Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kdrama- Fugitive Plan B: THE STORY SO FAR

The story so far…
Ji Woo has found out that Jini is being chased after by Melchidec, who is Chairman Yang. Chairman Yang want a joseon bank note from Jini which will help him find gold bars that was hidden during the Korean war. All the soldiers that knew about the gold bars were killed by him, except for Jini’s grandfather. Ji Woo also finds out that Kai, whom Jini only trusts, is actually business partners with Chairman Yang. Kai tries to get Chairman Yang to guarantee Jini’s safety in exchange of the Joseon Bank Note. When Jini realises that Kai is involved, her heartbreaks and she refuses to trusts him anymore. Kai tries to make amends by trying all ways to protect her, even to the extent of threatening Chairman Yang’s son, Yang Young Joon, to convince his father to let her go. Chairman Yang knowing that Kai is a threat, orders Sophie, Kai’s secretary, who actually works for Chairman Yang, to kill him. However, Sophie fails, and risks her life to protect kai from hired killers.

Meanwhile Ji Woo slowly figures out the story behind the bank note, but he struggles to close the case. Do Soo has caught him a few times, and though he escapes eventually (even once with a straw) the more alarming problem is that evidence has surfaced denoting that Ji Woo killed Jini’s family. With that he is framed for multiple murders including his partner Kevin. (both of them were involved in concluding that Jini’s parents committed suicide years ago, which not long later, Kevin was killed).

Ji Woo manages to convince Jini that he has been framed and Kai being involved, the only person she can trusts is him now. They figure out the location thru the joseon bank note, but when they arrived, Hwang Mi Jin (Yang’s agent) and Nakamura Hwang (Ji Woo’s informant/mentor/fellow detective) have already found the gold. But, Hwang Mi Jin gets shot at, and then vanishes into thin air at the hospital. Police too arrives, and Do Soo takes the gold back to the police station.

The gold disappears from the police station! Chairman Yang, of course has people everywhere, including the police department director who works for him. Do Soo, with the aid of Ji Woo and Jini, arrests Chairman Yang and his gold, but not without a fight, which result in his colleague being seriously injured. Sensing that something will go wrong, he hides the gold in the car, and then true to what he thought, he finds that Chairman Yang has been released, and his name under the wanted list.

Now realising that the police is also in cohoots with Chairman Yang, and knowing that justice cannot be brought about, he smuggles the car to phillipines. So Ran also goes to the Philippines, to arrest Do Soo, but Do Soo shows his love for her, which causes her to leave in the end without her. Ji Woo then plots to steal the gold back, and succeeds, much to the disgust of Nakamura who also trailed Do Soo to Philipines.

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