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HKdrama- ID Ching Ying/ The Threshold of a Persona Ending

The Last Episode started off with the discovery of a cd in the bushes. But, before that, just a little summary before I write about the last episode.

We have seen so far that Ah Kit and his wife are back together, after his wife decided to give the marriage another chance. On Kei is crushed that she and Ah Kit will have no future.

Meanwhile Pak Yu is blackmailed by former gangster head (Sok Fu Dong) with a cd containing video footage that shows Pak Yu accepting a bribe (setup). In order to pay the bribe, he accepts help from his good friend Ah Lun. Ah Lun goes around borrowing money, and in the end gets money from the loan shark.

HK-drama- ID Ching Ying/ The Threshold of a Persona Synopsis

Episodes: 27 (HK)/ 30 (Overseas)

Fong Family
Lau Kong as Chung Kwok Sing
Mary Hon as Chan Mei Ping
Roger Kwok as Fong Chun Kit 方浚杰
Ben Wong as Chung Chi Wing 鍾志榮
Toby Leung as Chung Chi Yan 鍾志欣
Claire Yiu as Cheung Si Man 張思敏
Iris Wong as Chiu Lai Man 趙麗文

Yip Family
Ha Ping as Lee Siu Kuen 李少娟
Yoyo Mung as Yip On Kei 葉安琪
Natalie Tong as Yip On Yi 葉安兒
Patrick Tang as Au Shun Fung 歐順風
Raymond Cho as Cheng Pak Yu 鄭柏宇
Kenny Wong as Wu Kit Shum 胡傑琛
John Chiang as Mak Kai Ming 麥啟銘
Power Chan as Leung Chi Lun 梁智倫

This series is about the Immigration Department of Hong Kong. Fong Chun Kit (Roger Kwok) is a very dedicated immigration officer at Luo Wu (the gateway of china and hong kong) and has a good friend Chi Lun in the same department. The first episodes shows him suspecting one who seeks entry, and turns out to be illegal. And he also finds out a pregnant woman who denies that she's not, and who is desperate to gain entry to Hong Kong. His Superior is very impressed by his performance.

Ah Kit's family
Ah Kit is also very happy that his wife, Ah Man has sucessfully applied for a visa that can enable her to come to Hong Kong after a long period of time, with their son, Ah Hei.

When everything's been arranged for the Ah Kit's family to move in to their flat with Ah Kit's parents, his pregnant sister in law decides wriggle her way in to the flat too. She takes over Ah Hei's room, despite protests by her husband Chi Weng.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jdrama-Atashinchi no Danshi Summary

Horikita Maki as Mineta Chisato

Okura Family
Kaname Jun as Okura Fuu
Okada Yoshinori as Okura Takeru
Mukai Osamu as Okura Sho
Yamamoto Yusuke as Okura Masaru
Seto Koji as Okura Satoru
Okayama Tomoki as Okura Akira
Kusakari Masao as Okura Shinzo

Chisato is a 20 year old homeless girl. She lost her mother at a young age, and has a useless father who left her a huge debt that she can't repay. Because of loan sharks that harass every single time, she disguises herself. Her friends are the community in the net cafe, or "net cafe refugees".

One day on the run from the loan sharks, she's rescued by a person name Shinzo. Later she finds out that he's a rich man who owns the toy business and wants her to repay him after he pays her debt. He has an unusual request, he wants to marry her. His reason is that he has a month to live.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Karl ! Oh Soo Jung Ending

Before the last episode, we saw that Karl/ Man Soo in US. He went to US after Soo Jung said that she couldn't forgive him for the lie and trap he set for her before. Because of that, Man Soo was heartbroken, and stayed in US for a year. He's not doing well as he lost most of the tournaments, and lost his sponsors. Now, he's doesn't even have enough to support himself. However, his friend, Daniel informs him that there may be a job for him in korea. Reluctant to go, Man Soo declines. His friend then tells him that Soo Jung is using his phone that he lost at the airport before leaving Korea.

Man Soo, in a desperate financial situation, agrees to go back to korea. He meets Soo Jung coincidently in the lift, and is speechless. Soo Jung is upset and tells Man Soo that he is in such a pitiful state. After they separate, Soo Jung cries in front of Woo Tak (the ex-con artist turned rich executive).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kdrama-Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung synopsis

Episodes: 16

Oh Ji Ho as Go Man Soo / KarlUhm Jung Hwa as Oh Soo Jung
Kang Sung Jin as Jung Woo TakPark Da An as Yook Dae Soon

Oh Soo Jung is a well known for beauty and has many suitors. Go Man Soo is a plump (extremely) boy but good natured and wholly devoted to Soo Jung. He does everything, even throws away his dignity, washes the toilet in the girl dorm, disguise as a girl to take Soo Jungs place in class while Soo Jung goes on a date. Soo Jung irritated that Man Soo follows her everywhere, promises him that she will marry him if he passes the law school exam. Man Soo did it, but on the day before the wedding, Man Soo finds out he fails the last part before he becomes a lawyer (never happened in history before.) Soo Jung dumps him at the altar, and follows one of her suitor to US. Before leaving, she calls Man Soo to say goodbye, and when Man Soo threatens to die, she tells him to do just that.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jdrama- Detective Galileo/Tantei Galileo Cases

This drama is really case-to-case based, so the ending is based on the case in the final episode.
Here's a short guide to the cases in the drama:
Episode 1- A group of youngsters who disturbs the neighbourhood daily at night gets a shock when 1 of their members' head bursts into flames and dies. This strange phenomeneon has never happened before. Utsumi bursts into Yukawa's lab to get him to solve the case. (this is really brillant, especially in the end in determining whether the offender is really guilty)

Episode 2 -A boy who has high fever sees a red car which supports a suspected criminal alibi. The problem is the boy claims that his soul flew into the sky and saw the red car which is by the riverside far away from his apartment. Yukawa doesn't believe in this nonsense, and goes out to prove that there's no such thing, with a fish tank!! Meanhwhile, Utsumi discovers that Yukawa excels in squash and looks good while doing that!

Episode 3- Yukawa's student asks Yukawa's help in solving the disappearance of his brother in law. Yukawa instead refers it to Utsumi. Utsumi talks to the agitated wife, Yayoi, and finds out that her husband went missing after he did his routine visits to the retirement village and to a certain old woman's house. She has also did her own investigation, and finds that the people living in the house now acts suspiciously, and exits the house at certain times in the night.

Episode 4- A girl gets killed in the pool. Police suspects that she died from heart attack. Yukawa suspects that it's homicide, but doesn't understand how it could happen. Meanwhile Utsumi meets a young ultrasonic expert, Tagami, who seems to be polite and very talented, and who happens to be Yukawa's student before. He gives her a free stay coupon at a hotel, and meets her there. But, Yukawa wants to stop it. Why?

Episode 5- A young girl sees her dad in the shed, and then also sees a ball of flame fly in the room. What's that all about? Her dad is then found dead in the hotel, and a person reports that he saw a ball of flame.

Episode 6-Utsumi's childhood friend, Sakaki, is accused of stalking a girl called Remi. And he claims that he has loved her even before Remi was born. He has also seen her before when he was young. He also received a message to meet Remi, but got caught by Remi's mother who wants him arrested as a stalker. And to top it all, Remi has never ever seen him before!!

Episode 7- A newlywed man, receives a call from his mistress and sees that she commits suicide in another room across his apartment. His friend, sees the situation and runs across to prevent it. But, the woman died when the police arrived. The weird thing is that this newlywed man, claims to have premonition, as he saw the whole scene a week before it happened. But, he didnt recognize the person at that time.

Episode 8- A woman at a cooking school was stabbed more than 100 times, and the last person seen leaving the school, fell to his death after leaping out of the window. The huge mystery that surrounds this case is that the victim's sister saw her sister at the time that the police found her dead. How is that possible? Utsumi finds out that Yukawa cooks very well in this episode.

Episode 9, 10-Fujikawa, was shot from behind and died thereafter. Later, his mother discovers that there is a silver aluminium mask that resembles her dead son, even the mask has the gun shot wounds. Yukawa recreates the mask using scientific methods. At the same time, Yukawa finds out that Fujikawa and other similar victim belongs to a company formed by his senior, Kijima. Yukawa doesn't want to divulge a secret.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jdrama-Detective Galileo Summary


Fukuyama Masaharu as Yukawa Manabu
Shibasaki Kou as Utsumi Kaoru

Tantei Galileo is based on the short novel by Naoki Prize winner Higashino Keigo.

Yukawa, is a genius physicist and university associate professor, Yukawa Manabu. He's able to solve difficult mysteries using logical thinking and scientific methods. He is also an all-round sportsman, tall and handsome but eccentric. Utsumi, is replacing a very popular cop, and taking over all the new cases. She finds out from him that he has been able to solve cases because Yukawa figures all of it out. She then looks up Yukawa, and asks him to assist her in her investigations. Realising that Yukawa is eccentric, she doubts him. But, then, Yukawa seems to be able to solve the difficult cases. She also realises that Yukawa has no interest in criminals and investigation. He just has a strong desire to prove that science can explain phenomenon and strange occurences. Yukawa also finds out that Utsumi based her investigations on feelings, and her sixth sense. He finds it illogical, but slowly sees that they can work well together.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Kdrama-Why Did You come to my house? Ending

The plot was quite unique and that was why I gave it go. It started off with Mi Soo, the rich girl and Gi Dong the guy who views money as everything to a completely different situation. Mi Soo is now poor, because her father's company has gone bankcrupt, and to add to the complexity of the situation, her father has dementia. Episode 19 ended with lots of suspense, Mi Soo feels sorry for Kang Jae (ex-boyfriend) after she learns the truth about him. He wasn't the bad guy that her father had described, in fact he tried to save her father's company. Because of Mi Soo's father, Kang Jae had a bad accident before, and now he has to go to US to have surgery. Mi Soo feeling sorry and guilty for misunderstanding him, consented to go to US too. She promised Gi Dong that she'll be back, but Gi Dong still feels uneasy and urges her not to go.
The other storyline that i really like is between Mi Soo's youngest sister, Eun Soo, and her gangster boyfriend. He has since quit the mafia, and is in hiding, so that he can go after Eun Soo.

The last episodes starts off with Mi Soo, who had a fever the night before, in the car with Kang Jae on the way to the airport. Kang Jae is happy but notices that Mi Soo is very depressed.
When Mi Soo wakes up, she finds herself back at her house. Kang Jae thanks her for her willingness to go with him to US, but then he escorts her back to her house. Kang Jae says that this is the last thing he can do for her, to leave her. And then Mi Soo hugs Kang Jae, and thanks him for coming back for her, or she'll be hurt forever.

Kang Jae, shakes her off, and walks away. (Oh, thank you Kang Jae, it has just been dragged far too long..) Mi Soo sobs as she looks on while Kang Jae drives away.
Kang Jae's tears flow too, when he remembers the time he had with her, and the suffering he had to go through to get back to her.

Meanwhile, Gi Dong has left his retarded brother, Su Dong at a orphanage He lost his job because of Su Dong, but he gets a call-back from the construction company to go back to work.
Gi Dong tells his friend that he trusts Mi Soo, but if she doesnt come back, he won't blame her. He now wants to pursue his dream of being an architect, something that Mi Soo encouraged too.
"Even if Mi Soo comes back, I won't meet her, till i succeed"
His friend, knowing Gi Dong's intention, tells her that Gi Dong is busy. And that Su Dong is at the orphanage. Mi Soo immediately takes Su Dong home, and then contacts Gi Dong with a voicemail, explaining her situation.
Mi Soo tells Gi Dong: "come back quickly"
Gi Dong leaves a voicemail: "I want to plan my future for you. So, please give me more time, and wait for me?"
Mi Soo(in voicemail)" i'll wait for you"

Bok Hee (Gi Dong's ex-girlfriend) gets a call from Kang Jae (they are gym friends) and is surprised.. Bok Hee asks why Kang Jae didn't take Mi Soo (her rival) away, but Kang Jae replies tat Mi Soo waited for him for 5 years, and had a hard time. Although he really loves Mi Soo a lot, but it's time to give up. Bok Hee admires his courage. Kang Jae wants to start a new life again, and encourages her to do so too. He invites her to New York, to discover a new him in the future.

Gi Dong studies very hard these days. Bok Hee looks for him, but says that she won't torture him anymore. She tells him that she wanted him as a brother to look after her, but it looks like Mi Soo changed him a lot, and make him a better person.

Kang Jae, prepares to leave for New York, but smiles when he leaves.
He tells himself, love cannot be forced, and now he knows what love is..
Bok Hee, also tells herself that she now knows that Gi Dong was feeling sorry for her, that's why he stayed with her, but she's looking forward to finding a new person.

Mi Soo rushes back home when she receives a call that her father is better. When she gets home, although her father did remember for a while who his family's members were, but he lapse back to his dementia self. Mi Soo cries over the lost chance of talking to him.

Il Ho (ex-gangster) meets Gi Dong at his workplace. Gi Dong tells him that he was so worried about him. Gi Dong confides that he wants to start a new company, J Construction (Mi Soo's father's old company's name), and would like Il Ho to join him. Il Ho is delighted, as he has nothing to do now.

Gi Dong looks for Su Dong and apologizes to him for leaving him, and that he'll not leave him alone anymore. Mi Soo finds Gi Dong outside her house, and complains to him that he came late. Gi Dong wants to build a house in3 years for Mi Soo, and asks her to let him stay with her. Mi Soo thanks him for coming back and they kissed.

Gi Dong shows Mi Soo a office named J Construction. Mi Soo is moved, and she is also introduced to Il Ho. But, she's still prejudiced against him (for being a gangster) and unworthy of being Eun Soo's boyfriend.

We now see Gi Dong and Mi Soo, happily seating together, while the other family members play cards together happily. Mi Soo smiles while helping her father dress up. Her older sister is happy with her marriage life. Eun Soo rushes out to meet Il Ho, and hugs him, while Mi Soo and Gi DOng looks on.

Bok Hee becomes a stronger person, and received a card from Kang Jae, who has found another girlfriend.

Mi Soo, receives a phone call from Gi Dong, who tells her to meet him at the bridge. when they meet, Gi Dong demands that Mi Soo, his wife piggyback him (just like what he did for her before). In the end, Gi Dong gives her a piggyback ride home.. and she tells him "saranghaeyo"

My thoughts:
I like bits of the show. My favorite part is Eun Soo and Il Ho, they are so cute together. However, Il Ho doesn't look like a gangster, he's looks too polite and well mannered.
As for the main couple, I think they act very naturally together. The actor who acts as Gi Dong is very good, I wouldn't mind watching another drama with him in it. The annoying part of this drama is that they dragged the 4 angle love a bit too much. Goodness, till the 19th episode, they havent cleared the whole problem. And there's Mi Soo, who shouts a lot...

I feel quite bad for Bok Hee, because Gi Dong did lie to her, and was unfaithful. However, she was also too whiny, i was hoping she could just leave him and then carry on with life, which she did of course, 20 hours/episodes later!!
Now, the true victim in this series, is Kang Jae. First, he was treated badly by Mi Soo's father, then met with a serious accident, which gave him serious health problems, and then wronged by Mi Soo, who he really loved, and work hard for. He cries too much in this series too, and like Bok Hee, deserves a better girlfriend!!

and the best actor award goes to SU DONG!! HE's awesome in his role as a retarded person. Very Real!!

Kdrama-Why Did You Come To My House/Son-In-Law Summary

Episodes: 20

Lee So Yeon as Han Mi Soo
Kim Ji Hoon as Jo Gi Dong
Kim Seung Soo as Lee Kang Jae
Oh Yoon Ah as Jang Bok Hee

Synopsis :

This story starts off with Jo Gi Dong, who borrowed money from the loan sharks to open his business of selling fake branded goods. His business failed, his mother has cancer, and he has to take care of his brother who is retarded. With the loan sharks demanding a repayment, or pay with his life, he becomes very desperate. He has a girlfriend who is very supportive of him, Bok Hee, and she tries to help him, by taking care of his brother, Su Dong.

Han Mi Soo , is a daughter of a wealthy man, Han Jin Tae. But, she has a wild life, parties all night, and is out of control. The cause of this is that her fiance before, Lee Kang-Jae, disappeared while they were about to elope. Jin Tae is worried about his daughter, and places an ad to seek for suitors for his daughter. At the same time, Gi Dong, with his friend's encouragement, applies for the ad job. And, he gets the son-in-law position.

Everybody in Jin Tae's family seems cold, with the oldest daughter, Deuk Soo, divorced twice and the youngest daughter Eun Soo, who wants to be a doctor to make her father proud.
Mi Soo cannot stand Gi Dong too, and tries to get him to leave the place. At the same time, her first love, Kang Jae comes back to start all over again.
However, Gi Dong works his way to everybody's heart in the family, including Mi Soo. But, what will happen to him and Bok Hee? Will Mi Soo end up with Kang Jae or Gi Dong?

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ToGetHer/ Ai Jiu Zhai Yi Qi Ending

This is the GTV ending, i was quite disappointed with the CTV editing in the first few episodes, and switch to watching the GTV version. I'm happy to report that it makes more sense and has nicer moments. The GTV ending was a 2 hour one, and would be maybe 10 pages long, if i do it sentence by sentence accurately. So, will write about the important parts for the first hour, and will do a detailed one for last hour of the episode.

So far, we have seen that Mo Mo has finally accepted Mars feelings, and come to a realization that she really loves Mars. It's really sweet to see Mars treading carefully to persuade her to accept him, and also reasuuring her that her biggest fear of being alone will never reoccur anymore, that's because he will always be there. When it seems that they are finally happy together, Mars loses his mother who was in hospital, which comes as a shock to him. He disappears, and ends up with Mo Mo. He then tearfully reminices about the memories of his mother, but starts creating memories with Mo Mo instead. Their relationship gets deeper, and they appreciate each other even more. However, Mo Mo sister, divulges the secret that Mars in in her house, and therefore the press goes wild with the report. Tony gets really mad, as he insists that this will waste Mars efforts of the past year. He suggests twisting the situation with a press conference, and announcing that Mo Mo is Yi Zhi (manager) 's girlfriend. At that, Mars marches off angrily. Later, he tells Mo Mo the situation angrily, but Mo Mo asks him to understand them. Mars then tell Mo Mo not to give up whatever happens.

Jia Sen gets ready to confess to Mo Mo as its going to be Valentine's Day, and does it the night before. Mo Mo is a bit excited (in her own subdued way) because Mars has promised that this day will make her the happiest person. Mars has also asks her to meet her at Mo Tian Lun (taiwanese london eye). Mars meanwhile is also facing pressure from press and also fans on internet. He shrugs it off meanwhile and puts in all effort to buy Mo Mo a necklace "casaba star" from the comic that Mo Mo likes. Suddenly, he gets knocked down by a car.

Mo Mo sister rushes to get Mo Mo and goes straight to the hospital. The press swarm in on Mo Mo, and with her classmates leading on, all blame Mo Mo as the cause. Tony too is unhappy that Mo Mo has turned up, but Yi Zhi pleads on behalf of her. Mars is really happy to see her, and hands her the present.

Apparently the hit and run driver is a crazy fan who's angry that Mars has a new girlfriend (Mo Mo) instead of his duet partner. Tony hears that Mars has to have physiotheraphy for 6 months, and he's upset cause Mars has to withdraw from his drama and concerts. Mo Mo visits Mars, but Tony says that Mars' injury has incurred losses. He asks her to think whether they can sacrifice for their relationship. He emphasises that they are from different worlds, and that no one will give their blessing to them. It will be too difficult for them. Mo Mo thinks about this very deeply.

Mars wonders why Mo Mo doesn't visit him anymore. He finds out from Yi Zhi about Tony's warnings. He gets Yi Zhi to get Mo Mo to come to the hospital. At first, he says grumpily why she doesn't even pick up her phone. Then, he tells her they will still be happy even though all odds are against them. Tony walks in just at the moment. (Tony has perfect timing!! )

Mars then tells Tony not to cancel the concert, as it's very important to him. (4 months) Mars say that he'll finish physio and get back on his feet. Tony doesn't believe it, but Mo Mo reassures him too. Yi Zhi too cannot believe his ears as the doctor says at least 6 months is needed, but Mars smiles at Mo Mo and says :" we can do it" and Mo Mo grasps his hand.... awwww..........

Mo Mo is worried about the fans reaction to them, but Mo Mo concludes that Mars may not need her, but Zhuang Jun Nan (mars real name) needs her. Mars works hard, but is very anxious to get well. He gets frustrated after a while, but then Mo Mo appears to accompany him. She reassures him that she'll never be disappointed in him.

As days go by, Mars' condition improves. Mars is a bit worried that Mo Mo is tired and bored as she accompanies him everyday. But Mo Mo tells him that she wants to be with him.

Jia Sen mother calls to meet up with her and asks if she's going to england with Jia Sen. Mo Mo tells her no, and Jia Sen throws a tantrum. When Mo mo explains that she has to take care of a very important friend, Jia Sen throws her out of the room.

Mo Mo tries to explain to Jia Sen at school, but Jia Sen is really angry. He shouts at her and asks: "why do you like the bad guy?" "I can't like you, i hate you"

Back in his room, Jia Sen throws all his stuff on the ground angrily.
A knock on Mars room is heard. Jia Sen visits Mars. Jia Sen then asks: "do you really like Mo Mo?, you really like her right?"
Mars: "i really love her"
Jia Sen: "will you protect her?"
Mars: "yes, forever"
Jia Sen: "Good.... (walks away) I'll always hate you coz' I will always like Mo Mo"

Next morning, Jia Sen walks to school with Mo Mo, just like old times. He keeps quiet till the end, he tells Mo Mo that he'll not hate her. Mo Mo assures him that they'll always be good friends. Jia Sen asks if it's possible that they are friends if she likes Mars. But, Jia Sen says that he'll always like Mo Mo.

Yi Zhi brings Mo Mo to the seaside, and they watch Mars push away his crutches, and walks toward them. Mo Mo gasps and runs toward him to hug him.
Mars tells Tony that he'll be ready for the concert, which will be in 1 month.
Mo Mo comes in and Tony asks Yi Zhi to leave with him, and not disturb them.
Mo Mo then tells Mars that Jia Sen will always be her friend forever. Mars' face changes at frist and then he says, oh, that Jia Sen will always be his friend too!

Mars practices dance steps for his concert and Mo Mo walks in to see him. He's delighted, but is asked to concentrate :)

Mo Mo makes a special drink and takes it to Mars. But, Mars is busy practicing, and has photo shoots one after another. At the end of the day, she takes the drink back and pours it into the sink, thinking that the time to accompany Zhuang Jun Nan is over. And whether with her around, it will create more problems for Mars.

The day of the mini concert arrives. Mo Mo takes a bunch of flowers to see Mars, and wishes him all the best. She also says in a very quiet way that he looks good, and helps him to calm down by touching his face, she thinks aloud. "I really really love him, i wish that he'll never be alone, even if i can't be with him in the future" And, she kisses him.
He's surprised but even more surprised that she's crying. Mars then tells her that he'll look for her no matter where she's in the crowd.

The concert starts off with a bang, and the crowd loves it. Before he begins with the second song, he tells the crowd that there's someone who was with him while he went through hard times. He has a special song for this person, and shouts out the name. But, Mo Mo is not in her seat!!
Mars walks to a door and leads Mo Mo out, and sings to her.

In the end, when he concludes that the song is called :"Mo Mo", and the composer is him. And they hug, while everybody looks on approvingly.

(Mo Mo's thoughts)"i'm so happy, i found my prince"

Mo Mo and Mars walks into Mo Mo house hand in hand. Mars remarks that everything looks the same, even his room. At this Mo Mo reads him the house rules (very cute) including:

Prohibited to bring opposite sex into the house. (which mars says that doesn't include you, right?)
At the same time, Mo Mo's sister rushes in to announce there's a crowd outside.
They look out, and it's a crowd for Mo Mo!!

My thoughts: Wow, i thought it was boring at first but by the 2nd episode, i was hooked on it. Jiro really acted really well in this, and i don't really understand why the series didn't do well in taiwan. The script was well written, executed very well, and beautifully. The only flaw was there were a few parts that could be a bit faster, but the cute moments make it a must watch drama. Oh, and it was a perfect ENDING!!

愛就宅一起 Together/to get her Summary

Episodes: 12


Rainie Yang-Momo

Jiro Wang-Mars

George Hu-Chia Sen

Mars was once a famous singer. But, his popularity has gone downhill because of negative news, so the company has decided to send him back to college in a bid to reestablish his image. In reality though, the company has given up on him. They ask him to move out of the company rented house, and also even reassign his manager to another actor.

Mars meets Momo, a girl who's obsessed with a comic book character, called Casaba the Alien Prince. Momo is a quiet and withdrawn girl, very simple and shy, and doesn't care about Mars at all. At their first meeting in college, Momo tells Mars that although he thinks he's popular, he's actually nothing at all.

Momo's parents had both passed away so her sister Chu Chu is her only family. Chuchu is very spendrift, and decides to rent part of the house out. She secures a tenant for a year, and to her and Momo's surprise, the tenant is Mars.

Although they dislike each other at first, they start to become friends slowly. Mars starts to like Momo, but Jia Sen senses it, and gets very protective. The, Mars exgirl friend appears too. So, will Mars and Mo Mo be together? Especially since he will one day be a superstar again?

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TWdrama-Hot Shot/ Lan Qiu Huo Ending

The Last Episode starts off with Li Ying (or called W by the other students) and Da Ying almost leaving to find the secret weapon (special butterfly technique). Dong Fang Xiang confronts him, and asks if he came back to join the team so that make them lose, and make Dong Fang Xiang give up Jie Er. Dong Fang Xiang then says that he can give Jie Er up, if that's what he wants. Da Ying is furious that he takes Jie Er for granted and hits him a few times. In the end, Dong Fang Xiang confesses that he just muttered nonsense so that Da Ying could take his anger out on him. Dong Fang Xiang knew before that Da Ying has been struggling to know that the one that caused pain to his grandmother is Dong Family, and Dong Family owes a lot to Da Ying. He wants Da Ying to let out his anger at him. But, Da Ying asks DFX to take care of Jie Er, and there's cancelling the debt.

W and Da Ying look thru all of grandmother's posessions to find clues to the special technique. Qiu Kui a.k.a Jie Er helps Pi Li Dui improve their skill, but they are have no confidence against the team (DFX's grandfather's SPECIAL TEAM, studied all the methods, and have even mastered DFX miracle shot). DFX says that the only method is to push themselves beyond limits. But there's only 1 person who can push DFX to the limits, his nce sworn enemy, Can. Can appears, and offers his service.

Can uses all the hidden dirty tricks, including injuring and hitting DFX, to make him find a way of defeating an enemy with the same tricks.

W wonders how Grandma trained Da Ying her special technique. At the same time Da Ying discovers that the Golden Ball that grandma gave to him bounces in different directions. W then realises that the technique lies in controlling the ball which randomly bounces away. She asks him to practice till he finds a way to do so.

TWdrama-Hot Shot/Lan Qiu Huo Synopsis

Episodes: 16

Jerry Yan- Dong Fang Xiang
Show Luo- Yuan Da Ying
Zhou Cai Shi-Jie Er
Coco Jiang-Li Ying
Wu Zhun- Wu Ji Zun
George Hu-Wu Ji Wei

This tells of a country boy, Yuan Da Ying who is crazy about basketball. He's an enthusaist and watches and learn from the tv, but his grandmother, only surviving relative, bans him from playing basketball. Later, his grandma passes away and he goes to a school where the headmaster owes his grandmother a favor.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jdrama-Mei-chan no Shitsuji Ending

Ooh…it’s so close to the end. So far, we now know at St Lucia Girl’s Academy, there are 2 groups. One on Lucia’s side a.k.a wicked side, and the other is on Mei’s side. Lucia wants to be the rightful heiress of the Hongo Family, and has tried all means to get rid of Mei. We have also seen that Mei has developed feelings for her butler, and vice versa. However, Kento her childhood friend has always helped her and has also confessed his feelings. And, her grandfather has made Lucia the sucessor, and commanded Rihito to serve Lucia. They are to go overseas and leave St Lucia, which makes Lucia really happy. However, in the end, Mei musters up her courage and fights for her butler. She challenges Lucia to a duel, which she accepts. If Lucia loses, she gives up Rihito and her place as successor. If Mei loses, she gives up Rihito, and leaves the school along with the rest of the class. (Tradition is the duel will be fought by the butlers) After all agreeing to it, Rihito gets shot in the arm by Tami (One of the silly loyal ones to Lucia :0)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

JDrama-Mei-chan no Shitsuji/ Mr Duke Synopsis

Episodes: 10

(partly from daddicts)

The story revolves around a young woman named Mei, who was rescued as a young girl by someone calling himself her "butler." With only a vague memory, though, the experience seems like just a dream. But one day, after her parents' accidental death, he appears: Rihito comes from a line of outstanding butlers, and he has been appointed to serve her! Now her ordinary life has completely flipped, as she discovers that she's actually the heiress to a fortune, and is forced to transfer to St. Lucia Girls' Academy, where all the students have butlers! As a result, her childhood friend Kento decides to enroll in a butler school so that he can stay close to her.

It starts off with Mei finding lost without her parents, but at the same time finding out that she has a surviving grandfather who wants her to learn to become a lady in St Lucia Girls Academy. The only one helping her is Rihito, her butler. But, does she really want to become a lady? And follow this butler system which looks quite ridiculous at first? And why is the whole school against her? And then Kento decides to come in the school and wants to protect her too..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TWdrama-Starlit Ending

Ok, we'll in for a heartbreaking ending, if it's to end realistically.This drama has so many ups and downs, it's a little depressing, but at the same time, it really shows how to cope with people around us with illness.. the keyword PATIENCE!!

Before, Xiao Lu has requested to see Ah Yue's home town, and also to see him reunited with his mother. So, it starts of with Ah Yue telling Shi Chuan that he's taking Xiao Lu back to Taiwan, though for her to be on a plane will be a bit challenging. Xiao Lu's father looks at the medicine, and is a bit worried for her. But, Xiao Lu reassures her father that AhYue will take care of her.

They arrive at the airport, and Rui Shan and Shi Chuan are there to welcome them. Rui Shan is a bit floored by the fact that Xiao Lu's on a wheel chair. Xiao Lu cheerfully says that she can move faster on a wheelchair.

At Ah Yue's mother's house, they greet Cheng Ma Ma, but, she gives them a cold look, and says nothing. That night, Cheng Yue and Xiao Lu look through childhood photos together. Mum comes in and sternly asks them about their sleeping arrangements. Mum also asks them not to go to the restaurant the next day. Later, she leaves a blanket for Cheng Yue on the sofa.
Xiao Lu feels that it's also not convenient for her to be at the restaurant with all the customers around, and tells Ah Yue to stay and help his mother.

Xiao Lu asks Rui Shan to go and do some sightseeing. Rui Shan is sorry for her past behavior, and Xiao Lu is willing to forgive her. Rui Shan also has finally concluded that she will be happy with Shi Chuan.

Back at the restaurant, Ah Yue cooks fried rice for Mum. Mum eat, while Ah Yue looks on. Ah Yue then confesses that his mother was right that being with Xiao Lu is hard. There were many time that he thought he couldn't take it anymore. He undersstands now why mum opposed at first. And " Back then, when i was hurt, i called to ask you to help me, because i knew mum has raised me from young, and needed much more courage than me. " Both swallow down tears.
Mum holds his hands..

TWDrama- Starlit, Xin Xing De Lei Guang SUMMARY

Total Episodes: 22
Alice Tzeng, Chen Zhi Kai, Jerry Yan, Terri Kwan, Zhao Shun

(partly from daddicts)

Cheng Yue (Jerry Yan) and Rui Shan (Alice Ceng) are pianist and cellist. They are the most high-profile golden couple in the music industry. Cheng Yue asked Rui Shan to meet him, as he wants to present her something special. However, on the way to see her, Cheng Yue tried to save Xiao Lu (Terri Kwan) from car accident. Xiao Lu sends him to the hospital, but leaves remorsefully to finish her work. When she gets back home, she sees her father looking dazed. It's revealed that she has muscle atrophy, a disease that will affect her whole life, and she will deteriorate. She breaks off with her boyfriend, and tries to readjust herself to the life ahead.

Meanwhile, the doctor delivers the bad news, after Cheng Yue's effort to speed up the recovery thru rehab, the truth is that may never play piano again. Rui Shan is shocked by the news, and when Cheng Yue overhears the news, he is devastated. Back home, he quarrels with his mother, and tells her that his hands are of no use. He feels that ever since young, his mother has treasured his hands, and music more than himself. He gives up music and leaves Rui Shan behind. He then choses to travel.

2 years later, Cheng Yue arrives in Shanghai, and becomes a music teacher. At a concert, he meets Xiao Lu. Xiao Lu recognises him, but he gets very angry with her. To amend for her doings before, she tries to help him to get a job in the company she works for. The 2 become colleagues, and due to work interactions, they gradually establish a friendship. At this time, Rui Shan finally tracks down Cheng Yue. She tries her hardest to get Cheng Yue to return to the music world. However, Xiao Lu encourages him to face life with a postive attitude, and Cheng Yue realises that he is impacted by Xiao Lu’s kidness and enthusiasm. From being a person who has hit rock-bottom, wallowing in self-pity, he has re-ignited the passion in life.

Cheng Yue falls in love with Xiao Lu, but he is rejected by her, why?
With a knowingly bleak future ahead for Xiao Lu, can their love survive?

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Kdrama- Hello Miss Ending

For simplicity sake, and less typing, here are the short forms:

DG-Dong Gyu
SH-Soo Ha
HAD-Hwa Ahn Dang

Ok, starting from the last episode:

Grandpa discovers that the 2 were together in the house all alone( he was drunk, and she brought him back) , and threatens to tell the elders . He also wants to embarrass the elders, to exact revenge. But, DG says that they are getting married. SH is surprised, but agrees. However, grandpa says that he has a condition and he’ll approve the marriage. He tells SH to give up HAD.

SH is troubled and grandpa ridicules that she can’t married someone inferior to her. DG asks grandpa to stop and takes SH out of the room.

In the car, SH is worried that the clan elders will be mad, and drive her out. SH says she’ll make her way back to HAD, and then she realises that there is a way to get grandpa to approve. She goes to the factory and teaches DG the secret of making mandu the HAD way. Up to now, DG and factory cant find a way to make the exact mandu that his grandfather wants. SH finds the problem was with the dumpling skin.

DG is pleased that they have found the problem. SH says tto DG that she has thought about the situation before, if she would give up HAD for the man she loves. DG however says that she musn’t have to give it up, he’ll not want SH to be in a difficult position. And asks her to trust him.
DG goes to grandpa with the mandu, Grandpa is shock that this time they succeeded, but he still insists that SJ still abides by his wishes. DG promises grandpa that he’ll do anything, but asks grandpa not to take away HAD. Grandpa says it’s for DG good, as he needs someone to be a stable inner support at home, rather than make him run back and forth. DG tells grandpa to give the company to Chan min. Grandpa is furious that he gives up the company for a woman, and then says that it’s impossible for them to get married. DG decides to leave home, and goes to HAD to look for SH. DG tells SH that the mandus made grandpa very happy, but didn’t tell her that grandpa hasn’t consented.

DG and SH informs SH family members that they want to get married. Hal Mae opposes and asks if DG grandpa approves? DG says of course, and Hal Mae walks off in a huff.

SH is very happy that grandpa approves, and asks DG how he gain approval. DG makes up a story. And they promise each other to get married. SH asks DG to talk to the elders. But, DG said that he’ll stay around for a few days, then visit SH’s father and grandpa.

DG helps around the house, working hard, and the household members start to accept him as part of the family. But, DG sighs…not knowing what to do.

Hwa Ran receives flowers, and a little boy brings a parcel for her. “ Loving you, just as you are, every minute” She opens a box, of donuts that reminds her of her childhood. She once offered donuts to a little boy (Jun Yeong). She’s moved to tears.

Hwa Ran drinks while remembering that Jun Yeong once told her that he likes and thinks of the little girl at HAD. She calls him up, and angrily tells him that she stop using her old name, kkot bun, and that kkhot bun doesn’t exists anymore. But, Jun Yeong doesn’t give up.

SH receives a phone call from Chan Min. Chan Min tells her that he thought about her. As she’s about to tell him something, he tells her first that although he already proposed to her, that he still likes his old girlfriend. And then he hangs up. He mutters “goodbye”

Grandpa/ President starts to miss DG, and wonders why he doesn’t call back. DG’s sister wants to drag DG back to Seoul. On the way, she sees DG and SH together, and she’s very happy that they are enjoying themselves. She calls SJ to meet her alone.

DG’s sister tells SH that they look happy and when they get married, to contact her and that grandpa will one day understand. SH is really mad and confronts DG about deceiving her. She tells him that grandpa still opposes, and asks him to go back and get approval before he comes back. He objects, saying that it may take 1-2 years, or longer. SH doesn’t want them to have a bad start, she would rather give up HAD. DG firmly says no, as she has always protected it. SH feels that although she gives up HAD, doesn’t mean that she gives up her family. HAD is a precious place to her, but she wants to live happily with ther person she loves. “go and don’t come back till you get grandpa’s permission” SH says and leave.

Hal Mae hears the whole account and is quite furious that President makes things hard. She also hears SH crying in the middle of the night. Hal Mae leaves for Seoul and goes and scold the President.

Grandpa calls the clan elders all together for a meeting. DG and SH hears of it, and rushes off to the meeting too. Grandpa tells the elders that he’s here to beg for forgiveness. Everything he has done, including stealing the cow, he’s sorry. Then, SH bursts in and say “Anyway, we are still getting married”

DG: Please allow us to get married.

The rest of the elders said that they’ll never approve the marriage. Grandpa kneels down and asks for approval of their marriage. And grandpa tells the elders that he has committed the wrong, but that’s in the past, it shouldn’t affect the future.

Elder asks DG whether he understands that if he marries SH he has to be loyal to the family.

And Grandpa/President asks SH if she knows that she has to be part of their family too. All the elders approve after they say yes.

Next, groom’s party appear with cows and then approaches the bride party. They bow to each other. And the traditional marriage starts. 2 grandpas starts dancing around.

SH dressed in wedding hanbok, and asks where DG is. DG meets father in law, and promises him that he’ll take care of her. And later they do traditional rites, where the bride meets the bridegroom..

Hwa Ran calls Jun Yeong to bring her mother over to see her near HAD. When mother and daughter meets, they hug each other. Jun Yeong asks them to go for the wedding. Hwa Ran tells him that to forget everything and start all over again, and whether it would be possible. Jun Yeong agrees. And she introduces herself, as Khot Bun. And they smile at each other.

Back to the marriage, everyone claps, and the bride and groom smiles radiantly. The whole clan and guests then dances together.

Kdrama- Hello Miss 헬로 애기씨 Summary

Episodes: 16

Lee Ji Hoon as Hwang Dong Gyu
Lee Da Hae as Lee Soo Ha
Ha suk Jin as Hwang Chan Min
Yoon Min So as Suh Hwa Ran

(partly from daddicts)

Lee Soo Ha, 38th granddaughter of the Jae Ahn Lee clan and owner of the clan manor Hwa Ahn Dang, is trying to save the place from going bankrupt. Hwang Dong Gyu, oldest grandson of the president of TOP Group, is trying to buy Hwa Ahn Dang because his grandfather, who was once a servant at the manor, cannot rest in peace unless he spends his last days in Hwa Ahn Dang's master suite. Hwang Chan Min, Dong Gyu's playboy cousin, is his rival in business and love

Soo Ha meets Dong Gyu for the first time when he offers to buy the manor, but gets turn out by Soo Ha. Later Soo Ha goes to Seoul, and tries to earn money fast and ends up working in TOP Group as a model. Grandfather finds out that Soo Ha is the owner of Hwa Ahn Dang, and gets Dong Gyu and Chan Min to compete against each other for the affections of Soo Ha. The winner gets Top Group too.

Enter Seo Hwa Ran, a model who has a secret history (she grew up in Hwa Ahn Dang, but is embarassed of it) with and a secret plan for Hwa Ahn Dang .She likes Chan Min, but is push away by him again and again.

Lee Joon Yong, Soo Ha's brother and Chan Min's friend who can't forget a girl from Hwa Ahn Dang he knew when he was a kid, and finds out later that the girl is Hwa Ran.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Attention Please アテンションプリーズ Ending

A bit before the ending episode:

Captain Sakurada and Mikami-sang(teacher) end up together in a bowling alley. Captain Sakurada asks her to bet that if he gets strike, that she has to marry him. She agrees, but the result was all pins fell but 1.
Yoko and Shota (the engineer) tell each other that they admired each other. They were about to go for Ramen, when Yayoi (Yoko's good friend) confesses that she likes Shota. Yoko overhears it, and walks away. Although Yoko is glad that her friend has finally gain the courage to tell Shota, she realises that she also has feelings for him.

On to the last episode..

Yoko wakes up, and realises that it's the last day for the trainees . As she rushes off to school, Shota comes up to her and asks her why she didn't turn up for ramen. She mutters some excuse and says that she is in a rush. Shota offers to ride together on his bike, but she takes over the bike and rides off as Shota looks at her, puzzled.

When she arrives at the school, Yayoi greets her very loudly and enthusaistically. Yoko remarks that she's a little over the top, and the other colleagues reply that something good must have happen, probably love.

Mikami-san appears, as she's assigned as the instructor onboard.Yoko and Yayoi get cold feet. and Yoko feels that Mikami will be watching her closely on this last day. The flight attendants starts welcoming the guests onboard, but notice a weird looking man, with afro hair. He seems to be looking around all the time. Yoko feels that he's very suspicious, but Mikami tells her to act calmly. While the flight attendants serve food and drinks, the weird guy looks at different air hostess and mumbles "Miss May" "Miss April".

Yoko confronts the weird man, and realises that he is Yayoi's father in disguise. He doesn't want his daughter to know he's onboard, so Yayoi doesn't tell the rest his identity, but instead tells him to be lowkey. Later, Yayoi's father gets into an argument with another passenger, and creates a scene. Yayoi recognises him when his wig was pulled off and runs away embarassingly.

Shota gets a visitor, Tsutsumi (pilot trainee, who once was very proud) and they become good friends.

Back to the airplane, Yoko finds out that someone has fainted in the bathroom. She freezes for a while. She recovers, and gets Yayoi to make a distress call. Yoko discovers that the passenger shows no breathing and no response, and starts chest compression. The chief cabin attendant announces that they need help, but there are no doctors/nurses on board. They use the AED machine to try to revive the patient (the trainees in earlier episodes have always prepared for this emergency), but fail in the first attempt. The other passengers look on, while they try again. After attempting again, the patient recovers, and slowly revives. The passengers then claps in approval.

Back on land, all the trainees assemble at the cafeteria. Everybody is quite excited to move on to official cabin attendant status. But, Yoko is unsure if she can carry forward, as she was terrified when she had to administer first aid on the passenger. Her classmates also starts to feel unsure and terrified. Realizing she made everybody gloomy, she tries to cheer everybody up. Yayoi, however, walks out of the room.

Yoko looks for Yayoi, asks if she's alright. Yayoi replies that she got dumped by Shota. Yayoi starts crying.(flashback: Shota: I'm sorry) .After a while, Yayoi stops crying. and starts complaining about her father embarassing her.

When Yayoi reaches home, she questions her father why he went onboard. Her father says that it seems like yesterday she was still a kid. Yayoi is pleased as she senses that her father is proud of her,

All the trainees are back in the classroom, and Yoko bursts into the room, late as usual. Mikami walks in with chief Dazai with the results. Chief Dazai announces "All of you passed" And the classroom goes wild!!! Later, one by one they receive their diploma and remove their trainees badges. Each trainee thanks their teacher Mikami, and recall their lessons. Mikami sees all the badges, and feels so proud and happy.

Mikami later sees Yoko around the cabin set where they practiced. Yoko comments that if an emergency happens again, she'll be alone to handle it. Mikami tells her that she'll never be alone, as she has colleagues that will help her. Mikami also says that she actually like the proud and brazen girl before, and asks her not to forget the good qualities.

Yoko meets Shota at the basketball court, and tells him that she strives to be the world's best cabin attendant. Shota teases her. She tells him if something happens in years to come, she ask him to back her up. He nods to say yes.

At the graduation party, captain sakurada asks mikami for one more try at bowling. Mikami smiles and approves.
And suddenly all the trainees disappear. Yoko appears and announces they want to go away with a bang. She reveals a band with all the trainees in it, and they play away. Mikami shakes her head "I can't believe it". But everyone starts dancing away..

Last part: Someone with messy appearance runs past Yoko asking where the training centre is and that she's late. This reminds her of her first day as a trainee.. and in the end she says :" Gabare-yo!! "

E: Funny ending.

My thoughts: I really like this series as it gives so much insight on the aviation industry. I enjoy the cabin attendants training, and their interaction with the pilots, and the engineers. It's so cool, that when i first watch this drama, i wanted to sneak into the airport and see it for myself. Very enjoyable and it had so many funny and interesting characters to keep you entertain for all the episodes!! The only setback i thought was that Shota was quite sedate in his acting, and a little wooden..

Jdrama- Attention Please アテンションプリーズ Summary


Ueto Aya: Yoko Misaki
Ryo Nishikido: Shota Nakahara
Miki Maya: Tamaki Mikami
Yayoi Wakamura: Saki Aibu

(partly from wiki drama)
Losing her mother at a young age, Yoko (Ueto Aya) was raised amongst three brothers. Yoko is a slightly boyish girl who is bullheaded and hates dishonesty. Ever since she was young, she enjoyed the company of boys over girls. She starts a band with four of her boy friends and becomes the lead singer. Then one day, one of the members of the band, Tsukasa, gets a job at a bank in Tokyo. The band breaks up and Yoko finds it difficult to part, as she likes Tsukasa. On the day Tsukasa leaves for Tokyo, Yoko goes along with the band members to the airport to see him off. The guys get excited when they see some cabin crew ladies and Yoko has no idea why. She reminds them that even she can wear a uniform, but the guys only make fun of her. That's when Tsukasa tells Yoko he wonders what she'd look like dressed in uniform.

This is when Yoko decides she wants to work as a Cabin Attendant. She however has to overcome her boyishness, and also learn all the p and q of being an attendant. Besides that, she also has her strict teacher, Mikami who seems to be against her, to deal with. She bonds with a few of the other trainees and starts to appreciate her job as an attendant. At the same time, she befriends a trainee engineer, Shota, and discovers that the job of engineers is very admirable.

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Kdrama : Boys Before Flowers/ Kgotboda Namja Ending

Wow..this series has really come to an end. I think I have never seen such a huge following for any other dramas in these few years. But, it does benefit from the past versions, as they had already establish a huge fan base.

The last 2 episodes of this version however, was really jam packed with storylines. So far, it has been revealed that Jun Pyo's mother has had her invalid husband (bedridden, unconscious) hidden even from her children, thus rendering her a wicked mother. Ji Hoo also confessed his love to Jan Di, and even giving her the heirloom, a ring. Jan Di however, rejected him, stating that she still loves Jun Pyo. And then, Jun Pyo saves Ji Hoo from a speeding car (a lunatic plotting revenge against Shinhwa group, who mistook Ji Hoo as the heir). At the hospital, where Jun Pyo receovers, but has selective amnesia, and can't remember Jan Di. Meanwhile, Jun Pyo befriends another patient, Jang Yu Mi, and mistakes her for the girl he has forgotten.

We have also a bit of Ga Eul-Yi Jung story, whereby Yi Jung wanted to tell her something, but she goes ahead saying that she understands his feelings, and will not look for him anymore.

Ok, here is the ending, the last episode,

It starts off with Jan Di delivering a lunch box to Goo Jun Pyo while he is sleeping. She stares at him and then says " Goo Jun Pyo will remember Jan Di" as if saying a spell. After she leaves, Yu Mi comes in to see Jun Pyo. When she opens the lunch box, Jun Pyo tries the egg roll, and asks if she was the one who prepared it. She mumbles a yes, and say that she will make it again. Then, Jun Pyo concludes that she's the one that he has forgotten, the very important person.

At the restaurant, Yi Jung and Woo Bin delivers the news that Jun Pyo is discharged. Jan Di rushes off to see Jun Pyo. And Woo Bin leaves. But, Yi Jung stays back, saying that he has something to say to Ga Eul.

Yi Jung and Ga Eul talks in front of a furnace. Yi Jung says that he will start with the bad news first, as usual. He's going to leave the country, to sweden, for 4-5 years. Ga Eul replies that he will come back as an amazing potter, so it's good news. But, what's the good news then? Yi Jung says that when he returns, the first person he will look for is Ga Eul, that is if she hasn't found her soulmate yet. He looks a bit embarassed, but Ga Eul is smiling.

Jan Di bursts into Jun Pyo room, but catches sight of Jun Puo and Yu Mi. Jun Pyo remarks that Ji Hoo isn't here, and does Ji Hoo know that she's visiting. Jan Di gets angry, but Yu Mi invites her to have tea with them. When Jan Di sees them showing affection to each other, she gets angry and leaves. This time Jun Pyo asks her not to come back. Yu Mi then follows Jan Di out, and advises not to come back for the time being, and she'll help Jun Pyo remember Jan Di. Jan Di then overhears Jun Pyo asking Yu Mi to make the lunch box again.

She meets Ji Hoo on the way out of the house, but he doesn't want her to give up. So, he drags her to see Jun Pyo again, but they see Yu Mi leaning on Jun Pyo asleep.
Jan Di leaves the room, and when Ji Hoo catches up with her, Jan Di says that it's all over. Ji Hoo comforts her, and hugs her.

Yu Mi brings an exact copy of the lunch box, but after one taste, Jun Pyo says that this isn't the taste that he remembers. Yu Mi says she'll make it again. Jun Pyo then remarks that the girl (Jan Di ) bothers him, when she gave him a look, he feels uneasy. Yu Mi is upset and complaints that all Jun Pyo friends reject her, but she stays on for Jun Pyo sake, and cries. Jun Pyo feels bad.

Next, F3 meets Jan Di and shows an invitation of Jun Pyo and Yu Mi to a poolside party.
All of them are there at the party. Yu Mi then reports to Jan Di that Jun Pyo doesn't remember her and that she's sorry to her, as she has fallen in love with Jun Pyo, and he feels the same way. Yu Mi also says that she and him has an important announcement to make.

Yu Mi announces with Jun Pyo by her side, that both of them will study abroad the next month. F3 walks away, Ji Hoo takes Jan Di away, and leaves her by the poolside to get her a drink.
Jun Pyo walks by, and Jan Di asks if he remembers the necklace he gave her. No, he says. Jan Di asks him, if he can swim. Jun Pyo replies, no, he's terrified of the water. Jan Di then informs him, that he learnt how to swim because of his girlfriend, and continue describing him.
Then, she walks backwards, and falls backward into the water. She sinks, and stays under the water, while everyone runs towards Jun Pyo. Ji Hoo stops everyone from taking action and waits for Jun Pyo as he starts having flashbacks.
"Jan Di" he shouts, and jumps into the water to save her. She still doesn't gain consciousness and he gives her mouth to mouth. She opens her eyes, and asks if he remembers.
JP: " I'll kill you, if you scare me again" and later hugs her while Jan Di smiles.
Ji Hoo looks on blankly, and Yu MI leaves.

One night, Jun Pyo asks her to come out, and they talk about her going to medical school. Then, Jun Pyo tells her something, but Jan Di can't hear it because a motorbike passes by.

At the high school graduation, F3 waits for Jan Di. She arrives later and F3 request to dance with her. After that, f3 wonder where Jun Pyo is. Jan Di remembers that Jun Pyo said something before, and she guess that he'll be at Namsan Tower (just like their first date). She runs over there, and Jun Pyo remarks that she's late again.

He claps. and the tower lights up, and the whole area has a spectacular light display. Next, he drags her to the coffee machine, and buys her coffee (exactly like the first date) He then informs her that he has booked the whole place, and wants to show her the words he crave in one of the carriages. 'First Night together- Jun Pyo loves Jan Di' and says that she can't get married now. She only can get married to him.

Jun Pyo then asks Jan Di to marry him, because he has to go to America. He wants to try his hardest and save the company his way. He'll be there for 4 years.
JP: Come with me.
JD: I can't. I want to try my hardest to do what i want and acheive my hopes here.
So, go and come back. If you come back after 4 years and still are a cool guy, I'll think
about it again.

Jun Pyo accepts it, and says that if he loses her, he'll regret it. The carriage starts to move, and they kiss.

4 years later, Jun Pyo gets interviewed on tv, as he has been featured in 3 international magazines as a successful director. His Dad and Mum watches him in front of the TV, and his mother has a smile of approval. After a question on his personal life, he agrees that there's someone special in his life. His Sister watches him on tv too, from the managing director's seat (her mum's seat)

(I love this part)
Yi Jung emerges from the airport, and goes straight to a kids centre. He looks in and sees Ga Eul is surrounded by little kids, and she happily teaching kids to shape clay. He smiles at her, and says"you'll still using too much strength"
Kid 1: who are you? Are you our teacher's boyfriend?
Kid 2: Uncle, did you come from overseas?
YJ: Oh, how did you know?
Kid 2: From Sweden?
My teacher says that her boyfriends is in sweden.
GE: Oh, you can't tell him... and she smiles embarassingly and Yi Jung gives her a meaningful look.

Jan Di and Ji Hoo volunteers at a makeshift hospital. And later she talks to Ji Hoo. She says that Ji Hoo is already in the graduating class, and that she has tried 3 times, but still hasn't pass. Ji Hoo says that he can redo it. But, Jan Di replies that the reason he studied to be a doctor to take over grandpa's clinic. Ji Hoo remarks that that's not the only reason.

Later, a helicopter flies by, and Jun Pyo's voice is heard asking Jan Di to go to the beachside.
Jun Pyo tells Jan Di that he misses her and he's back to take care of her. Jan Di laughs and say that she promised to reconsider years ago, and not for him to take care of her.
Jun Pyo then kneels down, and shows her the rings, and asks Jan Di to marry him.
"I object to that" F3 appears and announces that.
F3 walks toward Jun Pyo and Jan Di, and all of them stand in a line, staring out at the sea, smiling.

R: Happy Ending

A little of what i think: Although I enjoy this drama a lot, I think they dragged the triangle love a bit too long. i was surprised i rooted for Ji Hoo and Jandi in this version, as opposed to Jun Pyo- Jan Di in other versions. I think it's because though I know that Jun Pyo really did like Jan Di from his heart, I didn't see that he supported her through bad times. Ji Hoo was always there.. and though he's quite cold at times (to other people), but he would always back Jan Di up. AND, Jan Di seems to understand him too.
The best part of this whole series is definitely Yi Jung and Ga Eul, they have both grown a lot in characters and i just like how they ended with both of them giving each other a chance.

Kdrama: Boys Before Flowers/ Kgotboda Namja Summary

Episodes: 25

Koo Hye Sun-Geum Jan Di
Lee Min Ho-Goo Jun Pyo
Kim Hyun Joong-Yoon Ji Hoo
Kim Bum-So Yi Jung
Kim Joon-Song Woo Bin
Kim So Eun-Chu Ga Eul

This is a remake of Hana Yori Dango. F4 is the four richest and spoiled boys in Shin Hwa College. The leader of the group is Goo Jun Pyo, known for being spoiled, mean, hot-tempered and also violent. He is the heir to ShinHwa Group, which is the most powerful corporation in Korea. So Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin are playboys, one is a potter, and the other one is a gangster. The odd one in this group is Kim Hyun Joong, who seems to be quiet and deep, but very talented in music. Anyone in the college who doesn't follow F4 leading, or irk them, will get the red card. And then, the whole school will bully the receiver of this card, with the approval of F4. Normally, the cycle ends when the receiver of the card is forced to quit school.

Jan Di however, is a commoner. Her family owns a dry cleaning store and can barely make ends meet. After making a delivery at the school, and saves a guy who was about to commit suicide as a result of receiving the red card, she gets an offer to study in THE college. She accepts it but tries to have a low profile. Trouble starts when her friend accidentally irk Goo Jun Pyo, and Jandi feels she has to step up to protect her friend. She goes against Goo Jun Pyo and becomes the first one to stand up against f4 for the longest time.

Main Story: Jan Di likes Ji Hoo at first, Goo Jun Pyo falls in love with Jan Di, then Ji Hoo likes her in the end too. Jun Pyo mother is furious, tries all methods to stop both of them, including harming Jan Di's family and friends, selecting a fiancee for Jun Pyo.

Side story: (this is really cute) Yi Jung the player and JanDi's best friend, Ga Eul, have a unique relationship. She tries to convince him that there is true love.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

HK drama : Emergency Unit (EU) Ending

(for easy reference )
Ron Ng-Ah Man
Sammul Chan-Pak Kiew
Michael Miu- Sai Hao
Elanne Kong- Yao Yao
Kathy Chow-Sum Jie
Michael Tse- Siu Tong/ Laughin

Just before we get on to the last episode, a brief review of all the happenings.

The very interesting character, and right hand man of the triad leader, Laughin, died because he was shot by Pak Kew, and later sacrificed himself to pave the way for Ah Man to continue his work.(wow what a shocker!!) . It was revealed he was an undercover agent for the police very gradually, and confirmed just before he was killed. And Sum Jie went missing after she was supposedly about to get married to Sai Hao. Ah Man’s cover as an undercover agent was blown when he rescued his police colleague in front of Sai Hao. Because of that, he had to prove it to Sai Hao that he was indeed a gangster, and not a police anymore by action. Pak Kiew receives a message from Ah Man, ’Drug factory is at Oi Sum (Sum Jie’s restaurant), I’ll lead Sai Hao there, can you come?”

学警狙击 Emergency Unit (E.U) Summary

Episodes: 30
Major Cast:
Ron Ng-Ah Man
Sammul Chan-Pak Kiew
Michael Miu- Sai Hao
Elanne Kong- Yao Yao
Kathy Chow-Sum Jie
Michael Tse- Siu Tong/ Laughin

This is a continuation of the series of the Academy, on the first beat.

Pak Kiew is a righteous and follow the rules cop, who stays in the same house as his buddy, Lap Man/ Ah Man. Ah Man, however, is the opposite, untidy, very rash. His aim is to bring down the drug ring, and vows to find out where the drug factory is. However, because he does things rashly, he always gets into trouble and always get reproof.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Star's Lover ending..

Star's Lover is actually quite a simple story, it's whether a star, celebrity can ever date a commoner. What i appreciate about it is that it is quite realistic in portraying what will happen if this situation ever arises...the public scrutiny into one's life is scary, and an over controlling manager is even scarier. I wonder whether Choi Ji Woo was inspired by her character Lee Mari to be honest with her relationship as she reveal that she was dating someone after this drama ended. hmm..

Anyway, Star's Lover ended at episode 19 intensely. With Ma Ri and Chul Soo together again, and evidence against him presented to him, President Seo goes beserk. He blames the downfall of Ma Ri on Chul Soo, and claims whatever he did (including threatening Ma Ri's first love) is all for Ma Ri's goo. He tries to attack Chul Soo, but Ma Ri protects him. Then, he's escorted out of the building, not before he announces that this isnt the end for him. (goodness, he just wants more screen time!! :0)

Ma Ri is in shock, Chul Soo comforts her and says he'll always be with her.
Elsewhere, Jang Soo (Ma Ri's former assistant turned actor) finds out thatYae Rin(President seo's sister) and President Seo are quitting. Jang Soo is upset because he won't get to see Yae Rin anymore.

Ma Ri tells Woo Jin that she won't seek compensation from President Seo. And Woo Jin thinks about how they met and how he liked her because she's so strong now.

That night, Eun Yong (Chul Soo's ex) tells Chul Soo she actually has decided to give up on him, but that her heart is still aching. Chul Soo thanks her for protecting and helping him all the way.

Jang Soo has a scene with Ma Ri, it's a kissing scene. He's very nervous, and even more so when the director says that the scene is now changed from kiss on forehead to lips. So, when they act together, Jang Soo faints! And then, sheepishly ask to act again.

Ma Ri tells Chul Soo that she wants to go to America to act in a few movies. So, she asked if Chul Soo wants to get married. (she mentioned it earlier, and he said he never thought about it, and he has to think about it) She'll be there for a year. But, Chul Soo says the discussion was over, and that he'll think about it. Later Ma Ri brings it out to the family, and Chul Soo gets angry. They part unhappily, because Ma Ri is upset that Chul Soo doesn't want to get married. She's prepared to give up the movie but Chul Soo tells Ma Ri to do it. They decide to give some time to each other to think about it. Ma Ri avoids Chul Soo for a while before he decides.

At the same time, Jang Soo goes to tell President Seo that he likes Yae Rin. Then, he confesses his love in front of everybody, and asks Yae Rin to marry him

Chul Soo meets up with Eun Yong in the coffee shop accidentally. Chul Soo asks if he gave her a hard time before. And Eun Yong says yes, because Chul Soo didn't believe in her, and that he thought that she would hurt him. Eun Yong also says that maybe that's why Ma Ri is also having a hard time. When parting ways, Eun Yong says that she will find someone less tiring, and that Chul Soo should call Lee Ma Ri. Eun Yong then meets someone on the way that she knows, (Lee Dong Gun makes an appearance)

Chul Soo realizes that Ma Ri is the one, and runs to hug her. He then tells her that they'll go together to US. He can't bear to be without her. Then, they go to all the childhood places that Ma Ri can remember-the school, and the orphanage.

At the orphanage, they go to the grave of the caretaker. And Ma Ri says that she really likes Chul Soo, and Chul Soo says that they will live life together happily. Later, Chul Soo is given all of Mari's mother letters. He reads it.

President Seo walks into the restaurant, and sees Ma Ri, and walks out again. Ma Ri goes after him, and asks him if he's alright. He replies he has a small business and warns her that if they meet face to face it may not be nice. But, in the end, he takes off his scarf and puts it around her.

At Chul Soo's place, everybody gathers and have food and are really happy. While Chul Soo is upstairs, his mother pops in. He calls his mother, something he has never done before, and thanks her for taking care of Yuri. And they both have tears in their eyes.

Chul Soo gives a necklace to Ma Ri, and tells her there is one more thing he has to tell her. He hands her a letter which is from her mother. And she reads it in disbelief. Chul Soo says that he made a promise to her grandmother, and he wants to marry Ma Ri. Ma Ri answers yes. Then, the letter contents are revealed, Ma Ri's name is Young Hee (that's the childhood friend that Chul Soo had when he was young.They were playmates.)

Next, we see Chul Soo and Ma Ri hand in hand at the airport, leaving the country .

5 years later, we see Chul Soo and Ma Ri having food together at the table. He hands her some food, and she refuses. But, he does it again, and then they smile. Next, a little girl's voice "O-ma"

They sit by the lakeside watching their little girl play. And flashbacks about how they met..
Then, they ask each other what they are reading. He reads his latest book, and she reads the script. He says that her script is just ok, it's not that interesting, characters are not properly developed. He asks her not to do the movie. But, she says it's because it has kiss scenes in it.
They then see a grandfather and grandmother sitting together. And turn to each other and say "I love you". Then, together they walked off happily with their child..


Kdrama-Star's lover, Celebrity sweetheart Summary

Choi Ji Woo- Lee Ma Ri
Yoo Ji Tae-Kim Chul Soo
Lee Ki Woo-Jung Woo Jin
Philip Choi- Kang Woo Jin
Cha Ye Ryun- Choi Eun Young

Lee Ma Ri is a famous actress. Manager Seo, her manager is a scheming man who wants Ma Ri to get more popular. So, he asks a literature graduate, Kim Chul Soo to become a ghostwriter for Ma Ri. Kim Chul Soo and Lee Ma Ri meet in Japan while Chul Soo was researching for the book. The book becomes a hit, but Chul Soo feels like he has deceived people. At the same time, Chul Soo and Ma Ri develop feelings for each other. However, there are others who want to be part of Ma Ri's life. One is a a famous photographer, Kang Woo Jin, Lee Ma Ri's first love. Another is a executive in a media company(Lee Ki Woo).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hk-drama The Greatness of a Hero ENDING

It was quite entertaining, but by the 2nd last episode, there were so many people who were sacrificed.. It was heartbreaking.... So far Minister Mo's wife died, Song Ting Yuk and mother was killed, and at the end of the 2nd last episode, Minister Dik's wife was also beheaded...looks like we are heading for a boo hoo hoo ending.

Now, in a nutshell, minister Mo (the bad guy) tricked his son into getting rid of a incriminating letter written by his wife. After he burnt the letter, he killed his wife, and wanted to kill his son too. But he got away. Song Ting Yuk was stabbed, and his mother was also killed. Minister Dik's family was put into jail for betraying the country (Minister Mo's plan complete with false evidence). But, Minister Dik and son went into hiding. So, Minister Mo tries to force him out by beheading Chou Yuet, Minister Dik's wife. Minister Mo threatens to kill the rest of the family, while Minister Dik and son anguishes over how to take revenge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HK-drama Greatness of a Hero 盛世人傑



Kent Cheng - Dik Ren Jie
Bernice Liu-Dik Ching Lun
Sonija Kwok - Chou Yuet
Sunny Chan-Song Ting Yuk
Leila Tong-Yuen Yi

This is about Minister Dik who solves cases and is an important official. His family consists of his wife (sonija), grown daughter, Ching Lun (bernice), 2 sons, and Minister Dik elderly mother. Sunny Chan's character, Ting Yuk assists Minister Dik in investigation, along with Ching Lun. Ting Yuk at first like Yuen Yi, who is the Empress right hand woman. But later he and Ching Lun gets together. On the other hand, Minister Mo schemes to take over the throne, and the series tells of his attempts to frame Minister Dik.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

TWdrama love or bread ENDING

My point of view... I really like Joe and Ariel in ISWAK, and i thought that this would be fun to watch. However, i got a bit tired of Joe's character always bullying Shan Mei....and as for the ending...we'll just jump straight into it, and you can judge for yourself.

Well it ended in ep 11 that Fa Lan Ke decides to pay for Shan Mei's mother's operation. And he tells Shan Mei that he'll disappear forever. He also gives his friend, Ah Xing a sum of money, and then Ah Xing suddenly sees loan sharks taking Fa Lan Ke away. He runs to Shan Mei and tells her. Meanwhile, the loan sharks threaten Fa Lan Ke, and is about to hit him, when Shan Mei rushes in. so, the loan sharks tie both Fa Lan Ke and Shan Mei together.

Taiwan Drama- wo de yi wan mian bao, love or bread synopsis

Episodes: 12

Joe Cheng plays a lazy guy, Fa Lan Ke, who loves branded clothes and is always in debt. The first time he met Ariel Lin's character, Shan Mei, was when she rescued him from loan sharks. After a few misunderstandings, Fa Lan Ke sees a chance to bully Shan Mei into thinking she owes him a huge debt over a missing ring. They stay under the same roof, while Shan Mei thinks of how to pay him back. She works few jobs and tries to avoid her family as she had earlier quarrel with her family in order to go and propose to her boyfriend. But her boyfriend had fall in love with another person, so she gives up on the relationship and tries to move on. But, life gets even more bitter as she tries to pay off the debt and Fa Lan Ke continually bullies her... One of the many jobs Shan Mei works with is in a coffee shop. The coffee shop owner is later revealed as Fa Lan Ke's crush in his school days. And Shan Mei meanwhile befriends a guy who turns out to be a rich personand who really likes her. And then feelings developed between Fa Lan Ke and Shan Mei...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

They kiss again (ISWAK 2) ending

My thoughts:
Normally sequels don't do well, but this one was quite good. Of course, there were moments you go "huh?" for eg the honeymoon situation with the other couple, but it was still bearable. The scenes between both of them are even more in this sequel and fans were no doubt pleased. Other than the abnormally long PG scenes from the director, i thought they film it quite properly and it had continuity. AND i love the ending!!

On to the ending..
The Last episode started off with Xiang Qin receiving a call from Ah Jin and Christine (they are so cute together) saying that they are really happy, and married. After that, Zhi Shu says to Xiang Qin that having her is the best thing in the world.
Then, they discovered that the whole family is down with flu. Zhi Shu tells Xiang Qin to bring medical instruments for him and she appears in the nurse uniform (cute!!)
Pediatrical unit needed an extra nurse, so Xiang Qin gets sent over there with all the kids. Zhi shu appears and of course Xiang Qin is so delighted.
Later, Xiang Qin goes to see a doctor for her checkup results. The doctor informs her that her retina cells are deterioting, and there's no cure. So, the worse case scenario is that she becomes blind.

Xiang Qin waits for Zhi Shu, buts a nurse asks Zhi Shu to attend to an emergency. Just as Zhi Shu leaves, Xiang Qin faints.
Back at the house, the whole family gathers at Xiang Qin's bedside, they say it's their fault that Xiang Qin is so tired and faints coz' she had to take care of them while they were sick. However, Zhi Shu suspects that Xiang Qin is pregnant.
Xiang Qin is still very worried about her eye condition and because it's an hereditary condition, worries that her baby will be affected. But, her family celebrates and is so happy that a grandchild is on the way.
Xiang Qin feels that her sight will get worse, and disappoints Zhi Shu.

Taiwan drama- They kiss again (ISWAK 2) synopsis


Episodes: 20

This is the sequel of It started with a Kiss. It starts off with Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin's wedding and honeymoon. And goes on to their life in medical school. It also tells of Zhi Shu becoming a doctor, while Xiang Qin is left behind in medical school. In the middle, Zhi Shu goes off to do service as an army doctor which xiang Qin hards to bear with. And at the end, Xiang Qin gets better and better as a nurse.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kdrama-Powerful Opponents ending

My take..

This is basically a love triangle story between Young Jin, Gwang Pil, Soo Ho.

On to the end..

I think the biggest concern is who will Young Jin end up with. At first, it felt like Gwang Pil, but throughout the series, it looked like Soo Ho. Then, we know that Gwang Pil did hug Young Jin...anyway, let's just get to the last episode.

Ok, it starts with Young Jin gets injured by the bad guy. Gwang Pil arrives and they report the incident to the superior. They try to think who the bad guy is. And after searching through files, and thinking very hard, Gwang Pil figures out that it's Nam Do Woo. Gwang Pil and Young Jin confronts Nam Do Woo, but he denies, and asks for evidence. After reporting back to their superior, the superior can't do anything since there is no evidence.

Gwang Pil during a chat later, asks if Young Jin is still his partner. And Young Jin smiles and reply in the positive. At the dance studio, members there throw him a party to cheer him on for the competition. Later, Soo Ho gives Young Jin her little notebook. and in the little note he says that he wants to be a better man, and "saranghae". Young Jin smiles after reading it.

Competiton day arrives. Nam Do Woo disguises himself and sneaks into competition area. But, he falls into the trap, and gets confronted by Young Jin and Gwang Pil. But, Young Jin gets shot by Nam Do Woo.

Son Ho finishes his performance, wile Gwang Pil chases Nam Do woo, and Young Jin is sent to the hospital. Bad Guy gets arrested in the end. And Soo Ho after hearing news of Young Jin's, rushes to the hospital. He sees Young Jin on the bed, with heartbeat sound in the background. It looks like she's dying....

(warning: nearly the end)

One year later...while Gwang Pil trains new students, he meets someone who looks and acts like Young Jin. Young Jin continues her bodyguard role, but meets someone like Gwang Pil too.

Soo Ho says to Kot Nim (little girl) that he is going to propose to someone in 3 years time.

Then, a flashback shows Young Jin, on a wheelchair, telling her father about her dream. And she says that she finally knows what happiness is as she can see her family, Gwang Pil and Soo Ho with her. THE END

Rating: Yikes...(O)

Debates have been going on on who is going to be with Young Jin, but the sad truth is that, no one ends up with her in the movie. So, it's up to everyone to write their own ending.

Kdrama- Powerful Opponents 강적들 (强敌) synopsis

Episodes: 16

Young Jin( Chae Rim) completes training and becomes the first female to ever work as a bodyguard in the Presidential resident, Chungwadae. Young Jin is assigned to Yoo Gwang Pil (Lee Jong Hyuk) who is she has met during training and they dislike each other from the start. Now they are are assigned as bodyguards to watch over the president's son, Kang Soo Ho (Lee Jin Wook). They are assigned to guard Soo Ho for 15 months. Soo Ho's first encounter with Young Jin was when he was sneaking out. And from then, he develops an interest in Young Jin, and is delighted that she's assigned to be his bodyguard.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kdrama -You Are My Destiny Ending

My thoughts:

This is such a up and down story and it has just gone for far too long. it's mainly a daughter in law story vs mother in law. The mother in law is just too much, and the main actress' character Sae Byuk is just too forgiving. I like Tae Poong, he's simple enough to understand hahaha..

Enough said, let's get to the ending..and this concentrates on Sae Byuk's story

If you have been following the story, Mi-ok, Sae Byuk's real mother tries her best to help her daughter be happy. She tries different ways, but she has leukemia. Sae's Byuk's mother in law (Min Jung) also finds out she has leukemia. (such a lot of people have leukemia in this series). Anyway, Sae Byuk decides to donate her bone marrow to her mother in law. And Mi-Ok health is deteriorating fast. But, grateful to Sae Byuk for saving her life, Min Jung goes to US and finds a relative who is a match for Mi-Ok, and takes her back to save Mi-Ok's life.

Kdrama- You are my destiny 너는 내 운명

Episodes: 178 (taken from

Jang Sae Byuk (Im Yoon Ah) is a a girl who tries to find a new meaning in life after she receives an eye cornea transplant from the doctor that took care of her after her accident. That doctor, Kim Na Young, died in a car accident on her way back from Africa. Sae Byuk becomes close with the Na Young's family after finding them. The family slowly accepts her as part of the family. Kang Ho Se (Park Jae Jung) and Kim Tae Poong (Lee Ji Hoon) , Na Young's twin brother, have disliked each other since they were young kids. This is mostly Tae Poong hates Ho Se because Ho Se's family was rich and because Tae Poong's father was Ho Se's father's driver and his mother was the maid.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kdrama-Gourmet- Sik Gaek 식객 Ending

My take on gourmet:

Very entertaining drama. I never knew that there were so many different types of fermented bean paste and how it was made, till i saw this drama!! :0) The characters were very likeable. Kim Rae Won did very well here, but i think Kwon Oh Joong, who plays the brother carried the role very well. I saw the making of Gourmet and saw that Kwon Oh Joong didn;t have any skills in cooking, but he looked very professional in the show. Kim Rae Won smiles a lot in the drama!!

Ok, on with the ending:
The ending that we are concerned about is whether Unm Ahm Jung falls into Matsumoto's (their opponent's) hand, and whether Sung Chan goes back to work, and also if he ends up with Jin Soo. So, i'll just concentrate on that the rest of the details, you'll have to watch the video.

Kdrama-Gourmet- Sik Gaek 식객

Episodes: 24

Synopsis (taken from

Talented chefs Bong Joo (Kwon Oh Joong) and Sung Chan (Kim Rae Won) were raised like brothers after Sung Chan was orphaned and taken in by Bong Joo's family. Bong Joo’s family owns a famous traditional Korean restaurant and claims descent from the last royal chef of the Joseon Dynasty. Bong Joo assumes that as the eldest, he will be the one to take over his family’s restaurant and marry Joo Hee (Kim So Yeon) when his father makes a surprising announcement about a special cooking contest! Sung Chan is seen as a threat by some because of his youth, talent, creativity and non-conforming ways. Feeling sorry for him, Joo Hee tries to help him. Discovering the truth about their great-grandfather causes a crisis for Bong Joo, but he later becomes even more determined to be a success while Sung Chan decides to leave. Sung Chan becomes a food peddler, specializing in the freshest and best ingredients in traditional Korean cuisine. Will he ever become a chef again? Will they ever become united as "brothers"?
And of course the love interest in this movie is Jin Soo, played by Nam Sang Mi, whose dream is to become a food columnist.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Rating System.

We're going to keep it simple. So here goes:

H-Happy ending
B-Bad ending
S-Sad ending
M-Mixed ending
O- Open ending -it can be good or bad
IDK- which also means "huh, i dont understand"
U- undecided

This is of course based on my opinion, so please don't throw eggs on me!! Just leave your comments...

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Calling all happy endings lovers!!

Hi everybody!!

I love happy endings, whether it's books or movies or dramas or anything. I just love it. So, I would like to review whatever and compile a list of everything with happy endings. Hopefully, people who love happy endings can also come and leave some comments here.