Thursday, December 1, 2011

TWdrama- Drunken to Love You醉後決定愛上你 SUMMARY

Title: 醉後決定愛上你 / Zui Hou Jue Ding Ai Shang Ni
English title: Love You
Also known as: Drunken to Love You


Rainie Yang as Lin Xiao Ru 林曉如
Joseph Chang as Song Jie Xiu 宋杰修
Tiffany Xu as Tang Ai Wei 唐艾薇
Huang Hong Sheng as Di Shuo Huai 耿爍懷
Tom Price (白梓軒) as Xiang Ting Wei 向霆威
Zhong Xin Ling as Cai meng Jun 蔡孟均
Kingone Wang as Ren Yi Xiang 任以翔
Renzo Liu as Li Da Fu 李達夫
Di Zhi Jie as Tony
Bu Xue Liang as Paparazzi Jack
Deng Jiu Yun (鄧九雲) as Peggy
Wang Juan as Samantha

Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie) has been looking forward to getting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of 4 years, Ren Yi Xian (Kingone). Yi Xian appears in front of her at the restaurant she’s working at, and gives a shock as they were suppose to meet at Vegas. They gladly greet each other, and he hints to her that they he will be proposing.

Meanwhile, Ai Wei(Tiffany) is a famous model, and she’s going to crossover to the acting world, where she has landed a lead actress role. Ai Wei has a secret ongoing secret relationship with Jie Xiu (Joseph) . However, they almost get caught by a paparazzi reporter, and Xiao Ru helps them escape safely. Jie Xiu decides later that he needs to proposed to Ai Wei, and buys a ring, decorates his house beautifully. When Ai Wei arrives. He gets on his knee and ask if she’s willing to leave the entertaininment business. She smiles and says yes, but is totally engrossed when the director calls her to talk about her role. Ai Wei rejects his proposal, and walks away, leaving Jie Xiu heartbroken.

The day where Xiao Ru happily is anticipating is here, the day to go to Vegas. Yi Xian gets a phonecall and writes a letter to Xiao Ru that someone else needs him more. Xiao Ru refuses to let him go, and doesn’t believe in his excuses. He heartlessly pulls out her clothes from her suitcase and throws it all into the fountain, effectively stopping Xiao Ru from going after him. And all this watched on by Jie Xiu.

After that, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu heartbroken, gets really drunk. And 24 hours later, they find that they are now married legally, and many of their friends know about it.

They abhor each other and decide to undo the marriage by seeking a divorce. Xiao Ru also finds out that she’s essentially broke, having withdrawn her savings when she was drunk. While Ai Wei is really hurt with Jie Xiu’s whirlwind marriage, she asks him to give her a chance. However, she also asks Jie Xiu to continue the fake marriage with Xiao Ru to avoid a scandal that will affect her career. Jie Xiu caves in, and asks Xiao Ru to have a 3 month contractual marriage with him.
Xiao Ru at first rejects, but later finds out that her exboyfriend, Yi Xian had an affair, and now is a father of an unborn baby. Xiao Ru almost breaks down, but Jie Xiu using his identity as husband takes her away. Xiao Ru after recovering from her emotional encounter, decides to try to move on with her future dream, which is opening a restaurant. She needs money for that, and Jie Xiu offers it with the contractual marriage. And hence they both negotiate and become a contractual couple officially. …

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