going to run as president without other funding except for the party’s . The police burst in on Jini and Yang Jr and their attackers, rescued them by taking them to the police. Jini says that this was Plan B with a smile. In the end, they escaped the hospital in the disguise of a doctor and a nurse.

Later, Kai reunites with Sophie. In wonder, they see the supposedly dead Hwang Mi Jin infront of them. Hwang Mi Jin informs them that both of them want the same thing, to take down Chairman Yang. They then realised that Hwang Mi Jin is working for none other than…. Yang Jr!! Yang Jr and Mi Jin also uses his men to kidnap Chairman Yang, and takes him to an isolated house with guards.

His son then informs Chairman Yang that he will be confined no, not till his presidential race is over, but until his term is over !!
Finally, Do Soo and his girlfriend, So Ran catches up with all the events. Do Soo also proposes to So Ran, but So Ran says she can’t feel his sincerity.

Ji Woo and Jini lays a trap to force Yang Jr to a confession which they can use as evidence. They call Do Soo along so that he’ll also tape the evidence, but he brings along So Ran.

Jini meets Yang Jr, and Yang Jr threatens her, not knowing that the conversation is taped. Yang Jr calls in his men which then fights Jini, Yi Woo and Do Soo. In the fight, So Ran sees that Do Soo was about to be stabbed, and takes the plunge to save him. She dies in his arms, and Do Soo breaks down in tears. Ji Woo finds out, and feels so guilty, but is unable to tell Jini.

Jini meets with a reporter, and tells him the story, but when she was about to reveal the gold, the gold has disappeared, actually stolen by nakamura and co.
Jini tells Ji Woo that she took one for safekeeping, and has left it with the most trustworthy person in the world. Ji Woo gets frustrated when she doesn’t want to reveal where it is, and she leaves him.
Meanwhile Kai goes to the foreign press about the whole story, and even goes to the extent to reveal that he was also an accomplice. Yang Jr is mad when he finds out, and calls for an emergency press conference. Kai then goes to the art gallery that Jini likes, and Jini walks in to.

They have a talk to clear matters, and she thanks him for what he has done. Kai still is in pain, but views it as closure for their romance. They hug each other for the last time, and Ji Woo arrives just in time to see it.
Ji Woo goes back to his office to clear his things and then a gold bar drops out when he pulls out a certificate picture. He runs off to get to the press conference.

At the press conference, Yang Jr emphasises that all the news report about him and his father involve in the gold scandal is all political slander. Jini arrives to take the stage. Yang Jr denies that there is any gold, and even accuses that she doesn’t have a gold bar. She reveals the recording of this conversation with her, and he still says that its fabricated. He orders for guards to drag her out. As they are doing so, Ji Woo appears and shows off the gold bar. But before he did that, he announces that he loves Jini, and would like her to accept his love. She says that she understands, and asks him to move on.Police arrives, and Do Soo informs Yang Jr that he’ll come after him next.

Kai and Sophie, who were at the press conference, part ways at the entrance. Kai asks Sophie to live her life and walks away, with Sophie standing with tears in her eyes.

Ji Woo and Jini goes off in the car, and they resolve to find the gold. Ji Woo know who took it, and is determine to go after it. But before they go after the gold, Ji Woo said that he needs to do something first, he puts his car on autodrive, and then kisses jini.

My thoughts:
The drama overall had an interesting storyline, considering that it’s only based on one major event, the missing gold bars. I actually like Kai and Jini together, and also Do Soo and So Ran were quite cute. I also appreciated Rain’s comedic expressions, it made me laugh so much.

I don’t really feel the love between Ji Woo and Jini, and don’t know what prompted it. Maybe it’s just something that build up? And I thought the drama had too many fighting scenes, many were unnecessary, especially when Do Soo and Ji Woo meet, they always have to fight before speaking.

And why did they have to kill off So Ran in the last episode….sob…

Ending rating: Half happy, half sad.

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