Friday, January 27, 2012

Kdrama- Heartstrings/ You've fallen for me Ending

On to the last episode:

Gyu Won has to leave the country for a year for training as a solo artist. But, when she realises that Lee Shin is hurt (but not knowing about the surgery), she breaks off the contract with the company. Lee Shin finds out, and he decides and announces to her that they need to break up. His reason is that long distance relationship would not work.
Both are heartbroken, but Lee Shin is determined that Gyu Won will not give up her career.
Gyu Won then leaves the country, and Lee Shin goes for his surgery.

Time jump here, and it’s 1 year later.

Gyu Won is a famous star and she is back to korea. Seok Hyun and Yoon Soo also returns from a one year holiday together. Seok Hyun wants to do a winter musical with the students, and first he goes and see Gyu Won. He wants Gyu Won to audition for the musical, and finds out that Lee Shin and her have broken up. Then, he invites Shin to do the music. But, hearing that Gyu Won may be involved, he’s troubled.
Lee Shin gives some musical scores to Seok Hyun, but refuses to join the production. Gyu Won finds out, and meets up with Lee Shin to persuade him to join. Lee Shin is cold with her, and tells her not to contact him.

Gyu Won is deeply hurt, but later finds out from Seok Hyun that Lee Shin had an operation and hid the truth from her. She storms into Lee Shin’s practice room, and declares to him that she tried to hate him but couldn’t.  Now, she can really hate him.

She runs out, and goes to places which reminds her of their relationship. She ends up in the park where they had a date, and sees Lee Shin walking towards her.

Lee Shin looks up sternly, but breaks into a smile, when it dawn upon him that they are both reliving their memories, and rushes to hug her. He then says: I love you, and kisses her.

They go to the band performance, and perform together  in front of the crowd, including their friends.

My thoughts: cute drama, but not very deep. Liked Joon Hee, he’s so cute. But, don’t like how his relationship turned out, it was more a servant-mistress relationship. The director’s relationship turned out very well, considering that Yoon Soo stuck by him whatever he went through, even though he was clearly showing favouritism to Gyu Won.

Ending: Good

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