Thursday, September 15, 2011


II Jung has actually recovered from his illness, but has been pretending to be still sick to spy on his wife and manager Han. Later, he confronts both of them, and also accuses them of having a part in his mother’s death, which they denied. It ends with Manager Han pushing II Jung to the floor, and Ma Jun later confessing to his father what he saw as a child.

Yu Kyung is taking revenge to a higher level. Seeing that the family is breaking apart, she asks Ma Jun if he’s satisfied with the result, as he wanted revenge. Ma Jun cannot believe what he’s hearing. In Sook is about to fall apart, Yu Kyung openly instructs her mother in law to give up her position, and that she’s going to take over.

Ma Jun meanwhile has his issues too. He tells Manager Han, that a traitor to his father, is also a traitor to him, and he would not accept him.Ma Jun’s marriage life has been a mess to as Ma Jun since their first night of marriage life has been messing around, clubbing and not coming home, after all wasn’t it just a farce.
Takgu finds out about his little brother, drags him out of the club, teaches him a lesson in the kitchen. He tells him to grow up because he’s married. Ma Jun breaks down in tears and Tak Gu’s asks him to endure and continue living their lives.

Manager Han, seeing that he has lost everything, asks In Sook to leave with him as what he did was for Ma Jun and her. In Sook refuses and say she can’t live without her husband.

II Jung asks Manager Han to choose 2 options, 1 is an airplane ticket, or to the police.

Manager Han leaves the office. But unknowningly to II Jung, Manager Han has assigned people to kidnapped Takgu. Ma Jun receives a phone call that Takgu has gone missing, and tries to find out where Takgu has been taken.
Takgu is taken to the roof, where he meets Manager Han. After some words, Manager Han tries to push Takgu off the roof. Jo Jingu (formerly the one who lost Takgu’s mother while kidnapping her), gets to the roof just in time to see Manager Han alone. He hits Manager Han, and then discovers takgu hanging on to the side of the wall. He rescues him, and the police arrests manager han, while Ma Jun looks on. Ma Jun ignores the manager and asks Tak Gu’s wellbeing.

Ma Jun later visits Manager Han in prison, and says goodbye for the last time.
Yu Kyung is still continuing her act of revenge by embarrassing her mother in law and her family.

She tells In Sook that In Sook used to look down on her, and now there’s no power left in her.

Takgu visits the baking school, and talks to Mi Sun. He tells her that he knows that Mi Sun likes him, but he still wasn’t able to have 2 persons in his heart. But, in the future, he would like to have memories of her too.

Ma Jun on the other hand stops Yu Kyung from acting so crazily. He tells her that he loves her and that it’s his fault for pushing her to the edge.
Ma Jun and Tak Gu later convenes a meeting together, and let their older sister Gu Jakyung run the company. Ma Jun tells Takgu that he’s not blood related to him, but Takgu tells him that he will forever be his hyung.

Takgu tells Yu Kyeong to travel around the world with him to find out what he really wants to do. Yu Kyung agrees and they happily look forward to their life. Takgu continues to work at the bakery with his girlfriend Yang Misun . In the end, the wicked mother, In Sook is all alone at home, muttering to herself that she needs no one!!

My thoughts:
This is a very good storyline, a bit dramatic, but very realistic.
30 episodes went by very fast too...

Ending: Good ending

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