Friday, May 25, 2012

TWdrama- Zhong Wu Yan 鍾無艷 Ending

Last episode:

We've seen so far how Da Wei's mother has taken over the company, forced Qi Xuan out on the streets after Xi Xuan's father passed away. Qi Xuan just wants to concentrate on earning money his own way, but Wu Yan, Da Wei and Howard convinces him to do something more to take back his company. So, Qi Xuan decides to develop a unique perfume scent that his deceased mother developed.

Before, Qi Xuan gave up on Wu Yan because he has lost everything, and was angry at Wu Yan for not telling him about his father's sickly condition.
But, he realises that he needs help from Wu Yan, and accepts it. He's reluctant to accept Howard's help as he knows that Howard loves Wu Yan and is doing for her benefit, but later Howard makes it hard for him to reject it. He also gets help from Wu Yan's family, who contributes to the capital to start off the business by himself.
When his perfume scent succeeds, he decides to propose to Wu Yan, which she accepts.

Da Wei finally gets his mother to admit that she's behind all the evil deeds she did to take over the company, to the extent of hurting all his friends. When he finds out that his mother is threatened by the hired person, he confronts them, but is beaten up anyway. Qi Xuan interferes, but Da Wei takes a stab to protect his mother.
In hospital, Da Wei feels guilty towards Qi Xuan, but Qi Xuan tells him not to worry and to forget everything, while Da Wei's mother hears the whole conversation.

Howard also realises that Qi Xuan and Wu Yan are together, and wants to say his final goodbye to Wu Yan on his yacht. But, he suddenly loses his vision and falls into the sea. Wu Yan saves him, and discovers that Howard may lose his sight again.

The last episode shows Ying Chun tricking Qi Xuan. Qi Xuan awakes to find Ying Chun next to him in bed.
He believes all of Ying Chun's lies, and feels ashamed towards Wu Yan, especially after the press reports shows pictures of him and Ying Chun leaving for the night.

Wu Yan is heartbroken. Ying Chun then informs her that she has Qi Xuan's baby in her, and asks her to leave him alone. At the same time Qi Xuan calls her to meet up. He then tells her that she's giving him pressure, and that he doesn't want to be with her. Qi Xuan also finds out from Wu Yan's family members that Ying Chun is pregnant.

Qi Xuan gets a call that Ying Chun is admitted to hospital because of wine and medicine overdose.
And while Wu Yan accompanies Howard in hospital, Wu Yan tells Howard that the best way to deal with this situation is to leave quietly, and let them settle it. She then asks him to tell Qi Xuan that Wu Yan has left.

Howard goes for a operation, but after that, he discovers that his legs can't move. Wu yan appears and tells him that with therapy, he will heal.

Qi Xuan goes back to the company, as Da Wei;s mother has apologized and given back it to him. At home, he cries while watching videos of him and Wu Yan, while Ying Chun looks on.  later Qi Xuan tells Howard that he needs to be responsible for Ying Chun, so, he can't be with Wu Yan. He asks Howard to apologize in behalf of him.

Howard angrily goes and confront Ying Chun and rebukes her for her action. Ying Chun then goes and look for Wu Yan,, who has been hiding in her house. She tells Wu yan that she won't disturb them anymore, and that night, nothing happened. Ying Chun decides to leave the country and start her life anew.

Wu Yan looks for Qi Xuan, and tells him what Ying Chun said. He smiles at her and thanks her. Wu yan tells him that they have each other, and that's the most important thing.

Lastly, there's a wedding. It looks like Wu yan's sister is getting the marriage ceremony she never had the chance to have. But, Wu Yan finds out it's a double wedding. As Wu Yan and sister walks to the altar with their father in the middle, the grooms smile happily.  The ceremony goes on with the bride and groom kiss, and we see Howard leaving on his yacht for his own journey.

Ending: Happy
Side Note: I'm impressed by Howard's acting, so superb as the blind person, and also the double roles of his twin brother!! Wow!!

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