Friday, December 16, 2011

TWdrama- Drunken to Love You醉後決定愛上你 Leading to the End

Jie Xiu works hard to make Xiao Ru fall in love with him, but realises that she keeps pushing him away. He finds out that she has a sister which they have a estranged relationship, and goes all out to find the sister and helps Xiao Ru patch up their relationship. Xiao Ru is so moved and both of them kiss in the end.

At Yi Xian’s (XRu’s ex) wedding, everything is beautiful and Yi Xian and wife and Jie Xiu, Xiao Ru have a final talk, where they frankly expressed happiness at each other’s outcome. However, everything is spoiled by paparazzi guy who crashes in while the ceremony is on, declaring that Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru ‘s marriage is a fake, and that Ai Wei is the one that handed it over.

To Xiao Ru’s surprise, Jie Xiu doesn’t deny and says he’ll divorce her. But, later, he explains he wants to end his marriage of lies and start afresh with Xiao Ru, with her free will. So, Jie Xiu proposes to her again with the wedding cows, which Xiao Ru happily agrees.

Meanwhile, JIe Xiu mother, Samantha, gets to know Xiao Ru, and realises that Xiao Ru is the right one for her son, and starts to help both of them out. But, then she finds out that Xiao Ru has changed her mind of registering her marriage till she finds her mother and then her mother can hand her off to the bridegroom. But, she’s reassured later by Jie Xiu, and Xiao Ru’s actions.
Xiao Ru is actually an orphan, and when she was young, she has a friend whom she promises to be together. And this young friend is now the new manager at the restaurant Xiao Ru is working at, Jin Shui. Jin Shui is upset and wanted to take revenge because Xiao Ru abandoned him and didn’t want to be adopted together.. He later finds out that Xiao Ru gave up her place for him, so that he could be adopted. He then tells Xiao Ru that he’s back and won’t let her go.

Later Jin Shui’s adoptive mother is very ill, and Jin Shui cryingly asks Xiao Ru to be beside him, and support him forever. He kisses her forcefully, but she tells him not to take advantage of her.
Samantha decides to help her son and Xiao Ru, and plans an act where Xiao Ru shows her jealousy for Jie Xiu. However,when Xiao Ru and Samantha are at the top of the stairs , happily hugging each other, Samantha suddenly falls down the stairs. She’s rushed to the hospital, but the doctor declares that she’s unconscious and doesn’t know when she will regain consciousness.
Xiao Ru feels guilty, as she feels responsible for it, and she notices that Jie Xiu is in pain. While dealing with the overwhelming feelings of being guilty, she overhears Jie Xiu’s conversation with Ai Wei. She tears up as she overhears that Jie Xiu tells that although he knows that it’s an accident, he still can’t bring himself to accept Xiao Ru may have killed his mother.

Xiao Ru comes to term with the situation, and decides that the best thing she can do is to quietly disappear from Jie Xiu’s life. She tells Jin Shui this, and Jin Shui offers to take her away to US. She makes sure that he knows her actual feelings, and he reassures her that he won’t take advantage of her.

Xiao Ru spends the last day with Jie Xiu with food and at the amusement park. Then, Xiao Ru packs her luggage and when she is about to leave the house, she meets Ai Wei. She explains the situations, and Ai Wei says sorry for dragging her into everything in the first place. Xiao Ru leaves for the airport with Jin Shui. Ai Wei however discovers the pair of shoes that caused Samantha to tumble down was doctored with. She realises that Xiao Ru is innocent, but before she can clear the matter up, she gets kidnapped.
Rickie meanwhile is being kidnapped and beaten up by a guy who attempted to rape Ai Wei many years ago. Rickie had given him money and asked him not to bother Ai Wei, but baddie decides tp kidnap Ai Wei and tries to take advantage of her in front of Rickie. Jie Xiu finds out about all these. And comes to the rescue with the cops.

When the baddie are disposed off to the cops, Ai Wei tells Jie Xiu about Xiao Ru. Jie Xiu also has just found out about the same truth, because his mother has woken up and told him about the accident. He rushes off, while Ai Wei hugs Rickie.

Jie Xiu gets to the airport but can’t find Xiao Ru after hunting up and down. He finally sits in the corner and cries, and suddenly Xiao Ru appears. He walks toward her, and hugs her tighly, telling her about his mother’s situation, and tells her not to leave and to go back with him. Jin Shui appears, seeing the situation, asks if Xiao Ru still wants to leave. Xiao Ru says sorry, and Jin Shui walks off.

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