Monday, October 10, 2011

Twdrama- Summer's Desire-THE STORY SO FAR

On the way to the last episode....

Luo Xi starts to strongly doubt Xia Mo’s love for him, as he feels that Xia Mo has struck a bargain with Ou Chen in order to help Luo Xi. More misunderstandings ensues, but when Xia Mo tries to explain and reassure Luo Xi, he’s upset that Xia Mo doesn’t avoid Ou Chen. In the end, he breaks up with Xia Mo. Even though Xia Mo hugged him and told him that she loved him, he just said he couldn’t trust her and left.

Xiao Chen has a serious illness. He’s kidney needs a transplant, or he may only last a few months. The only one who has a match is actually Ou Chen. So, Xia Mo pleads Ou Chen for a transplant for her brother. But, Ou Chen refuse and say he wants to pay back what Xia Mo did. Then, Ou Chen say he would do it under one condition, which is if she married him. Xia Mo tried to find other ways, but failed. Then, she had to rush over to hospital as her brother was in critical state. Ouchen who saw her suffering, say that he will do the transplant, but Xia Mo said that they should get married. Ouchen agreed and at that time, LuoXi heard about it.

On the day of wedding, Luo Xi stopped Xia Mo who was on the way to the church. Luo Xi said to XiaMo that if she will cry if he dies. After LuoXi leaves her, Xia Mo goes to the wedding. During the wedding, Luo Xi tries to call Xia Mo repeatedly, but it’s not answered as the phone is turned off. Luo Xi is upset and while filming, he’s injured seriously and hospitalised. Along with that, Xiao Chen finds out about the marriage contract, and refuses to do the transplant. At that, Xiamo faints, and have high fever.

Later, Ouchen out of guilty feelings, signed divorce papers and hand it to Xiao Chen, so that he will do the transplant. Xiao Chen still refused, saying that it’s not fair for Ouchen to lose his kidney and his sister. But, after Ouchen pleaded, Xiao Chen agrees to the transplant.

In the end, Xiao Chen passed away. Xiao Mo unable to accept the death of her brother, is in a dazed state. She doesn’t respond to anything and Ouchen desperately tries all ways to help her get back to reality. He takes her to the old place, but then LuoXi appears. Luo Xi gets angry seeing Xiao Mo’s condition and punched Ouchen. But Ouchen just watch silently, hoping that Xiao Mo responds.

Later, Ouchen decided that maybe through acting Xia Mo can get over her pain, and come back to reality. Because the script is very similar to Xia Mo and Xiao Chen’s situation. Xia Mo responded to the role. And while shooting the drama, Xiaomo starts to react more naturally, and Ouchen feels relieved and happy.

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