Saturday, December 10, 2011

TWdrama- Drunken to Love You醉後決定愛上你 THE STORY SO FAR

Their relationship progresses when Xiao Ru as Mrs supports Jie Xiu through a business crisis. She encourages him when he’s about to give up his career as a designer when a project almost comes to a halt. Jie Xiu catches Ai Wei cuddling with another model from her company under the influence of alcohol, and confronts her. He accuses her of not being there by his side while he suffered his crisis, while he has always been there for her for the last 10 years. He also tells her that the person who has been encouraging him is actually Xiao Ru. Ai Wei gets angry and breaks up with Jie Xiu.

Jie Xiu goes back home to find a drunken Xiao Ru reminincing her past with Yi Xian,. He’s fed up, and tells her to let go of the past. Xiao Ru cries, and Jie Xiu comforts her.

The next day, Jie Xiu surprises Xiao Ru with balloons, and tells her that he will lend happiness to her. They go to the holiday villa Jie Xiu is suppose to check for his next project, and Xiao Ru gets more surprises. JIe Xiu made prior arrangement for their room to be decorated with her favourite flowers, and later at lunch he has asked for the chef to prepare dishes that Xiao Ru created in her diary.
Unknowingly to her, Ai Wei and Rickie (the lead star of movie) is at the next table. Ai Wei gets upset , when she sees that Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru is getting very close.

She later sneaks in their room, and when discovered, accuses Jie Xiu of fooling around with Xiao Ru. Jie Xiu walks out with a huff after the confrontation, and Ai Wei warns Xiao Ru. Xiao Ru declares that she hates people taking her things, and she will not take Jie Xiu.

Xiao Ru decides to write a goodbye letter, but hides when Jie Xiu comes in. After overhearing that Jie Xiu says that Xiao Ru gave him happiness, seeing that Jie Xiu is enraged, and that he hurt himself , she bursts out. They kiss and the next day, jIe Xiu wakes up seeing Ai Wei beside him .
Since Jie Xiu doesn’t remember anything from the day before, he gets confused.

Later Ai Wei decides to go the press with her relationship when pictures of her and JIe Xiu gets to the press, but gets pressurized to back down from the director and her company. Rickie comes to the rescue by telling the press that he’s the one in a secret relationship with Ai Wei. Ai Wei concedes and denies Jie Xiu , and knowing her chances with Jie Xiu is gone, looks on tearfully when Jie Xiu walks off.

Xiao Ru has work related problems now. Her new boss fires her over a personal grudge, Jie Xiu suggests she relives her stress by doing her favourite thing, to eat a dessert at a restaurant. And when she did that, she got a call saying that she got back her job with help from Yi Xian nad her friend.
Jie xiu is anxious and after finding her, encouraged her. Xiao Ru is happy that he’s encouraging her. She tells him that Yi Xian and Peggy is getting married, and Yi Xian used that to get her back the job,

Although Jie Xiu is not pleased, they head out to buy groceries, and bond over it. Back home, Xiao Ru cooks up a storm, and Jie Xiu eats every piece of food. She’s surprised. Later, Jie Xiu also overhears a conversation, and mistakenly thinks Xiao Ru is pregnant.

JIe Xiu gets excited, and enrols for the expectant mother class with his assistant Tony .
Later Jie Xiu’s mother , unexpectedly arrives, and gets a shock when Jie Xiu informs her that his wife is pregnant . Xiao Ru also gets a shock!! Later, they have a talk, where Xiao Ru thanks him for accepting this non existence baby, JIe Xiu then tells her that he knows something fishy happened that night. (flashback, nothing happened, just that Xiao RU left, and asked Ai Wei to come to the room). Xiao Ru refuses to tell him, and asks him to stick to the contract.

Jie Xiu reminds Xiao Ru that as his contractual wife, she has to appear for an interview. The interview goes well, and when they pose for a picture, they really gaze into each other’s eyes.
Ai Wei is back in the house, as she wants to get another shot at getting Jie Xiu. But, Jie Xiu doesn’t succumb. Jie Xiu, when alone with Xiao RU, corners her and asks her if she likes him. She answers no, thinking about Ai Wei. He corners her again after she tries to struggle off, and he tells her “ I have decided to fall in love with you, and (pause) will make you fall in love with me”

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