Thursday, September 8, 2011

KDRAMA- BAKER KING KIM TAK GU : The story so far...

Leading up to the ending.....

Takgu’s childhood friend Shin Yukyeong and Takgu meets. When they are about to start on a relationship, Majun plots to destroy it. Majun unable to accept that Yukyeong ignores him, and favors Takgu instead. When Yukyeong gets arrested on being an activist, Majun uses Yukyeong’s freedom as a bait. He promises to find a way of letting her go, but in exchange he has to give up seeing her for two years. So, Takgu concentrates on being the best baker in order to fight with Majun after two years.

Later , In Sook start getting threatening letters, and starts to fear that it’s from Takgu mom. Actually, t s later revealed that Takgu’s mom is not dead and that she is looking for Takgu. Her doctor friend, the one who’s caring for her, acts as her informant when he visits In Sook house for consultation.

Tak Gu meets his father, unknowingly to II Jong, and Ma Jun gets a shock when his father shows attention to him. However, Ma Jun still is jealous of Tak Gu.

Yu Kyung starts working in II Jong’s company, and incurs wrath of In Sook, who thinks she’s after Ma Jun. In Sook calls her to a Sunday family meeting, and plans to make her witness Ma Jun and his mother’s choice of a girlfriend. Ma Jun gets angry and drags Yu Kyung out.

Meanwhile, Takgu finds out that Ma Jun is his half brother. He’s shocked and realised that Ma Jun tried to destroy his and Yu Kyung’s relationship. He meets up with Yu Kyung, and they hugged.
Later, Ma Jun looks for Yu Kyung, seeing Takgu also near by, he pretends to kiss Yu Kyung and Takgu crumbles in tears. Ma Jun suggests revenge on his family by asking Yu Kyung to be his girlfriend. Yu Kyung finally agrees, and they put on a show for Ma Jun’s mother at a family dinner. His plan succeeds, his mother goes almost beserk. Unfortunately, Tak Gu was also invited, and was shocked and hurt that Yu Kyung is going out with Ma Jun.

II JOng, who also spent the past 14 years looking for Takgu, eventually finds out he is at the bakery and is furious at Majun for not telling him. He meets up with Takgu and is in tears when he eats Takgu’s bread. Later on, he gets a phone call from Takgu’s mom and meets up with her. II Jong starts regrets his action in the past, and later on confesses that he gave the instructions to separate mother and son.

II Jong thereafter collapses and goes into coma. Tak Gu gets a shock when he realises that his father has left all the shares of the company in his hands. He goes back into the company and family, braving all his opponents. He eventually impresses the Board, and also tries to rescue the operations of the Cheongsan factory.

Ma Jun threatens mother to allow him to marry Yu Kyung. He tells her that he found the bracelet that grandma has, implying that he knows that his mom had something to do with grandma’s death. Yu Kyung gets embarrassed by Ma Jun’s mom, but also approval of their wedding. Later, In Sook plots again to embarrass Yu Kyung, this time with her drunken father. However, Yu Kyung denies knowing him. Yu Kyung faints away as she recollect bad memories of her father beating her. And Ma Jun comforts her, and tells her he still wants to marry her.

Takgu finds out where his mother is, only to see her being driven away in a car. Tak Gu yells at the car, but unfortunately his mother doesn’t hear. Manager Han has kidnapped Mi Sun so that Mi Sun can transfer all the shares she has been collecting over to him. She manages to escape and Takgu tracks her down in time to rescue her. Tearfully, they reunite.

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