Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Episodes: 20

Bi as Ji Woo
Daniel Henney as Kai
Lee Jung Jin as Detective Do Soo
Lee Na Young as Jini
Yoon Jin Seo as Detective Yoon
Sung Dong Il as Nakamura Hwang
Yoon Son Ha as Hwang Mi Jin
Jo Hee Bong as James Bong
Song Jae Ho as Yang Doo Hee
Kim Eung Soo as Yang Young Joon

The story unfolds with our hero, Ji Woo (Bi) showing off his skills in a car chase, dodging hooligans and endless stream of bullets, and huge explosion after a car crash which he walks off coolly from. Then, he shows off his detective skills in solving a missing painting, but shows his business skills even more by making sure that the painting becomes a national heritage, if he’s paid a huge sum.
Interestingly, a certain someone is watching him a far ,Jini (Na Young) and is satisfied that Ji Woo is quite competent. He goes to his hidden office to employ him and entrusts him with a very difficult case. To find Melchidec. That was all the information he was going to get from her. He agrees to take the case as the cash reward is huge, and starts to contact his network of fellow detectives, Nakamura in Tokyo, Jang in Beijing, etc.

As to story proceeds, we see that Do Soo ( Jung Jin), a very dedicated policeman is hot on the heels of Ji Woo. Ji Woo however manages to dodge and outsmart him so many times that he gets so frustrated with him. What gets Do Soo even more angry is that Ji Woo even shoots him to get away, even though Ji Woo made sure that he was wearing his bullet proof vest. So, he and his colleagues goes on a worldwide cat and mouse chase , just to made sure that Ji Woo gets arrested. Do Soo later has a loveline with his colleague, So Ran, who has a huge crush on Do Soo.

Jini meanwhile is leaving in fear. Although she has taken safety measures, intruders to her house tries to kill her, but she leaves by the window with the aid of a rope. After escaping, she calls Kai (Henney), and asks for help. Kai, loves Jini, but Jini knowing that her life is in danger, doesn’t want to rish his life. Kai’s secretary, Sophie later gets involved also in this love triangle . Later we find out why Jini worries about people around her, as she suspects that her grandparents and parents were murdered, though official reports show that they committed suicide.
So, the question is why is Jini being chased around? Who is Melchidec? And who is going to end up with Jini?

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