Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TWDrama- Summer's Desire (Pao Mo Zhi Xia) Ending

The last episode:

Ouchen discovers a letter from Xiao Chen and hands it to Luo Xi. Luo Xi reads it out while filming, and after Xia Mo hears it, she believes Xiao Chen is telling her that he wants her to be happy. She faints thereafter.
In the hospital, the doctor announces that Xia Mo is pregnant, and Ouchen is so happy. Xiamo also says that she will be a good mother and also will take care of Ouchen.

Later, Ou Chen seems to be avoiding her. Xia Mo even tells her friend that she hasn’t seen Ouchen much lately. Even when Xia Mo tries to call Ouchen, he doesn’t pick up.
Ou Chen gets a surprise when he sees Xia Mo asleep on the couch in his office, and when he is by her side, she wakes up and shows him a picture.
Later, Ouchen is spotted buying baby stuff at the supermarket, and Xia Mo eventually discovers the baby room. When Xia Mo says that she knows Ouchen ‘s secret, Ouchen looks a little shock. And then, Ou chen also shows her another room, if it is a baby boy.
Xia Mo goes to the award ceremony without Ouchen, because he can’t go with her, and she wins the best actress award. Meanwhile at home, Ouchen watches the telly, and then leaves home after leaving a letter for Xia Mo. Xia Mo finds out that Ou Chen is leaving and rushes out .

On the way to the airport, Ou Chen’s letter is revealed. Part of I says that he knows that Xia Mo will remain forever by his side for the sake of the baby. However, he says that Xia Mo deserves to have a person she loves, and to spend the rest of her life with him, and to be truly happy. So, he didn’t want to be selfish and wanted to leave and give her the freedom.

At the airport, Ouchen was surprised when he saw that Xia Mo said when accepting her award that her husband was the one by her side every minute. Ouchen was happy but still wanted to leave.
Xiamo burst into the airport, frantically looking for Ouchen. Ouchen catches a glimpse of her, but still struggling turns his back and leaves. Xia Mo senses him, and rushes to see him.
She tells him that she has read his letter, and why he has to leave like that. Ouchen says that it is only by forcing her to be by his side, that’s him. Xia Mo then tells him, not to leave her, and that she wants him to know that she has fell in love with him, and that LuoXi is in the past.

Ouchen replies that if it’s a lie, it’ll be the most cruel thing she has done. She says to let her prove it to him.

We see Xia Mo at an art exhibition exhibiting Xiao Chen’s pictures. And later, Ou Chen takes her to take a stroll. Xia Mo and Ou Chen decides that next time they will take their baby for a walk. And suddenly Luo Xi appears with a group of kids, singing happily. When they look at each other, they are able to smile at each other, and finally they walk off in opposite directions.

My thoughts:
Oh dear, what a rollercoaster of emotions. I started off thinking I cannot stand Ou Chen, because he was just so controlling. But then, I couldn’t stand it later with Luo Xi was down and depressing all the time. Of all tw dramas I watched, this was really full of angst and emotions.
Having said that, I think I like how the Ou Chen turned out to be in the end, letting go unselfishly.

Rating: happy ending

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