Friday, January 13, 2012

Kdrama- Heartstrings/ You've fallen for me: The Story So Far

Now, going towards the ending:

Lee Shin realised that he likes Gyu Won, and starts to show attention to her. Because of Gyu Won’s fear of dating the most wanted person in uni, he takes step to declare to the world that she’s his.  He takes her to uni, and holds her hand while leading her past scores of student gaping at them. Then, he also  sings in front of an audience at his band performance about his love for her, and kisses her in front of everyone.

The director gets into trouble for showing more attention to Gyu Won, and in the end his production gets cancelled. It turned out that Hee Joo and mother schemed all this so that  Hee Joo will be in the spotlight instead of Gyu Won. But, everything doesn’t turn out well for them as Hee Joo finds out from the doctor that she would lose her voice.

The musical/ play group students all get  together and decided to go on with the show, with their own funding. Although Gyu Won was chosen to be the main actress, she gives up her spot to Hee Joo, and sings backstage while Hee Joo lip-syncs. Gyu Won tears while she sings, and Lee Shin comforts her by telling that she’s the best actress to him. Later Hee Joo does something stunning, she tells the press that Gyu Won is the one who sang!

The musical is a success and a representative from a recording company wants to meet up with Lee Shin and Gyu Won group to see if they qualify to come out with an album. Gyu Won’s grandpa is furious, but later Gyu Won escapes with Lee Shin’s help to the meeting.
Unfortunately, Gyu Won slips but gets rescued by Lee Shin. Unknowingly to her, Lee Shin had injured his wrist when helping Gyu Won break her fall. After consulting the doctor, he realises that his injury is serious and requires an operation. He keeps it a secret from Gyu Won, especially when Gyu Won wins a solo contract from the agency.

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